[Mesa-dev] [Bug 104182] Seti at Home OpenCL program starts then returns: "CL file build failure"

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Its still the task failing as boinc will periodically try to restart that
same task until the task date expires. Each time generating that error. So
the task never actually starts being processed.

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> Ondračka <pavel.ondracka at email.cz> *
> Well, actually this error log is from the boinc client not from the failing
> task. I'm not familiar with Seti at Home but if it works similar to some other
> boinc projects than you can obtain the error log from the seti website. Just
> log in with your account, and navigate to list of your tasks. Find the GPU ones
> that end with error and click on the workunit ID. The page with details should
> contain also the error output from the failed task.
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