[Mesa-dev] [Bug 105208] [regression] (e5ff036c67 st/dri: Add support for BGR[A/X]1010102 formats) broke the mouse in mutter/shell

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--- Comment #1 from Daniel Stone <daniel at fooishbar.org> ---
The ultimate root cause is that Mutter expects all its configs are 8bpc, but
asks EGL for 'anything at least 1bpc' through eglChooseConfigs, which is
explicitly specified to return deeper channels if available; i.e. 10bpc must be
preferred to 8bpc if available.

The way it handles mouse input is that it renders the scene with every surface
as its own solid colour, reads back to find out what colour is at the current
mouse position, and maps that back to a surface. It's unaware of 10bpc when
doing so, and so the colour never matches back to any surface.

Since quite a few places are broken in the same way, I'm suspecting we should
probably change the allow_rgb10_configs default to false, at least until we can
get some of the worst offenders fixed.

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