[Mesa-dev] DRI Configurator replacement announcement

Jean Hertel jean.hertel at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 15 20:15:32 UTC 2018


I have written a simply application like DRI Conf tool.
It is written using GTKmm and C++.

Main Features (apart from what is already available in driconf):
- Automatic removal of invalid options (Options that the driver doesn't support at all)
- Options that have the same value as the system wide options or driver default will be ignored
- Applications with empty options (all options are the same as system-wide config or driver default) will be removed automatically

Current TODOs:
- Properly support a system without X (wayland systems?) Currently the glX functions mandate a Xlib display object. There must be another way to get the driver options
- Properly deal with PRIME setups (how do we get more information from the driver? hardware ids?)
- Some code cleanups. I'm not very experienced with C++ yet (Maybe split the GUI class, as it is very big and not very readable)
- Tests? Implementing testing for the software would be very nice
- Remove Boost dependency? (Currently boost.locale is used to get the ISO-639 language id, to properly parse Mesa3d translations)

My main motivation for this project is to learn C++/GTKmm and a little bit more about Mesa itself, so if you read the code, be carefull that hidden bugs can be there.

Any feedback or hint on how to solve the TODOs list is very welcome.
Also, as this is a project for learning, feel free to point anything wrong with the code. I will be very happy to fix it and learn more.

Source is under github: https://github.com/jlHertel/adriconf

Kind Regards,
Jean Hertel

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