[Mesa-dev] [Bug 106644] [llvmpipe] Mesa 18.1.2 fails lp_test_format, lp_test_arit, lp_test_blend, lp_test_printf, lp_test_conv tests

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Thu Jul 5 22:45:36 UTC 2018


--- Comment #26 from Ben Crocker <bcrocker at redhat.com> ---
I'm not seeing any assembly code in the output you posted, and I'm
wondering whether the attempt to generate VSX code might be leading to
the "Relocation type not implemented" errors and failure to generate
any assembly code.

But yes, you were exactly right in zeroing in on the combination of
-mcpu=970 -mattrs=+altivec,+vsx,
which SHOULD be caught and disallowed.

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