[Mesa-dev] [Bug 106893] Potential mem leak with radv

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--- Comment #6 from John <john.ettedgui at gmail.com> ---
Of course!

But now I am quite confused, I tried with a more standard system (standard
Linux kernel and standard mesa-git packages), no difference.

I then rolled back Linux to 4.17 as it's what I used when I created this, and
moved to stable llvm 6.0.1 /Mesa 18.1.4, but still no difference.

So either it's another package I'm not thinking of, since I'm using Arch
there's an update to something every day, something that happened between Mesa
18.1 and 18.1.4 or LLVM 6.0.1, or something obvious that I'm missing. But since
it's working, oh well!


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