[Mesa-dev] [Bug 107351] Android 8.1: radv segfault with 3Dmark vulkan benchmarks

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--- Comment #3 from Mauro Rossi <issor.oruam at gmail.com> ---
Hi Bas, 
the problem was obeserved in the last month, but the relevant parts
radv_image.c and radv_android.c did not change,
so anything between 3da693b and HEAD

the addr2line output is not always reliable in terms of line of code,
looking at the logcat the call causing the segfault is radv_image_create() at
line 1261, the symbols resolved by crash dump should be reliable,
based on previous experiences.

I had a look at differences between radv and anv and I saw two of them:

1. wsi extension implementation is different, so I tried to revert 
   a50f93e (radv/image: Implement the wsi "extension")
   but the problem was not solved

2. radv_image_create() passes .scanout parameter and anv_image_create()
   does not. I have not tried yet to remove .scanout in radv_image_create(), 
   but is it worth an attempt?


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