[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v3 0/3] GLSL Copy Propagation

Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho caio.oliveira at intel.com
Wed Jul 25 01:03:38 UTC 2018

I've landed most of the patches in the original series. What remains
is consolidating the two passes in a single one.

Since opt_copy_propagation.cpp would be gone in the end of the series,
I've dropped the patch that changes it to handle both paths in an

Patches 1 and 2 are already reviewed by Eric Anholt, I'm sending them
as a context for the patch 3. That last patch doesn't change the
results (instructions / cycles) but makes up for the performance time
we lost to process both paths of if-statement.

I've tried other optimization tricks without much significant results.

Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho (3):
  glsl: teach copy_propagation_elements to deal with whole variables
  glsl: use only copy_propagation_elements
  glsl: propagate full variables eagerly

 src/compiler/Makefile.sources                 |   1 -
 src/compiler/glsl/glsl_parser_extras.cpp      |   1 -
 src/compiler/glsl/ir_optimization.h           |   1 -
 src/compiler/glsl/meson.build                 |   1 -
 src/compiler/glsl/opt_copy_propagation.cpp    | 369 ------------------
 .../glsl/opt_copy_propagation_elements.cpp    | 168 ++++++--
 src/compiler/glsl/test_optpass.cpp            |   2 -
 7 files changed, 139 insertions(+), 404 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 src/compiler/glsl/opt_copy_propagation.cpp


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