[Mesa-dev] [Bug 107369] "volatile" in OpenCL code not recognized by POLARIS10 and KABINI

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--- Comment #2 from Aaron Watry <awatry at gmail.com> ---
My home system has an RX580 (Polaris10).

I just cloned/built CLBlast and it appears to be running ./clblast_tuner_xgemm
(mentioned as the specific failing case in
https://github.com/CNugteren/CLBlast/issues/298) successfully, so I don't know
that the issue is polaris10 specific.

In my case, I've got Mesa 18.2.0-b21b38c46cd61d9 (latest upstream as of the
last hour or so), libclc r335280 (latest revision since late June), and llvm
7.0.0-svn as of r337934 (a few minutes ago).

I did notice that the LLVM version for both failing cases is different than the
passing ones, so I went and downgraded to llvm 6.0.1... but it still works.

w/ LLVM 6.0.1 (first section of 578 tests):
  Found best result 1.43 ms: 1505.0 GFLOPS

w/ LLVM 7.0.0svn:
  Found best result 1.50 ms: 1428.2 GFLOPS

I'd agree with Jan that a dump of the dumped llvm bitcode would be useful.
Also, it may be interesting to try to upgrade libclc or mesa to the latest
upstream code to see if one of those has an effect.

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