[Mesa-dev] [Bug 107369] "volatile" in OpenCL code not recognized by POLARIS10 and KABINI

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--- Comment #4 from Aaron Watry <awatry at gmail.com> ---
My original theory (before I tested 6.0.1 myself) was that the spectre
mitigation changes that went into 6.0.1 broke something about compilation of CL
kernels, but that doesn't seem to have been the case (I did go through the
entire commit history of 6.0.0->6.0.1 to try to identify things that looked

I do run Ubuntu at home, so it would be feasible for me to at least install the
libclc version they've got and give it a spin. LLVM/Mesa might be a bit more
work, but if we run out of other options, I might give it a try. I'd have to
downgrade my whole stack, but it's possible they're compiling with different
flags/features which changes behavior somehow.

I think for now, it's worth giving the original reporter a bit of time to try
to dump the bitcode and get us a bit more info that might help us
reproduce/diagnose this since it seems there's something version/distro
specific possibly at play.  It might be useful to know the/an exact
build/tag/revision that is failing for CLBlast as well, just to eliminate that.
 I'm assuming that the latest git master is broken, but feel free to tell me

And to answer the implied question: libclc supports multiple LLVM versions, and
we've supported LLVM 6.0.x in libclc for a while now (and still build against
3.9 - 7.0.0svn).

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