[Mesa-dev] [Bug 107369] "volatile" in OpenCL code not recognized by POLARIS10 and KABINI

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--- Comment #8 from infinity0 at pwned.gg ---
For background, this is the CFLAGS that Debian passes when compiling all C
programs. From the GCC man page:

   Emit extra code to check for buffer overflows, such as stack smashing
   attacks.  This is done by adding a guard variable to functions with
   vulnerable objects.  This includes functions that call "alloca", and
   functions with buffers larger than 8 bytes.  The guards are initialized when
   a function is entered and then checked when the function exits.  If a guard
   check fails, an error message is printed and the program exits.

   Like -fstack-protector but includes additional functions to be protected ---
   those that have local array definitions, or have references to local frame

Of course GPUs are different so this may not be appropriate. I'm not familiar
with how OpenCLs work so please confirm what the most appropriate solution is
for Debian, either:

- append -fno-stack-protector to the Debian flags, if the other flags are
appropriate/relevant here

- omit all the flags completely and leave clang_bc_flags alone, if this is such
a special thing that Debian's system-policy CFLAGS should be completely ignored

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