[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] meson: Allow use of ASM for x86 host with x86_64 build machine

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Fri Jun 8 16:10:35 UTC 2018

Dylan Baker <dylan at pnwbakers.com> writes:

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> Quoting Eric Anholt (2018-06-07 14:34:02)
>> Dylan Baker <dylan at pnwbakers.com> writes:
>> > The reason we restrict the use of ASM when cross compiling is that there
>> > is a C based generator (mtypes) that must be run as part of the build
>> > process, and it must be built for the host architecture. In the case of
>> > an x86 host and an x86_64 build machine this is possible as long as the
>> > host and build OSes are the same (ie, not Windows -> Linux).
>> >
>> > This also makes the commit message a bit more generic than it previously
>> > was.
>> Given that the igt meson build has been running some of my
>> cross-compiled arm binaries under qemu during its build process, I
>> actually don't think we need to restrict running matypes compiled for
>> the host.
> I have a todo about that actually. Really the only cases we need to restrict are
> x86 -> x86_64 and !x86* -> x86*; (since only x86* uses gen_matypes). I just
> haven't had time to test using an exe_wrapper for that purpose, and meson
> doesn't enforce that you have an exe_wrapper, so we still need to disable the
> assembly if you don't have one.

I would be on board with just requiring an exe_wrapper for cross builds
on archs with asm -- why would you want to build Mesa without asm?
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