[Mesa-dev] Mesa GitLab access approval process

Jason Ekstrand jason at jlekstrand.net
Wed Jun 13 04:43:56 UTC 2018

Since we've been on GitLab (it's been less than a week), we've already
gotten a couple of developer access requests through GitLab.  As it stands,
these just show up as an e-mail to the group owners with zero explanation
or opportunity for the requester to provide justification for the request.
This is clearly worse than the bugzilla system we had before.

I don't think we want to change the general guidelines for getting commit
access of ~2 dozen patches, good standing, and an understanding of the Mesa
code review process.  However, we do need to do something else for
requesting access so we have some real dialogue and provide opportunities
for people from the same area of Mesa that the new developer wants to work
in to vouch for them.

My recommendation (if no one minds) would be to create a mesa "accounts"
project that doesn't have a git repo or anything else and just provides an
issue tracker.  People could then use that much in the same way as they've
used Bugzilla in the past to request accounts.  If people would rather
stick to bugzilla, that's fine with me.  I just thought this would be a
relatively painless way to try out the issue tracker.

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