[Mesa-dev] [ANNOUNCE] Mesa 18.1.2 release candidate

dylan at pnwbakers.com dylan at pnwbakers.com
Thu Jun 14 16:13:23 UTC 2018

Hello list,

The candidate for the Mesa 18.1.2 is now available. Currently we have:
 - 42 queued
 - 6 nominated (outstanding)
 - and 0 rejected patches

Notable changes in this release:
- numerous fixes for radv
- libatomic checks for meson, as well as fixing coverage for less common (not
  arm or x86) platforms
- lots of common Intel fixes
- GLX fixes
- tarball fixes for android
- meson assembly fixes for x86 when doing an x86 -> x86 cross compile

Take a look at section "Mesa stable queue" for more information.

Testing reports/general approval
Any testing reports (or general approval of the state of the branch) will be
greatly appreciated.

The plan is to have 18.1.2 this Friday (June 13th), around or shortly after 10

If you have any questions or suggestions - be that about the current patch
queue or otherwise, please go ahead.

Mesa stable queue

Nominated (6)

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (1):
      radv: Fix output for sparse MRTs.

Dave Airlie (1):
      glsl: allow standalone semicolons outside main()

Marek Olšák (2):
      radeonsi/gfx9: fix si_get_buffer_from_descriptors for 48-bit pointers
      ac/gpu_info: report real total memory sizes

Samuel Pitoiset (2):
      radv: don't fast clear HTILE for 16-bit depth surfaces on GFX8
      radv: update the ZRANGE_PRECISION value for the TC-compat bug

Queued (42)

Alex Smith (4):
      radv: Consolidate GFX9 merged shader lookup logic
      radv: Handle GFX9 merged shaders in radv_flush_constants()
      radeonsi: Fix crash on shaders using MSAA image load/store
      radv: Set active_stages the same whether or not shaders were cached

Andrew Galante (2):
      meson: Test for __atomic_add_fetch in atomic checks
      configure.ac: Test for __atomic_add_fetch in atomic checks

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (1):
      radv: Don't pass a TESS_EVAL shader when tesselation is not enabled.

Cameron Kumar (1):
      vulkan/wsi: Destroy swapchain images after terminating FIFO queues

Dylan Baker (5):
      docs/relnotes: Add sha256 sums for mesa 18.1.1
      cherry-ignore: add commits not to pull
      cherry-ignore: Add patches from Jason that he rebased on 18.1
      meson: work around gentoo applying -m32 to host compiler in cross builds
      cherry-ignore: Add another patch

Eric Engestrom (3):
      autotools: add missing android file to package
      configure: radv depends on mako
      i965: fix resource leak

Jason Ekstrand (10):
      intel/eu: Add some brw_get_default_ helpers
      intel/eu: Copy fields manually in brw_next_insn
      intel/eu: Set flag [sub]register number differently for 3src
      intel/blorp: Don't vertex fetch directly from clear values
      intel/isl: Add bounds-checking assertions in isl_format_get_layout
      intel/isl: Add bounds-checking assertions for the format_info table
      i965/screen: Refactor query_dma_buf_formats
      i965/screen: Use RGBA non-sRGB formats for images
      anv: Set fence/semaphore types to NONE in impl_cleanup
      i965/screen: Return false for unsupported formats in query_modifiers

Jordan Justen (1):
      mesa/program_binary: add implicit UseProgram after successful ProgramBinary

Juan A. Suarez Romero (1):
      glsl: Add ir_binop_vector_extract in NIR

Kenneth Graunke (2):
      i965: Fix batch-last mode to properly swap BOs.
      anv: Disable __gen_validate_value if NDEBUG is set.

Marek Olšák (1):
      r300g/swtcl: make pipe_context uploaders use malloc'd memory as before

Matt Turner (1):
      meson: Fix -latomic check

Michel Dänzer (1):
      glx: Fix number of property values to read in glXImportContextEXT

Nicolas Boichat (1):
      configure.ac/meson.build: Fix -latomic test

Philip Rebohle (1):
      radv: Use correct color format for fast clears

Samuel Pitoiset (3):
      radv: fix a GPU hang when MRTs are sparse
      radv: fix missing ZRANGE_PRECISION(1) for GFX9+
      radv: add a workaround for DXVK hangs by setting amdgpu-skip-threshold

Scott D Phillips (1):
      intel/tools: add intel_sanitize_gpu to EXTRA_DIST

Thomas Petazzoni (1):
      configure.ac: rework -latomic check

Timothy Arceri (2):
      ac: fix possible truncation of intrinsic name
      radeonsi: fix possible truncation on renderer string
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