[Mesa-dev] [Bug 106843] Cannot build osmesa with GLES support using Scons and MSVC

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Tue Jun 19 16:38:55 UTC 2018


--- Comment #5 from Alex Granni <liviuprodea at yahoo.com> ---
Eric, I tried that branch but it's far from being in working state. When I
attempt to build it, it tries to find pkg-config. This doesn't make sense for a
MSVC build. As far as I know that's a Linux, MSYS2 and Cygwin thing and has
nothing to do with MSVC:

The following Python versions were detected:
1. Python 2.7

Note: Experimental /enablemeson command-line argument is set. We will attempt
to build Mesa3D if you pick any of the folowing Python versions even if it is
known to fail for now:

5. Python 3.6

Select Python version by entering its index from the table above:5

Using Python 3.6.5 from C:\Software\DEVELO~1\projects\mesa\py3\python.exe.

WARNING: Python 3.x support is experimental.

Install/update python packages (y/n):

Begin LLVM build. Only needs to run once for each ABI and version. Proceed

Begin mesa build. Proceed (y/n):y

Use Ninja build system instead of MsBuild (y/n); less storage device strain and
maybe faster build:

Do you want to clean build (y/n):y

** Visual Studio 2017 Developer Command Prompt v15.7.3
** Copyright (c) 2017 Microsoft Corporation
[vcvarsall.bat] Environment initialized for: 'x64'

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.17134.112]
(c) 2018 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Software\DEVELO~1\projects\mesa\mesa>echo %buildcmd%
C:\Software\DEVELO~1\projects\mesa\py3\Scripts\meson.py .
.\build\windows-x86_64 --backend=vs2017 --buildtype=release

The Meson build system
Version: 0.46.1
Source dir: C:\Software\DEVELO~1\projects\mesa\mesa
Build dir: C:\Software\DEVELO~1\projects\mesa\mesa\build\windows-x86_64
Build type: native build
Program python found: YES (C:\Software\DEVELO~1\projects\mesa\py3\python.EXE)
Project name: mesa
Native C compiler: cl (msvc 19.14.26430)
Native C++ compiler: cl (msvc 19.14.26430)
Build machine cpu family: x86_64
Build machine cpu: x86_64
Program pkg-config found: NO

meson.build:414:0: ERROR:  Program(s) ['pkg-config'] not found or not

A full log can be found at


To test for this issue I probably only have to add -Dshared-glapi=true and
Dosmesa=gallium. Dgles1 and Dgles2 are not needed as the only requirement is an
osmesa build with shared-glapi. But for those options to have any meaningful
effect the build has to get further.

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