[Mesa-dev] [Bug 106753] [Firefox/Wayland] multithread deadlock at eglSwapBuffers() / wl_display_dispatch_queue()

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--- Comment #6 from Jonas Ã…dahl <jadahl at gmail.com> ---
So what it looks like is that:

1. Firefox creates two surfaces, wl_surface at 39 and wl_surface at 40
2. Firefox turn wl_surface at 40 into a desynchronous subsurface on top of
wl_surface at 39
3. Firefox turn wl_surface at 39 into a xdg_toplevel and commits the initial
(empty) state
4. The compositor sends the configure event to the xdg_toplevel
5. Firefox replies immediately with ack_configure() without attaching a buffer

This will probably consume any compositor: you just mapped a window, asked to
configure it (draw the first frame), but what happened is that no content was
posted even though the configure event was acknowledged

6. Firefox asks for a frame callback, attaches a new buffer to the subsurface
and commits it

When Firefox tries to do eglSwapBuffers() again

When it does this, it waits for the frame callback, but that will never happen
because the toplevel was never mapped, meaning the subsurface never has a
chance to be displayed, meaning the frame callback will never be invoked.

The xdg_surface interface states the following:

      For an xdg_surface to be mapped by the compositor, the following
      conditions must be met:
      (1) the client has assigned an xdg_surface-based role to the surface
      (2) the client has set and committed the xdg_surface state and the
          role-dependent state to the surface
      (3) the client has committed a buffer to the surface

The third condition here was never met.

This raises the question, what is the intended content of the subsurface and
what is the intended content of the toplevel?

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