[Mesa-dev] [RFC 31/31] nir: Add a bool to float32 lowering pass

Alyssa Rosenzweig alyssa at rosenzweig.io
Mon Oct 22 23:20:28 UTC 2018

For what it's worth, Midgard has real integers (including int32
support), using hardware-level D3D10 boolean conventions. I'm trying to
wrap my head around how this interacts with 5d85a0a.

I'm tempted to think the standard lower_bool_to_int32 pass would work,
with an emulated b2f instruction in the backend IR level, rather than
burdening NIR with those details.

I'll have to look at the patch set closer to understand the impact. 


> +nir_lower_bool_to_int32_impl(nir_function_impl *impl)
> +nir_lower_bool_to_int32(nir_shader *shader)
> +      if (function->impl && nir_lower_bool_to_int32_impl(function->impl))

I'm guessing these were intended to read float32?

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