[Mesa-dev] [Bug 106187] Vulkan apps run on secondary GPU on multi-GPU system

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--- Comment #13 from gloriouseggroll at gmail.com ---
Hi, I've run into this issue with DOOM 2016 recently:

so I have a ryzen 2400g and an rx 580 in this system
both vulkan capable

for whatever reason, doom renders on my vega in my 2400g and outputs to
whatever display i have hooked up

which is why i was only getting 20-30 fps on like medium settings with my RX
580 set as my primary gpu in bios.

the only way I was able to get around this was to go in my bios and completely
disable the integrated graphics

Once I disabled the 2400g's igpu, my framerates returned to normal with my RX

Tested on both llvm-svn and mesa-git as well as llvm 6 + mesa 18.2

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