[Mesa-dev] [Bug 108024] [Debian Stretch]Fail to build because "xcb_randr_lease_t"

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--- Comment #1 from Stuart Young <cefiar at gmail.com> ---
Probably needs libxcb-1.13 (released March 2018). From the xcb release notes
https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xcb/2018-March/011090.html :

This release of xcb-proto brings support for buffer modifiers and
multi-planar buffers through DRI3 v1.2 and Present v1.2, support for
leasing KMS devices to clients via RandR 1.6, and also allows clients
to send each other XInput2 events via support for the GenericEvent
extension's SendExtension event.

.. specifically wrt RandR leases.

Suspect that the code simply doesn't compile if an older version of libxcb is

 1. Code gets corrected to handle if an older version of libxcb is installed.
 2. Install libxcb 1.13. Note that it's not in stretch-backports so either you
will need to backport it yourself from buster, or request a backport on the
debian-backorts list.

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