[Mesa-dev] Request to revert commit [3d81e11b49366b5636b8524ba0f8c7076e3fdf34] mesa: remove, unnecessary, 'sort by year' for the GL extensions

Federico Dossena info at fdossena.com
Fri Sep 21 12:36:49 UTC 2018

Do you know of other applications that are affected by the order or 
extensions? This is the first time I encounter this problem.

On 2018-09-21 13:56, Ian Romanick wrote:
> On 09/20/2018 04:42 PM, Timothy Arceri wrote:
>> On 20/9/18 11:09 pm, Ian Romanick wrote:
>>> On 09/19/2018 11:36 PM, Federico Dossena wrote:
>>>> As most of you are probably aware of, id2 and id3 games store GL
>>>> extensions in a buffer that's too small for modern systems. This usually
>>>> leads to a crash when MESA_EXTENSION_MAX_YEAR is not set, but what the
>>>> creator of this commit didn't know is that some id3 games (the more
>>>> "recent" ones) don't crash, they just truncate the string. As a result
>>>> of this commit, these games can't detect some extensions and therefore
>>>> don't work properly.
>>> It sounds like the problem is still that MESA_EXTENSION_MAX_YEAR is not
>>> set, so why not just set it?  Doesn't that fix the problem?
>> There is no driconfig option for this currently. Personally I'd rather
>> just sort the extensions (even if it was only for 32bit builds of Mesa)
>> rather than adding a bunch of code and extra entry's into driconfig.
>> Or are you saying you would prefer we do nothing and people should use
>> MESA_EXTENSION_MAX_YEAR be required to use?
> I was mostly trying to feel out the current (and possible future) extent
> of the problem space.  I've never been fond of the by-year sorting, but
> I don't hate it either.  My biggest annoyance is that it feels like
> we've made a bunch of changes to this area over the years without really
> thinking it through... and now we're back here.  I don't want to be back
> here in another 2 years. :)
>>>> I discovered this while trying to figure out why dynamic lights in Star
>>>> Trek Voyager Elite Force (2000) suddenly broke with Mesa 18. I discussed
>>>> this with Ronald Scheidegger, who's been very helpful and helped me
>>>> figure out what was going on.
>>>> Personally, I see nothing wrong with reverting this commit and keeping
>>>> the extensions sorted by year, it doesn't impact performance and it
>>>> doesn't break anything modern. What do you think about it?
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