[Mesa-dev] Status Update: Vulkan DRM format modifiers

Chad Versace chadversary at chromium.org
Fri Sep 28 14:47:11 UTC 2018

tl;dr VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier will be in the next weekly
release of the Vulkan spec. But only in the git repo (asciidoc + xml)
not the official html spec nor headers. It should be enabled in the html
and headers in the following week.


Hi everyone, VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier is now merged into the
Vulkan spec, in Khronos's internal master branch. The extension will be
published in the next weeky spec release (but... see below).

For early viewing, I've uploaded a public spec branch that contains the
extension, as well as prebuilt spec html, at

The catch: Bas yesterday identified a fault in the extension that
will unacceptly hurt performance due to the potential of external images
used on a restricted transfer queue (VK_QUEUE_TRANSFER_BIT). And I found
a performance problem too related to mutable image views.

So, in the next spec release, VK_EXT_image_drm_format_odifiers will be
fully present in the spec repo (the asciidoc and xml), but will be
omitted from Khronos's official html spec and the headers. Bas and
I need about a week to fix the problems.

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