[Mesa-dev] [Bug 109333] mesa, meson: Need ability to remember PKG_CONFIG_PATH

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--- Comment #4 from Jan Vesely <jv356 at scarletmail.rutgers.edu> ---
(In reply to Dylan Baker from comment #3)
> What exactly are you wanting? We (meson) have been trying not to use
> environment variables when possible because they are so awful to use on
> Windows. Our goal has been to make config files more comprehensive (which is
> something I'm working on) so that you can define an entire test setup
> through the file.

it's not required for my setup. It was just an idea to have a way to configure
the state of the environment explicitly in meson. It could scrub the existing
environment (similar to sudo), and only allow -E options to explicitly set it
It'd enable cleaner, more controlled environment, for better reproducibility
and isolation of builds.
I guess it goes against the design principle of ignoring env so feel free to
ignore so feel free to ignore the suggestion.

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