[Mesa-dev] [MR] intel/compiler: Clean up image operations

Jason Ekstrand jason at jlekstrand.net
Thu Feb 21 16:45:28 UTC 2019

This MR cleans up some old cruft lying around in our back-end compiler
surrounding images.

The first three commits provide an enum for surface opcode sources and drop
the surface builder from the scalar back-end.  Now that image format
lowering has moved to NIR and we have logical opcodes for HW image ops,
there builder isn't really gaining us anything except some convenience
wrappers.  IMO, those wrappers are starting to be more trouble than they're
worth.  One could argue about it in the case of atomics but I think we'd be
better off with a quick helper function in brw_fs_nir.cpp.

Next, we drop the typed surface code from the vec4 back-end (I think it
works but it's never been used) and then drop some now unused ocodes.  We
could probably wire up image_load_store for vec4 if we really wanted to
(and now that the lowering is in NIR, it might not be too hard).  However,
it's kind-of pointless and the chances of someone actually doing that work
are getting increasingly remote.  Let's just drop the dead code.

Finally, we clean up some opcodes by deleting opcodes that are no longer
used and renaming some vec4-only opcodes VEC4.

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