[Mesa-dev] [Bug 109532] ir_variable has maximum access out of bounds -- but it's not out of bounds

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--- Comment #44 from asimiklit <andrey.simiklit at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Mark Janes from comment #42)
> i965 CI runs debug builds by default, but for mesa it uses these meson
> configurations:
>   -Dbuildtype=release -Db_ndebug=true
> We must catch assertions in the CI, however debug builds are much slower to
> execute tests.

My tests depends on DEBUG macro:

So if DEBUG macro is not defined my tests should not call critical
code which leads mesa to crash and should just pass.

Also from 'meson.build':
  "# Define DEBUG for debug builds only (debugoptimized is not included on this
   if get_option('buildtype') == 'debug'
     pre_args += '-DDEBUG'

So as far as I understood DEBUG macro will be defined for '-Dbuildtype=debug' 
configuration only but as you mentioned above the mesa is compiled with
in this case my tests should just pass without crash.

Does CI use the same configurations for x32 and x64 mesa builds or
maybe x64 uses debug mesa config '-Dbuildtype=debug'?

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