[Mesa-dev] [Bug 109791] The mesa release config doesn't define NDEBUG when building using meson 0.45.0

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asimiklit <andrey.simiklit at gmail.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|The mesa release            |The mesa release config
                   |configuration can't be      |doesn't define NDEBUG when
                   |build using meson 0.45.0    |building using meson 0.45.0

--- Comment #2 from asimiklit <andrey.simiklit at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Eero Tamminen from comment #1)
> >The mesa release configuration can't be build using meson 0.45.0
> Does this mean that the build actually fails, or...
> > -DNDEBUG is not passed to GCC, even if buildtype=release b_ndebug=true
> ...just that NDEBUG define value (for disabling asserts) is wrong during
> building?
> I'm asking because Mesa builds and works fine with Meson 0.45.1 in Ubuntu
> 18.04 (latest LTS release) and following options:
>      -Ddri-drivers=i965,swrast
>      -Dvulkan-drivers=intel,amd
>      -Dgallium-drivers=iris,radeonsi
>      -Dllvm=true
>      -Dplatforms=x11,wayland,drm,surfaceless
>      -Ddri3=true
>      -Dgbm=true
>      -Degl=true
>      -Dvalgrind=true
>      -Dlibunwind=true
>      -Dtools=intel-ui
> (Newer Meson version, 0.47.2, comes only in Ubuntu 18.10. It wasn't updated
> with the first HW-enabling 18.04 LTS update, at least not yet.)

Yes, NDEBUG define value is wrong during building.
Maybe we can add at least some warning message for this case buildtype=release
+ b_ndebug=true ?
And I will change bug title to something like: 
"The mesa release config doesn't define NDEBUG when building using meson

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