[Mesa-dev] [Bug 111150] [BRW] WRC 5 asserts with gallium nine and iris.

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Tue Jul 16 17:59:33 UTC 2019


--- Comment #1 from Nanley Chery <nanleychery at gmail.com> ---
Is the tiling of the surface X-tiled? 

My guess is that this commit enables CCS for X-tiled images used for display.
This now causes us to fast-clear the image in NineSurface9_ctor. When
resource_get_handle is called (from D3DWindowBuffer_create?) we're not
flushing/resolving as expected when PIPE_HANDLE_USAGE_EXPLICIT_FLUSH flag is
passed in as an argument.

Does adding the following in iris_resource_get_handle fix it?

if ((usage & PIPE_HANDLE_USAGE_EXPLICIT_FLUSH) && res->aux.usage != 0)
   iris_flush_resource(ctx, res);

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