[Mesa-dev] [Bug 111262] lp_bld_misc.cpp:811:51: error: ‘llvm::AtomicOrdering’ is not a class or namespace

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Tue Jul 30 21:29:28 UTC 2019


--- Comment #2 from Roland Scheidegger <sroland at vmware.com> ---
Seems like different llvm versions (before 5.0) need different wrappers for
AtomicCmpXchg(). Pretty much the same issue as bug 111102.
Although I can't reproduce this bug actually, maybe depends on compiler. (I can
reproduce the other one, for llvm 3.5-3.8 the function parameters are wrong.)
Though I'm wondering if we actually need a mapping function, isn't it possible
to just static cast the c enum to the class enum (as in

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