[Mesa-dev] [ANNOUNCE] mesa 19.2.3

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Wed Nov 6 17:03:18 UTC 2019

Hi list,

I'd like to announce the immediate availability of mesa 19.2.3. Things are
mostly slowing down now, the one exception is the giant pile of release-script
changes from me. Yay simplifying the release.

We've got a bit of everything in this release, iris, meson, radv, anv, turnip ,
965, svga, utils, core mesa, glsl, etanviv, and gallium/rbug. But not too much
any one place, all in all it feels like we're settling nicely into the stable
release groove.



Bas Nieuwenhuizen (4):
      radv: Fix timeout handling in syncobj wait.
      radv: Remove _mesa_locale_init/fini calls.
      turnip: Remove _mesa_locale_init/fini calls.
      anv: Remove _mesa_locale_init/fini calls.

Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho (1):
      anv: Fix output of INTEL_DEBUG=bat for chained batches

Danylo Piliaiev (1):
      glsl: Initialize all fields of ir_variable in constructor

Dylan Baker (13):
      bin/gen_release_notes.py: fix conditional of bugfix
      bin/gen_release_notes.py: strip '#' from gitlab bugs
      bin/gen_release_notes.py: Return "None" if there are no new features
      bin/post_version.py: Pass version as an argument
      bin/post_version.py: white space fixes
      bin/post_release.py: Add .html to hrefs
      bin/gen_release_notes.py: html escape all external data
      bin/gen_release_notes.py: Add a warning if new features are introduced in a point release
      cherry-ignore: update for 19.2.3 cycle
      nir: correct use of identity check in python
      meson: Add dep_glvnd to egl deps when building with glvnd
      docs: add release notes for 19.2.3
      Bump version to 19.2.3

Ilia Mirkin (1):
      nv50/ir: mark STORE destination inputs as used

Illia Iorin (1):
      Revert "mesa/main: Fix multisample texture initialize"

Jason Ekstrand (2):
      anv: Fix a potential BO handle leak
      anv/tests: Zero-initialize instances

Jon Turney (2):
      rbug: Fix use of alloca() without #include "c99_alloca.h"
      Fix timespec_from_nsec test for 32-bit time_t

Jonathan Marek (1):
      etnaviv: fix depth bias

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      iris: Fix "Force Zero RTA Index Enable" setting again

Lionel Landwerlin (2):
      anv: fix unwind of vkCreateDevice fail
      mesa: check draw buffer completeness on glClearBufferfi/glClearBufferiv

Marek Olšák (1):
      util/u_queue: skip util_queue_finish if num_threads is 0

Nanley Chery (5):
      anv: Properly allocate aux-tracking space for CCS_E
      intel/blorp: Disable depth testing for slow depth clears
      iris: Clear ::has_hiz when disabling aux
      iris: Don't leak the resource for unsupported modifier
      iris: Disallow incomplete resource creation

Paulo Zanoni (1):
      intel/compiler: remove the operand restriction for src1 on GLK

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (1):
      mesa: enable msaa in clear_with_quad if needed

Sagar Ghuge (1):
      intel/blorp: Assign correct view while clearing depth stencil

Samuel Pitoiset (4):
      radv: do not create meta pipelines with 16 samples
      radv: do not emit rbplus if attachments are undefined
      radv/gfx10: fix 3D images
      radv: fix vkUpdateDescriptorSets with inline uniform blocks

Tapani Pälli (1):
      i965: setup sized internalformat for MESA_FORMAT_R10G10B10A2_UNORM

Thomas Hellstrom (2):
      svga: Fix banded DMA upload unmap
      winsys/svga: Limit the maximum DMA hardware buffer size

git tag: mesa-19.2.3

SHA256: 5ee6e42504fe41dcc9a6eba26982656a675b2550a640946f463927ed7f1c5047  mesa-19.2.3.tar.xz
SHA512: a64a6b508c28a61b9f5a50f639d0cdca2546caa2118c2478100e3535961d76bf3877357d4a7ddd7dc1d3dfc617883c8ee188915523b003aed8db03e0d5e1c007  mesa-19.2.3.tar.xz
PGP:  https://mesa.freedesktop.org/archive/mesa-19.2.3.tar.xz.sig

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