[Mesa-dev] gitlab issue migration, labels & triage

Denys den.kos363 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 1 10:30:39 UTC 2019

Thanks a lot, works fine.

Also I would suggest to apply a template for issue creation as we 
finally moved most of sub-projects and users started new issues creation 
at gitlab.

Below you may find an a work-in-progress template (parts of it were 
taken from DXVK and Mesa web site), which might help us (and users) 
create detailed and as full as possible issues from scratch.

We have an idea to add "Tips" section under the template, which will 
have all useful information about additional tools (such an apitrace). 
This section should be expandable, so it will not be visible after issue 
creation. It is not finished yet, need to adopt instructions and make 
them clear for all (if everybody likes this idea, I will finish it)

So what do you think about this?


Please describe your issue as accurately as possible.
Before submitting:
- Check if a new version of Mesa is available which might have fixed the 
- Check if your bug is already reported in the database.
- Fill requested information below
Would be helpful to provide links to specific games/applications lead to 
the issue. If possible, provide an apitrace of the application/game (see 
Tips section)

### System information
- GPU:
- Kernel version:
- OS:
- Mesa version:
- DXVK/D9VK version (if applicable):
- Wine version (if applicable):

### Apitrace file(s) (if exist)
- Put a link here

### Log files (any possible)
- dmesg
- backtrace
- gpu hang details

### Screenshots:

### Tips

- OpenGL:
apitrace trace <binary_name>
For steam games, you have to:
1. Open game preferences
2. Open "Set launch options"
3. Enter => apitrace trace %command%
* After exiting/crashing *.trace will be stored near the application's 

- DX11/DX9:
Ideally would be great to get an apitrace from the Windows OS.

* If you don't have possibility to make a trace under windows, you still 
can do this on linux:



On 23.09.19 18:42, Adam Jackson wrote:
> On Mon, 2019-09-23 at 11:50 +0300, Denys wrote:
>> Hello Adam.
>> I would ask to get a permissions to edit/triage the issues, as we did before in bugzilla. We have a small team working on mesa project (right now intel part mostly), so it would be great to have possibility to sort user issues according to their components.
>> paul.che10111 at gmail.com
>> den.kos363 at gmail.com
> I've added these accounts at Reporter level, you should be able to edit
> issues now. Let me know if anything still isn't working.
> - ajax

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