[Mesa-dev] Implement memory information for RPi4 Vulkan

Jason Ekstrand jason at jlekstrand.net
Sun Oct 27 00:31:25 UTC 2019

First off, ignore the whole 48-bit heap thing. It exists to work around
some weird issues with our vertex fetch hardware.  We're going to be
deleting it and switching to using a different workaround (more tracking
and flushing) in the near future.

As far as heap sizes go, copying ANV is probably not a bad idea since it's
also a UMA. We claim half of your RAM if the system has <= 4GB and 3/4 if
your system has > 4GB. It's not perfect but it's been working well for 4
years now.  We also have code in there (which you're free to steal) for
figuring out your available system and reporting that back to the app.


On Sat, Oct 26, 2019, 16:23 <abergmeier at gmx.net> wrote:

> On my impossible quest  to try to implement a Vulkan driver for RPi4, I
> now need to implement memory information (mostly heap and types).
> As always I shadowed what anv is doing but have no access to RPi
> documentation. What is the best approach to get necessary information for
> question like:
> 1. Need 48+bit addresses supported (would assume no since the max. memory
> config is 4GB)?
> 2. What can be exposed as the heap start/end/size?
> 3. Which types of memory can one support (would
> I will have another look at v3d (drm) sources. Is there something to be
> found in v3d (gallium)?
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