[Mesa-dev] NLNet Funding Application, EUR 50, 000, for help porting AMDVLK or MESA RADV to the Libre RISC-V Hybrid CPU/GPU.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Thu Sep 26 03:59:40 UTC 2019

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i've submitted a funding request to the Charitable Foundation, NLNet,
for people to be the recipient of donations to work on a port of MESA
RADV (or AMDVLK, as appropriate) to the Libre RISC-V Hybrid CPU / GPU
/ VPU.

as this is a *hybrid* CPU/GPU, once the chain of
GLSL-SPIRV-NIR-LLVMIR-assembler has generated the assembly code, it is
executed *directly* on the Libre RISC-V SoC, *not* shipped over an
IPC/RPC mechanism to a [separate] GPU.  as mentioned in the link above
it has a lot in common with swiftshader, except that swiftshader is
not really suitable, here.

if there is anyone who would like to help with this, and be the
recipient of direct (tax-deductible) funding from NLNet for doing so,
please do contact me privately or off-list.

one important request: to fulfil NLNet's Horizon 2020 Backing (Grant
agreement No 825310), we need at least one EU Citizen to sign the MOU.
this is *not* a contract.  the EU Citizen does not have to *reside* in
the EU, they just have to have an EU Residence.

more information about NLNet is here:

with many thanks,


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