[Mesa-dev] - Interested in the project "Unit and performance tests for VA-API"

AMAN IIT 170030039 at iitdh.ac.in
Thu Apr 2 18:58:41 UTC 2020

Dear Sir/ma'am,
Hope you are doing well.

Aman is here from India. I'm currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree from
IIT Dharwad in the field of *Computer Science*. After considering my
I am convinced that I want to become a Backend developer and it is a great
opportunity to contribute to Open Source Projects. As I come near the end
of my Undergraduate
Studies, it is my central goal to continue my education and pursue
developer interest in a more competitive, elite and international
I am really interested in taking part in the Project of X.org this
summer(X.org 2020).  It is a great opportunity for me to contribute to a
great Idea along with the benefit of an organisation.
Can you please tell if I can take part in this project or not?

I am attaching my resume and I'd be happy to pass information about my
projects or anything else about me. I can be reached any time at
170030039 at iitdh.ac.in.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with
you about this opportunity.

Thanks & Regards
IIT Dharwad
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