[Mesa-dev] [ANNOUNCE] mesa 20.0.0

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Wed Feb 19 22:07:58 UTC 2020

Hi list,

I'd like to announce mesa 20.0.0 as available for download immediately. I'm very
pleased that we could get all of the issues blocking the release nailed down
quickly and make a release on time for once!

This is a .0 release, and you may want to continue to to track 19.3.x until
20.0.1 comes out in two weeks. 19.3.5 is planned to be the final 19.3 release
and is planned for next Wednesday.



Alyssa Rosenzweig (3):
      pan/midgard: Fix missing prefixes
      pan/midgard: Don't crash with constants on unknown ops
      pan/midgard: Use fprintf instead of printf for constants

Danylo Piliaiev (1):
      st/nir: Unify inputs_read/outputs_written before serializing NIR

Dylan Baker (6):
      .pick_status.json: Update to 2a98cf3b2ecea43cea148df7f77d2abadfd1c9db
      .pick_status.json: Update to 946eacbafb47c8b94d47e7c9d2a8b02fff5a22fa
      .pick_status.json: Update to bee5c9b0dc13dbae0ccf124124eaccebf7f2a435
      Docs: Add 20.0.0 release notes
      docs: Empty new_features.txt
      VERSION: bump for 20.0.0 release

Erik Faye-Lund (1):
      Revert "nir: Add a couple trivial abs optimizations"

Francisco Jerez (6):
      intel/fs/cse: Make HALT instruction act as CSE barrier.
      intel/fs/gen7: Fix fs_inst::flags_written() for SHADER_OPCODE_FIND_LIVE_CHANNEL.
      intel/fs: Add virtual instruction to load mask of live channels into flag register.
      intel/fs/gen12: Workaround unwanted SEND execution due to broken NoMask control flow.
      intel/fs/gen12: Fixup/simplify SWSB annotations of SIMD32 scratch writes.
      intel/fs/gen12: Workaround data coherency issues due to broken NoMask control flow.

Krzysztof Raszkowski (1):
      gallium/swr: simplify environmental variabled expansion code

Marek Olšák (1):
      radeonsi: don't wait for shader compilation to finish when destroying a context

Mathias Fröhlich (1):
      egl: Implement getImage/putImage on pbuffer swrast.

Peng Huang (1):
      radeonsi: make si_fence_server_signal flush pipe without work

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (1):
      radeonsi/ngg: add VGT_FLUSH when enabling fast launch

Tapani Pälli (2):
      glsl: fix a memory leak with resource_set
      iris: fix aux buf map failure in 32bits app on Android

Thong Thai (1):
      Revert "st/va: Convert interlaced NV12 to progressive"

Timothy Arceri (1):
      glsl: fix gl_nir_set_uniform_initializers() for image arrays

luc (1):
      zink: confused compilation macro usage for zink in target helpers.

git tag: mesa-20.0.0

SHA256: bb6db3e54b608d2536d4000b3de7dd3ae115fc114e8acbb5afff4b3bbed04b34  mesa-20.0.0.tar.xz
SHA512: 3968820029434682fb6644947c76e12b6bb991a3d05cb519a6ea971ecc4aa9b21d03f84b9a452cc21cc77a7981db9e40dd2dfd3ea3dee85b3dd88a59b4842bbb  mesa-20.0.0.tar.xz
PGP:  https://mesa.freedesktop.org/archive/mesa-20.0.0.tar.xz.sig

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