[Mesa-dev] [ANNOUNCE] mesa 20.3.0-rc1

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Tue Nov 10 20:38:49 UTC 2020

Hi list,

It's that time again. Mesa 20.3.0-rc1 is now available for your general
consumption. Please be sure to test it out and report plenty of bugs.

There's lots of good stuff in this release, among the notable things off the
top of my head:
 - lavapipe for vulkan swrast
 - v3dv vulkan driver for raspberry PI devices
 - lots of clover work, in particular spir-v for clover
 - tons of stuff I've not mentioned



Aaron Watry (1):
      clover: Fix incorrect error check in clGetSupportedImageFormats

Adam Jackson (22):
      drisw: Port the MIT-SHM check to XCB
      vulkan: Don't pointlessly depend on libxcb-dri2
      docs: Stop claiming to implement OpenVG
      mesa: Fix GL_CLAMP handling in glSamplerParameter
      mesa: Generate more errors from GetSamplerParameter
      glx: Use GLX_FUNCTION2 only for actually aliased function names
      glx: Collect all the non-applegl extensions in the GetProcAddress table
      glx: Reject glXSwapIntervalMESA greater than INT_MAX
      glx: Implement GLX_EXT_swap_control for DRI2 and DRI3
      glx/dri3: Implement GLX_EXT_swap_control_tear
      glx: Allow depth-30 pbuffers to work without a depth-30 pixmap format
      wsi/x11: Create a present queue for VK_PRESENT_MODE_FIFO_RELAXED_KHR
      glx: move __glXGetUST into the DRI1 code
      glx: Delegate the core of glXGetScreenDriver to the GLX screen vtable
      glx: Move glXGet{ScreenDriver,DriverConfig} to common code
      docs/features: Update extensions for softpipe
      docs/features: Update extensions for swr
      loader: Print dlerror() output in the failure message
      mesa: Enable GL_MESA_pack_invert unconditionally
      mesa: Implement GL_ANGLE_pack_reverse_row_order
      docs: Add MESA_pack_invert and ANGLE_pack_reverse_row_order

Alejandro Piñeiro (146):
      v3d/compiler: add v3dv_prog_data_size helper
      v3d/packet: fix typo on Set InstanceID/PrimitiveID packet
      v3d: set instance id to 0 at start of tile
      broadcom/qpu_instr: wait is not a read or write vpm instruction
      nir/lower_io: don't reduce range if parent length is zero
      broadcom/simulator: update to a newer simulator
      broadcom/common: increase V3D_MAX_TEXTURE_SAMPLERS, add specific OpenGL limit
      broadcom/compiler: add V3D_DEBUG_RA option
      v3dv: add v3d vulkan driver skeleton
      gitlab-ci: add broadcom vulkan driver
      v3dv: add support for VK_EXT_debug_report
      v3dv: memory management stubs
      v3dv: add support to use v3d simulator
      v3dv/debug: plug v3d_debug
      v3dv/debug: add v3dv_debug
      v3dv: stubs for graphics pipeline methods
      v3dv: Create/DestroyShaderModule implementation
      v3d/compiler: num_tex_used on v3d_key
      v3dv/format: add v3dv_get_format_swizzle
      v3dv: initial CreateGraphicsPipeline/DestroyPipeline implementation
      v3dv: initial stub for CmdBindPipeline
      v3dv: CmdSetViewport and CmdSetScissor implementation
      v3dv/pipeline: start to track dynamic state
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: init command buffer dynamic state during pipeline bind
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: emit Scissor packets
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: emit Viewport packets
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: emit shader_state packets
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: start to emit draw packets
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: add shader source bos to cmd_buffer
      v3dv: clif format dumping support
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: cache viewport translate/scale
      v3dv: add v3dv_write_uniforms
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: start jobs with CmdBeginRenderPass
      v3d/compiler: update uses_vid/uses_iid check
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: emit CFG_BITS
      v3dv: partial prepack of the gl_shader_state_record
      v3dv: prepack VCM_CACHE_SIZE
      v3dv/pipeline: lower fs/vs inputs/outputs
      v3dv: vertex input support
      v3dv: provide default values for input attributes
      v3dv/format: add R32G32B32A32_SFLOAT format
      v3dv: stubs for Create/DestroyPipelineCache
      v3d/cmd_buffer: emit flat_shade/noperspective/centroid flags
      v3dv/pipeline: adding some nir-based linking
      v3dv/bo: add a bo name
      v3dv: debug nir shader also after spirv_to_nir
      v3dv: initial descriptor set support
      v3dv/descriptor_set: support for array of ubo/ssbo
      v3dv/pipeline: null check for pCreateInfo->pDepthStencilState
      v3dv: no need to manually add assembly bo to the job
      v3d/compiler: handle GL/Vulkan differences in uniform handling
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: support for push constants
      v3dv/descriptor: support for dynamic ubo/ssbo
      v3dv/pipeline: revamp nir lowering/optimizations passes
      v3dv/pipeline: clean up io lowering
      v3dv/descriptor: take into account pPushConstantRanges
      v3dv/device: tweak ssbo/ubo device limits
      v3dv/cmd_bufffer: rename and split emit_graphics_pipeline
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: push constants not using descriptor anymore
      v3dv/uniforms: cleaning up, moving udpate ubo/ssbo uniforms to a function
      v3dv/pipeline: unify local allocator name
      v3dv/pipeline: sampler lowering
      v3dv/descriptor_set: added support for samplers
      v3dv/uniforms: filling up QUNIFORM_TMU_CONFIG_P0/P1
      v3dv/pipeline: add support for shader variants
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: update shader variants at CmdBindDescriptorSets/CmdBindPipeline
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: allow return in the middle of variant update if needed
      v3dv/pipeline: fix adding texture/samplers array elements to texture/sampler map
      v3dv/descriptor_set: support for immutable samplers
      v3dv/descriptor: move descriptor_map_get_sampler, add and use get_image_view
      v3dv/descriptor_set: combine texture and sampler indices
      v3dv/descriptor: handle not having a sampler when combining texture and sampler id
      v3dv/uniforms: fill up texture size-related uniforms
      v3dv/format: expose correctly if a texture format is filterable
      v3dv: handle texture/sampler shader state bo failure with OOM error
      v3dv: properly return OOM error during pipeline creation
      v3dv/meta-copy: ensure valid height/width with compressed formats
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: move variant checking to CmdDraw
      v3dv/pipeline: support for specialization constants
      v3dv/descriptor: add general bo on descriptor pool
      v3dv/descriptor: use descriptor pool bo for image/samplers
      v3dv/meta-copy: add uintptr_t casting to avoid warning
      v3dv/bo: adding a BO cache
      v3dv/bo: add a maximum size for the bo_cache and a envvar to configure it
      v3dv/bo: add dump stats info
      v3d/tex: avoid to ask back for a sampler state if not needed
      v3dv/pipeline: iterate used textures using the combined index map
      v3dv/pipeline: set load_layer_id to zero
      v3dv: initial support for input attachments
      v3dv/descriptors: support for DESCRIPTOR_TYPE_STORAGE_IMAGE
      v3dv/pipeline: lower_image_deref
      v3dv/uniforms: support for some QUNIFORM_IMAGE_XXX
      nir: include texture query lod as one of the ops that requires a sampler
      v3dv/device: expose support for image cube array
      v3dv/image: fix TEXTURE_SHADER_STATE depth for cube arrays
      v3dv/device: add vendorID/deviceID get helpers
      v3dv/device: get proper device ID under simulator
      v3dv/device: proper pipeline cache uuid
      v3dv/pipeline_cache: bare basic support for pipeline cache
      v3dv/pipeline_cache: cache nir shaders
      v3dv/pipeline: add basic ref counting support for variants
      v3dv/pipeline_cache: cache v3dv_shader_variants
      v3dv/pipeline_cache: support to serialize/deserialize cached NIRs
      v3dv/pipeline_cache: MergePipelineCaches implementation
      v3dv/pipeline: provide a shader_sha1 to private ShaderModules
      v3dv/pipeline_cache: add default pipeline cache
      v3dv/pipeline: remove custom variant cache
      v3dv/pipeline: when looking for a variant, check first current variant
      v3dv/pipeline: pre-generate more that one shader variant
      v3dv/pipeline: handle properly OUT_OF_HOST_MEMORY error when allocating p_stage
      v3dv/descriptor: support for UNIFORM/STORAGE_TEXEL_BUFFER
      v3dv: add v3dv_limits file
      v3dv/device: fix minTexelBufferOffsetAlingment
      v3dv/formats: fix exposing FEATURE_UNIFORM/STORAGE_TEXEL_BUFFER_BIT
      v3dv/uniforms: handle texture size for texel buffers
      v3dv/descriptor: remove v3dv_descriptor_map_get_image_view
      v3dv/device: add assert for texture-related limits
      v3dv/device: warn when the pipeline cache is disabled
      v3dv/debug: add v3dv_print_v3d_key
      v3dv/pipeline: fix combined_index_map insertions
      v3dv/meta: fix hash table insertion
      broadcom/compiler: allow GLSL_SAMPLER_DIM_BUF on txs emission
      v3d/simulator: add v3d_simulator_get_mem_size
      v3dv/device: fix compute_heap_size for the simulator
      v3dv/pipeline: use derefs for ubo/ssbo
      v3dv: Call nir_lower_io for push constants
      v3dv/pipeline: track if texture is shadow
      v3dv/pipeline: set 16bit return_size for shadows always
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: set instance id to 0 at start of tile
      v3d/limits: add line width and point size limits
      v3dv/device: fix point-related VkPhysicalDeviceLimits
      v3dv/device: enable largePoints
      v3dv/meta_copy: handle mirroring z component bliting 3D images
      v3dv/formats: properly return unsupported for 1D compressed textures
      v3dv/meta_copy: fix TFU blitting when using 3D images
      v3dv/pipeline_cache: set a max size for the pipeline cache
      v3dv/pipeline_cache: extend pipeline cache envvar
      v3dv/device: Support loader interface version 3.
      nir/lower_io_to_scalar: update io semantics on per-component inst
      docs/features: add v3dv driver
      v3dv/format: use XYZ1 swizzle for three-component formats
      v3d/format: use XYZ1 swizzle for three-component formats
      broadcom/compiler: remove v3d_fs_key depth_enabled field.
      v3dv/util: remove several logging functions
      v3dv/util: log debug ignored stype only on debug builds
      v3dv/device: do nothing when asked physical device pci bus properties

Alexandros Frantzis (5):
      tracie: Make tests independent of environment
      tracie: Produce JUnit XML results
      gitlab-ci: Enable unit test reports for normal runner traces jobs
      gitlab-ci: Enable unit test reports for lava traces jobs
      gitlab-ci: Enable unit test report for arm64_a630_traces

Alyssa Rosenzweig (387):
      panfrost: Remove blend prettyprinters
      panfrost: Move format stringify to decode.c
      pan/decode: Remove shader replacement artefact
      panfrost: Inline panfrost-misc.h into panfrost-job.h
      panfrost: Remove panfrost-misc.h
      panfrost: Don't export exception_status
      panfrost: Rename encoder/ to lib/
      panfrost: Move pandecode into lib/
      pan/mdg: Separate disassembler and compiler targets
      pan/bi: Separate disasm/compiler targets
      panfrost: Reduce bit dependency to disassembly only
      panfrost: Add panloader/ to .gitignore
      pan/bi: Drop use of MALI_POSITIVE
      panfrost: Inline max rt into compilers
      panfrost: Treat texture dimension as first-class
      panfrost: Drop compiler cmdstream deps
      nir/lower_ssbo: Don't set align_* for atomics
      gallium/dri2: Support Arm modifiers
      panfrost: Set `initialized` more conservatively
      panfrost: Remove hint-based AFBC heuristic
      panfrost: Introduce create_with_modifier helper
      panfrost: Use modifier instead of layout throughout
      panfrost: Account for modifiers when creating BO
      panfrost: Respect modifiers in resource management
      panfrost: Import staging routines from freedreno
      panfrost: Choose AFBC when available
      panfrost: Implement YTR availability check
      panfrost: Enable YTR where allowed
      panfrost: Allocate enough space for tiled formats
      panfrost: Ensure AFBC slices are aligned
      panfrost: Implement panfrost_query_dmabuf_modifiers
      panfrost: Add stub midgard.xml
      panfrost: Adopt gen_pack_header.py via v3d
      panfrost: Build midgard_pack.h via meson
      panfrost: Redirect cmdstream includes through GenXML
      pan/decode: Add helper to dump GPU structures
      panfrost: XMLify job_type
      panfrost: XMLify draw_mode
      panfrost: XMLify mali_func
      panfrost: XMLify stencil op
      panfrost: XMLify wrap modes
      panfrost: XMLify viewport
      panfrost: XMLify UBOs
      panfrost: XMLify stencil test
      panfrost: Simplify zsa == NULL case
      panfrost: Simplify depth/stencil/alpha
      panfrost: Don't mask coverage mask to 4-bits
      panfrost: XMLify Midgard samplers
      panfrost: XMLify Bifrost samplers
      panfrost: XMLify Midgard textures
      panfrost: XMLify Bifrost textures
      panfrost: Drop unused mali_channel_swizzle
      panfrost: XMLify Block Format
      panfrost: XMLify MSAA writeout mode
      panfrost: XMLify exception access
      panfrost: XMLify enum mali_format
      panfrost: Set STRIDE_4BYTE_ALIGNED_ONLY
      panfrost: Drop NXR format
      panfrost: Squash 22-bit format field in attr_meta
      panfrost: XMLify mali_channel
      panfrost: XMLify attributes
      panfrost: Merge attribute packing routines
      panfrost: Add XML for attribute buffers
      panfrost: Use better packs for blits
      panfrost: Simplify offset fixup proof
      panfrost: Make attribute-buffer map explicit
      panfrost: Move attr_meta emission to the draw routine
      panfrost: Use packs for attributes
      panfrost: Hoist instance_shift/instance_odd fetch
      panfrost: Inline panfrost_vertex_instanced
      panfrost: Use packs for vertex attribute buffers
      panfrost: Use packs for vertex built-ins
      panfrost: Reword comment
      panfrost: Pass varying descriptors by reference
      panfrost: Factor out general varying case
      panfrost: Use pack for XFB varying
      panfrost: Use pack for general varying
      panfrost: Use MALI_ATTRIBUTE_LENGTH
      pan/bit: Use packs for Bifrost unit tests
      panfrost: Remove mali_attr_meta
      panfrost: Use packs for varying buffers
      panfrost: Drop hand-rolled pandecode for attribute buffers
      panfrost: Drop union mali_attr
      panfrost: Update CI expectations
      panfrost: Decontextualize rasterizer
      panfrost: Drop rasterizer null checks in draw calls
      panfrost: Drop ZSA null checks in draws
      panfrost: Drop panfrost_invalidate_frame
      panfrost: Drop QUADS primitive convert
      panfrost: Hoist add_fbo_bo call
      panfrost: Remove useless comment
      panfrost: Hoist assert from bind to create
      panfrost: Fix WRITES_GLOBAL bit
      panfrost: Fix shared memory size computation
      pan/mdg: Ensure barrier op is set on texture
      pan/mdg: Handle 32-bit offsets from store_shared
      pan/mdg: Identify barrier out-of-order field
      pan/mdg: Fix printing of r26 ld/st sources post-RA
      pan/mdg: Fix auxiliary load/store swizzle packing
      panfrost: Pre-allocate memory for pool
      panfrost: Introduce invisible pool
      panfrost: Avoid minimum stack allocations
      pan/decode: Don't try to dereference heap mapping
      panfrost: Share tiler_heap across batches/contexts
      panfrost: Drop implicit blend pooling
      panfrost: Explicitly handle nr_cbufs=0 case
      panfrost: Drop depth-only case in blend finalize
      panfrost: Keep finalized blend state constant
      panfrost: Fix blend leak for render targets 5-8
      panfrost: Free cloned NIR shader
      panfrost: Free NIR of blit shaders
      panfrost: Free hash_to_temp map
      pan/mdg: Free previous liveness
      panfrost: Use memctx for sysvals
      panfrost: Free batch->dependencies
      panfrost: Pass alignments explicitly
      panfrost: Fix attribute buffer underallocation
      panfrost: Don't overallocate attributes
      panfrost: Don't reserve for NPOT w/o instancing
      panfrost: Reduce attribute buffer allocations
      panfrost: Fix alignment on Bifrost
      gallium: Add util_blend_factor_uses_dest helper
      gallium: Add util_blend_uses_dest helper
      si: Use util_blend_factor_uses_dest
      r300: Use util_blend_factor_uses_dest
      pan/decode: Drop legacy 32-bit job support
      panfrost: Decode nested structs correctly
      panfrost: Hoist blend finalize calls
      panfrost: Separate shader/blend descriptor emits
      panfrost: XMLify blend flags
      panfrost: Simplify make_fixed_blend_mode prototype
      panfrost: Honour load_dest/opaque flags
      panfrost: XMLify blend equation
      panfrost: Combine frag_shader_meta_init functions
      panfrost: Size UBO#0 accurately
      panfrost: Clamp shader->uniform_count
      panfrost: Bake the initial tag into the shader pointer
      panfrost: Specialize compute vs frag shader init
      panfrost: Rename shader emit functions
      panfrost: Clean up blend shader errata handling
      panfrost: Group SFBD state together
      panfrost: XMLify Midgard properties
      panfrost: Pack compute Midgard properties
      panfrost: Use packs for fragment properties
      panfrost: Use pack for shaderless
      panfrost: Fold work_count packing for blend shaders
      panfrost: Simplify bind_blend_state
      panfrost: Remove midgard1 bitfield
      panfrost: XMLify bifrost1
      panfrost: Drop redundant NULL check
      panfrost: Group SFBD code tighter
      panfrost: XMLify Bifrost preload
      panfrost: Identify additional SFBD flags
      panfrost: Support SHADERLESS mode everywhere
      panfrost: Quiet pandecode error
      panfrost: Derive texture/sampler_count from shader
      panfrost: XMLify beginning of shader descriptor
      panfrost: Derive UBO count from shader_info
      panfrost: Pack vertex properties when compiling
      panfrost: Prepack fragment properties/preload
      panfrost: Simplify shaderless packing
      panfrost: Ensure shader-db state is zero-initialized
      panfrost: Allocate a state uploader
      panfrost: Upload shader descriptors at CSO create
      panfrost: Use preuploaded shader descriptors
      panfrost: XMLify the rest of shader_meta
      panfrost: Inherit default values from structs
      panfrost: Use pack for blit shaders
      panfrost: Use pack for Bifrost test state
      panfrost: Add optional opaque packs to GenXML
      panfrost: Use opaque pack for vertex shaders
      panfrost: Use pack for fragment shaders
      pan/decode: Use unpacks for state descriptor
      panfrost: Drop mali_shader_meta
      panfrost: Add opaque midgard_blend XML
      panfrost: Emit explicit REPLACE for disabled colour writeout
      panfrost: Drop blend indirection
      panfrost: Add padded type for instance fields
      panfrost: Add XML for mali_vertex_tiler_postfix
      panfrost: Use draw pack for blit
      panfrost: Separate postfix from emits
      panfrost: Inline vt_update_{rasterizer, occlusion}
      panfrost: Remove postfix parameter from UBO upload
      panfrost: Avoid postfix dep for vertex_data
      panfrost: Don't call panfrost_vt_init for compute
      panfrost: Inline panfrost_vt_init
      panfrost: Inline panfrost_vt_set_draw_info
      panfrost: Detangle postfix from varying emits
      panfrost: Use draw pack for compute jobs
      panfrost: Use pack for draw descriptor
      panfrost: Simplify ZSA bind
      panfrost: Cleanup point sprite linking
      panfrost: Drop point sprite from shader key
      panfrost: XMLify primitive information
      panfrost: Add invocation XML
      panfrost: XMLify invocations
      panfrost: Drop bifrost_payload_fused
      panfrost: Inline bifrost_tiler_only
      panfrost: Use nir_builder_init_simple_shader for blits
      pan/decode: Drop scratchpad size dump
      pan/decode: Drop mali_vertex_tiler_postfix arg
      pan/decode: Print shader-db even for compute
      pan/decode: Fix awkward syntax
      pan/decode: Use generation for vertex_tiler_postfix
      pan/decode: Use unpack for vertex_tiler_postfix_pre
      panfrost: Remove mali_vertex_tiler_postfix
      pan/decode: Drop prefix braces
      panfrost: Emit texture/sampler points for compute
      pan/mdg: Implement i/umul_high
      pan/mdg: Scalarize 64-bit
      pan/mdg: Bounds check swizzle writing globals
      pan/mdg: Implement nir_intrinsic_load_sample_mask_in
      pan/mdg: Refactor texture op/mode handling
      pan/mdg: Add disassembly for shadow gathers
      pan/mdg: Implement texture gathers
      docs/features: Add missing Panfrost extensions
      pan/mdg: Fix discard encoding
      pan/mdg: Fix perspective combination
      mesa/st: Don't set alpha if ALPHA_TEST is lowered
      pan/mdg: Obey f2fmp size restriction in fuse_io_16
      panfrost: Fix nonzero stencil mask on vertex/compute
      pan/bit: Set d3d=true for CMP tests
      pan/bit: Fix unit tests
      pan/bi: Lower flrp16
      pan/bi: Add XML describing the instruction set
      pan/bi: Add ISA parser
      pan/bi: Add packing generator
      pan/bi: Add disassembler generator
      pan/bi: Add disassembly prototypes
      pan/bi: Add bi_disasm_dest_* helpers
      pan/bi: Export dump_src
      pan/bi: Use new disassembler
      pan/bi: Use canonical syntax for registers/uniforms/imms
      pan/bi: Use canonical syntax for special constants
      pan/bi: Add dummy carry/borrow argument for iadd/isub
      pan/bi: Introduce segments into the IR
      pan/bi: Add format field to IR
      pan/bi: Track compute_lod in IR
      pan/bi: Pass blend descriptor explicitly in IR
      pan/bi: Use 8-bit shifts
      pan/bi: Use src1/dest_invert instead of src_invert[]
      pan/bi: Move packing helpers to dedicated file
      pan/bi: Use new packing
      pan/bi: Remove unused prints
      pan/bi: Remove unused packing data structures
      pan/bi: Drop *FMIN reference
      pan/bi: Annotate stop bit (canonically "Z-bit")
      pan/bi: Annotate disassemble with format names
      pan/bi: Inline dump_instr
      pan/bi: Track M values of disassembled constants
      pan/bi: Decode M values in disasm
      pan/bi: Disassemble PC-relative addresses
      pan/bi: Add bifrost_reg_mode enum
      pan/bi: Pass 'first' through disassembler
      pan/bi: Decode all 32-bit register modes
      pan/bi: Rename port -> slot
      pan/bi: Use canonical register packing
      pan/bi: Remove old register mode definitions
      pan/bi: Fix assert when writing vertex outputs
      pan/bi: Add copy for register COMBINEs
      pan/decode: Ensure mappings are zeroed
      pan/bi: Fix memory corruption in scheduler
      pan/bi: Drop if 0'd combine lowering
      pan/bi: Cull unnecessary edges on the CF graph
      pan/bi: Use canonical floating-point modes
      pan/bi: Canonicalize terminate_discarded_threads
      pan/bi: Use canonical next_clause_prefetch
      pan/bi: Use canonical name for staging registers
      pan/bi: Expand clause type to 5-bit
      pan/bi: Add missing message types
      pan/bi: Print message types as strings
      pan/bi: Use canonical term "message type"
      pan/bi: Use canonical term dependency
      pan/bi: Use canonical flow control enum
      pan/bi: Pass flow_control through directly
      pan/bi: Handle vector moves
      pan/bi: Expose GL 2.1 on Bifrost
      pan/bi: Fix simple txl test
      pan/bi: Use canonical texture op names in IR
      pan/bi: Streamline TEXC/TEXS naming/selection
      pan/bi: Encode skip bit into IR
      pan/bi: Pack skip bit for texture operations
      pan/bi: Add texture operator descriptor
      pan/bi: Stub out TEXC handling
      pan/bi: Add data register passing infrastructure
      pan/bi: Handle nir_tex_src_lod
      pan/bi: Pack TEXC
      pan/bi: Rewrite to fit dest = src constraint
      pan/bi: Prefer 'texture_index' to 'image_index'
      panfrost: Add missing XML for Bifrost samplers
      panfrost: Fix Bifrost filter selection
      panfrost: Fix Bifrost high LOD clamp
      panfrost: Add some missing Bifrost texture XML
      pan/bi: Implement txb
      panfrost: Set helper_invocation_enable for Bifrost
      pan/bi: Fix message type printing
      pan/bi: Don't terminate helper threads
      panfrost: Add panfrost_block_dim helper
      pan/bi: Use new block dimension helper
      panfrost: Fix faults on block-based formats on Bifrost
      pan/bi: Map NIR tex ops to Bifrost ops
      pan/bi: Add bi_emit_lod_cube helper
      pan/bi: Implement FETCH
      panfrost: Update XML for Bifrost early-z/FPK
      panfrost: Set "shader modifies coverage?" flag
      panfrost: Temporarily disable FP16 on Bifrost
      pan/bi: Disable mediump output lowering
      pan/bi: Range check newc/oldc when rewriting
      panfrost: Rename gtransfer to transfer
      panfrost: Use canonical characterization of tls_size
      panfrost: Drop panfrost_vt_emit_shared_memory
      pan/mdg: Cleanup mir_rewrite_index_src_single
      pan/bi: Drop 64-bit constant support
      pan/bi: Fix handling of small constants in bi_lookup_constant
      pan/bi: Stub spilling
      pan/bi: Add no_spill flag to IR
      pan/bi: Implement bi_choose_spill_node
      pan/bi: Add spills/fills parameters
      pan/bi: Add bi_spill helper
      pan/bi: Add bi_fill
      pan/bi: Add bi_rewrite_index_src_single helper
      pan/bi: Add helpers for working with singletons
      pan/bi: Implement bi_spill_register
      pan/bi: Factor out singleton construction from scheduler
      pan/bi: Add bi_foreach_clause_in_block_safe helper
      pan/bi: Pack LOAD/STORE
      pan/bi: Implement spilling
      pan/bi: Pipe through tls_size
      panfrost: Move nir_undef_to_zero to common util/
      pan/bi: Use nir_undef_to_zero
      panfrost: Record architecture major version
      panfrost: Don't export queries
      panfrost: Calculate thread count on Bifrost
      panfrost: Fix component order XML
      panfrost: Implement BGRA textures
      panfrost: Drop PIPE_CAP_GLSL_FEATURE_LEVEL for Bifrost
      panfrost: Don't advertise MSAA on Bifrost
      pan/bi: Account for bool32 ld_ubo reads
      panfrost: Don't double-compose swizzles
      panfrost: Add MALI_EXTRACT_INDEX helper
      panfrost: Use consistent swizzle names in XML
      panfrost: Add a blendable format table
      panfrost: Use panfrost_blendable_formats for MFBD
      panfrost: Use panfrost_blendable_formats for SFBD
      panfrost: Use panfrost_blendable_formats for blending
      panfrost: Complete format_to_bifrost_blend
      panfrost: Remove duplicated format arg for ASTC
      panfrost: Remove panfrost_is_z24s8_variant
      panfrost: Add v7 special colour formats
      panfrost: Add missing depth/stencil formats
      panfrost: Add miscellaneous missing Midgard formats
      panfrost: Add v7-specific depth formats
      panfrost: Split out v6/v7 format tables
      panfrost: Rename VARYING_DISCARD to CONSTANT
      panfrost: Rename VARYING_POS to SNAP4
      panfrost: Add missing 1/2/4/64-bit formats to XML
      panfrost: Use macro for panfrost_get_default_swizzle
      panfrost: Fix RGB5A1 formats
      panfrost: Fix BGR233 component order
      panfrost: Add missing alpha-first special formats
      pan/bi: Suppress disassembly for internal shaders
      pan/bi: Lower +CUBEFACE2
      panfrost: Disable point sprites on Bifrost
      panfrost: Advertise Bifrost support
      panfrost: Drop unused swizzles
      panfrost: Add bi_emit_array_index helper
      pan/bi: Track tex data register swizzles
      pan/bi: Handle 3D/array coordinates
      pan/bi: Don't emit TEXS for array textures
      panfrost: Set .array_size on Bifrost
      nir: Add SRC_TYPE to store_combined_output_pan
      pan/mdg: Deduplicate nir_find_variable_with_driver_location
      pan/mdg: Move writeout lowering to common panfrost
      panfrost: Pass through src_type
      panfrost: Deduplicate shader properties
      pan/bi: Add +ZS_EMIT instruction to IR
      pan/bi: Infer z/stencil flags from sources passed
      pan/bi: Factor out bi_emit_atest
      pan/bi: Factor out bi_emit_blend
      pan/bi: Stub handling for nir_intrinsic_store_combined_output_pan
      pan/bi: Emit +ZS_EMIT as needed
      pan/bi: Lower depth/stencil stores
      pan/bi: Correctly calculate render target index
      pan/mdg: Add missing Collabora copyright notices
      panfrost: Add missing Collabora copyright notices

Andreas Baierl (4):
      lima/ppir: Skip instruction merge when having more than one successor
      lima: fix glCopyTexSubImage2D
      lima: set clear depth value to 0x00ffffff as default
      lima/parser: Fix varyings decoding in RSW

Andres Gomez (3):
      gitlab-ci: reuse container_post_build when building the test images
      gitlab-ci: reorder container_post_build call for arm64_test image
      Revert "gitlab-ci: reuse container_post_build when building the test images"

Andrew Randrianasulu (1):
      st/va: fix build with old libva

Andrey Vostrikov (1):
      egl/x11: Free memory allocated for reply structures on error

Andrii Simiklit (3):
      util/xmlconfig: eliminate memory leak
      nir: get rid of OOB dereferences in nir_lower_io_arrays_to_elements
      glx: get rid of memory leak

Anthoine Bourgeois (4):
      docs/features: Minor update extensions support
      docs/features: VK_KHR_mir_surface is disabled, remove it
      docs/features: add some extensions we missed
      docs/features.txt: VK_EXT_separate_stencil_usage not exposed on RADV

Antonio Caggiano (1):
      zink: pre-hash gfx-pipeline-state

Anuj Phogat (2):
      intel/gen9: Enable MSC RAW Hazard Avoidance
      intel: Pointer to SCISSOR_RECT array should be 64B aligned

Aníbal Limón (1):
      src/util/disk_cache_os.c: Add missing headers for open/fcntl

Arcady Goldmints-Orlov (7):
      broadcom/compiler: support nir_intrinsic_load_sample_id
      broadcom/compiler: Add a constant folding pass after nir_lower_io
      broadcom/compiler: Enable PER_QUAD for UBO and SSBO loads.
      broadcom/compiler: support varyings with struct types
      broadcom/compiler: use nir io semantics
      broadcom/compiler: Handle non-SSA destinations for tex instructions
      broadcom/compiler: Allow spills of temporaries from TMU reads

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (55):
      radv: Add ETC2 support on RAVEN2.
      radv: Fix assert that is too strict.
      radv: Add forcecompress debug flag.
      radv: Do not consider layouts fast-clearable on compute queue.
      radv: Update CI expectations for the recent descriptor indexing regressions.
      radv: When importing an image, redo the layout based on the metadata.
      radv:  Clean up setting the surface flags.
      radv: Use getter instead of setter to extract value.
      driconf: Support selection by Vulkan applicationName.
      radv: Override the uniform buffer offset alignment for World War Z.
      radv: Fix handling of attribs 16-31.
      radv: Remove conformance warnings with ACO.
      radv: Update CTS version.
      radv: Fix 3d blits.
      radv: Centralize enabling thread trace.
      radv: Allow triggering thread traces by file.
      radv: Fix threading issue with submission refcounts.
      radv: Avoid deadlock on bo_list.
      spirv: Deal with glslang bug not setting the decoration for stores.
      spirv: Deal with glslang not setting NonUniform on constructors.
      radeonsi: Work around Wasteland 2 bug.
      radv,gallium: Add driconf option to reduce advertised VRAM size.
      amd/common: Store non-displayable DCC pitch.
      radeonsi: Put retile map in separate buffers.
      radeonsi: Move display dcc dirty tracking to framebuffer emission.
      ac/surface: Fix depth import on GFX6-GFX8.
      radv,radeonsi: Disable compression on interop depth images
      Revert "radv: set BIG_PAGE to improve performance on GFX10.3"
      Revert "radv: emit {CB,DB}_RMI_L2_CACHE_CONTROL at framebuffer time"
      st/mesa: Deal with empty textures/buffers in semaphore wait/signal.
      radv: Disable NGG on APUs.
      radv: Simplify radv_is_hw_resolve_pipeline.
      radv: Add VK_FORMAT_E5B9G9R9_UFLOAT_PACK32 rendering support.
      radv: Fix emitting SQTT userdata.
      radv: Use correct alignment for SQTT buffer sizes.
      radv: Fix RGP Asic CU info for GFX10+.
      radv: Include flushes in the barrier.
      radv: Record cache flushes for RGP.
      radv: Write correct dispatch size for RGP.
      radeonsi: Fix imports with displayable DCC.
      radv: Use atomics to read query results.
      radv: Set fce metadata correctly on DCC initialization.
      radv: Fix event write cmdbuffer allocation when tracing.
      radv/winsys: Expand scope of allbos lock.
      radv: Fix mipmap extent adjustment on GFX9+.
      aco: Add VK_KHR_shader_terminate_invocation support.
      amd/llvm: Add VK_KHR_shader_terminate_invocation support.
      radv: Advertise VK_KHR_shader_terminate_invocation.
      frontends/va: Initialize drm modifier on import.
      radv: Fix 1D compressed mipmaps on GFX9.
      radv: Do not access set layout during vkCmdBindDescriptorSets.
      radv: Fix variable name collision.
      radv: Skip tiny non-visible VRAM heap.
      radv: Fix budget calculations with large BAR.
      radv: Fix exporting/importing multisample images.

BillKristiansen (1):
      compiler/glsl: Initialize local variable to zero to fix MSVC RTC error

Boris Brezillon (139):
      spirv: Move the emit a 'return value' store logic into own function
      compiler/nir: Add new flags to lower pack/unpack split instructions
      nir: Fix i64tof32 lowering
      spirv: Add support for the CL Round instruction
      panfrost: Rename panfrost_create_pool() into panfrost_pool_init()
      panfrost: Avoid accessing pan_pool fields directly
      panfrost: Store transient BOs in a dynamic array
      spirv: Add a vtn_get_mem_operands() helper
      spirv: Don't accept CPacked decoration on struct members
      spirv: Propagate packed information to glsl_type
      glsl: Propagate packed info in get_explicit_type_for_size_align()
      nir/glsl: Consider block interfaces as structs when it comes to size/align calculation
      nir: Expose the packed attribute attached to glsl_type objects
      panfrost: gen_pack: Minor formatting improvement
      panfrost: gen_pack: Fix __gen_unpack_uint()
      panfrost: gen_pack: Add pan_{unpack,print}() helpers
      panfrost: gen_pack: Move the group get_length() logic to its own method
      panfrost: gen_pack: Add the aggregate concept
      panfrost: gen_pack: Allow empty structs
      panfrost: gen_pack: Add an align() modifier
      panfrost: gen_pack: Add a log2 modifier
      panfrost: gen_pack: Allow enum/define values expressed in hexadecimal
      panfrost: decode: Make the indentation consistent with auto-generated print helpers
      panfrost: decode: Rework the DUMP_{CL,ADDR}() macros
      panfrost: decode: Add a macro to dump unpacked descriptors
      panfrost: decode: Use pan_{unpack,print}() when applicable
      panfrost: XML-ify the local storage descriptor
      panfrost: Clarify what TILED mode is
      panfrost: Add Tiled linear mode to the Block Format enum
      panfrost: XML-ify the midgard tiler descriptor
      panfrost: XML-ify the single target framebuffer descriptor
      panfrost: XML-ify the bifrost tiler descriptors
      panfrost: XML-ify the multi-target framebuffer descriptors
      panfrost: XML-ify the job header descriptor
      panfrost: XML-ify the write value job descriptor
      panfrost: XML-ify the fragment job descriptor
      panfrost: Rename the Blend dither disable flag
      panfrost: XML-ify the compute job descriptor
      panfrost: Avoid copying job descriptors around when we can
      panfrost: decode: Misc formatting improvements
      panfrost: gen_pack: Fix gnu-empty-initializer errors
      ci: Extend meson-clang coverage by compiling all gallium drivers
      panfrost: Fix bifrost tiler descriptor definition
      panfrost: Fix bifrost tiler job emission
      panfrost: Adjust quirks for bifrost v6
      panfrost: Add preliminary support for Mali G72
      kmsro: Add mediatek entry point
      panfrost: Add support for rbg16 formats
      panfrost: decode: Fix decode_bifrost_constant() prototype
      panfrost: decode: Flag pandecode_log_typed() as PRINTFLIKE
      panfrost: bifrost: disassemble: Fix decoding of next_regs
      panfrost: Fix a warning
      panfrost: Adjust the draw descriptor definition
      panfrost: Adjust the primitive desc definition
      panfrost: Adjust the renderer state definition
      panfrost: Get rid of the with_opaque qualifier on the renderer state desc
      panfrost: Drop the with_opaque specifier on midgard blend desc
      panfrost: gen_pack: Drop support for opaque structs
      panfrost: gen_pack: Support overlapping structs
      panfrost: gen_pack: Add a no-direct-packing attribute
      panfrost: Rework fixed-function blending
      panfrost: Rework the render target layout to use overlapping structs
      panfrost: XML-ify the blend descriptors
      panfrost: Fix fixed-function blend on Mali v6
      panfrost: Constify the rt_fmts arg passed to pan_lower_framebuffer()
      panfrost: Move the blend constant mask extraction out of make_fixed_blend_mode()
      panfrost: Pass compile arguments through a struct
      panfrost: Allocate blit_blend with ralloc()
      panfrost: Don't leak NIR blend shaders
      panfrost: Let compile_blend_shader() allocate the blend shader object
      panfrost: Get rid of the constant patching done on blend shader binaries
      panfrost: Move the blend shader cache at the context level
      panfrost: Fix fixed-function blend on bifrost
      panfrost: Extend compile_inputs to pass a blend descriptor
      pan/bi: Copy blend shader info from compile_inputs
      pan/bi: Use canonical name for FAU RAM sources
      pan/bi: Get rid of the regs argument in bi_assign_fau_idx()
      pan/bi: Rework blend descriptor access handling
      pan/bi: Add support for load_blend_const_color_{r,g,b,a}_float
      pan/bi: Support indirect jumps
      panfrost: Add a "Bifrost Internal Blend" descriptor
      panfrost: Scalarize nir_load_blend_const_color_rgba
      panfrost: Flag blend shader function as an entry point
      pan/bi: Add load_output support
      pan/bi: Collect return addresses of blend calls
      pan/bi: Special-case BLEND instruction emission for blend shaders
      pan/bi: Reserve r0-r3 in blend shaders
      pan/bi: Special-case load_input for blend shaders
      panfrost: Add missing tile-buffer formats to the format enum
      panfrost: Add blend shader support to bifrost
      panfrost: Adjust the renderer state definition
      panfrost: Fix tiler job injection
      panfrost: Add the bifrost tiler internal state field
      panfrost: Add specialized preload descriptors
      panfrost: Replace unkown renderer state fields by their real names
      pan/bi: Make sure we don't print special index as a register
      pan/bi: Print blend descriptor source properly
      pan/bi: Add support for load_sample_id
      pan/bi: Support the case where TEXC needs 0 or 1 staging reg
      pan/bi: Add basic support for txf_ms
      panfrost: Make {midgard,bifrost}_compile_shader_nir() return a program object
      panfrost: Build blit shaders on Bifrost too
      panfrost: Use real name for attribute's unknown field
      panfrost: Rename panfrost_transfer to panfrost_ptr
      panfrost: Pass the texture payload through a panfrost_ptr
      panfrost: Split panfrost_load_midg()
      panfrost: Add support for native wallpapering on Bifrost
      panfrost: Use native wallpapering on Bifrost
      panfrost: Get rid of the non-native wallpering bits
      panfrost: Preload primitive flags when gl_FrontFacing is accessed
      pan/bi: Add support for load_front_face
      pan/bi: Add support for load_point_coord
      pan/bi: Lower {i,u}{min,max} instructions
      pan/bi: Add ult support
      pan/bi: Fix ms_idx type to catch missing ms_index source
      panfrost: Leave push_constants pointer to NULL if there's no uniform
      panfrost: Suppress Bifrost prefetching
      panfrost: Add array size to XML
      panfrost: Implement v7 texture payloads
      pan/bi: s/t0/t1/ in bi_disasm_dest_add()
      pan/bi: Move special instruction packing to a separate helper
      pan/bi: Split special class in two
      pan/bi: Hook up cube instructions packing
      pan/bi: Lower cube map coordinates
      panfrost: Force late pixel kill when depth/stencil is written from the FS
      panfrost: Expose GLES3 features on Bifrost when PAN_MESA_DEBUG=deqp
      pan/bi: Extract LD_VAR sample field from ins->load_vary.interp_mode
      pan/bi: Support centroid and sample interpolations
      pan/bi: Fix swizzle handling in bi_copy_src()
      pan/bi: Add support for load_ubo
      pan/bi: Lower uniforms to UBO
      pan/bi: Get rid of bi_emit_ld_uniform()
      pan/bi: Move bitwise op packing out of bi_pack_fma()
      pan/bi: Fix ARSHIFT definitions
      pan/bi: Add support for ishr
      pan/bi: Add support for ushr
      panfrost: Allow linear ZS resources on Bifrost
      pan/bi: Add support for load_vertex_id
      pan/bi: Add support for load_instance_id

Boyuan Zhang (5):
      vl: add flag and definition for protected playback
      frontends/va: handle protected slice data buffer
      radeon: add decryption params definition header
      radeon/vcn: add defines for drm message buffer
      radeon/vcn: program drm message buffer

Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho (19):
      intel/compiler: Use C99 array initializers for prog_data/key sizes
      nir: Add nir_intrinsic_terminate and nir_intrinsic_terminate_if
      spirv: Update headers and metadata from latest Khronos commit
      spirv: Handle SpvOpTerminateInvocation
      intel/fs: Handle nir_intrinsic_terminate
      vulkan: Update XML and headers to 1.2.158
      anv: Advertise VK_KHR_shader_terminate_invocation
      nir: Use a switch in nir_lower_explicit_io_instr
      intel/fs: Don't emit_uniformize when getting a constant SSBO index
      spirv: Implement SpvCapabilitySubgroupShuffleINTEL from SPV_INTEL_subgroups
      nir: Add nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_deref_block_intel
      spirv: Implement SpvCapabilitySubgroupBufferBlockIOINTEL
      intel/fs: Add A64 OWORD BLOCK opcodes
      intel/fs: Implement nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_global_block_intel
      intel/fs: Add surface OWORD BLOCK opcodes
      intel/fs: Implement nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_ssbo_block_intel
      intel/fs: Implement nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_shared_block_intel
      compiler: Add new Vulkan shader stages
      spirv: Add Ray Tracing execution models

Caleb Callaway (1):
      iris: Add missing newline to debug log message

Charmaine Lee (3):
      st/mesa: increase size of gl_register_file bitfields
      winsys/svga: fix display corruption after surface_init
      svga: fix draw elements with 8-bits indices

Chia-I Wu (2):
      virgl: move protocol headers to a common place
      virgl: update protocol headers

Christian Gmeiner (15):
      etnaviv: call nir_lower_bool_to_bitsize
      etnaviv: completely turn off MSAA
      ci: do not build libdrm for vc4, reedreno and etnaviv
      etnaviv: call nir_opt_shrink_vectors(..) in opt loop
      etnaviv: shuffle some variant fields
      etnaviv: add disk cache
      etnaviv: simplify linear stride implementation
      ci: piglit: conditionally build OpenCL tests
      ci/bare-metal: suppress 'No such file or directory'
      etnaviv: drop etna_pipe_wait(..)
      ci/x86: speed up piglit testing
      nir: make tgsi_varying_semantic_to_slot(..) public
      etnaviv: convert from tgsi semantic/index to varying-slot
      etnaviv: move etna_dump_shader(..) to generic location
      etnaviv: move etna_destroy_shader(..) to generic location

Connor Abbott (59):
      freedreno/afuc: Fix printing preemptleave on a5xx
      freedreno/afuc: Handle setsecure opcode
      freedreno/afuc: Add iret
      freedreno/afuc: Handle xmov modifiers
      freedreno/afuc: Make 0 a valid number
      freedreno/afuc: Install asm/disasm
      freedreno: Add afuc regression test
      nir/spirv: Add the option to keep ViewIndex as an input
      nir/lower_input_attachments: Refactor to use an options struct
      nir/lower_input_attachments: Support loading layer id as an input
      radv: Use an input for the layer when lowering input attachments
      tu: Use an input for the layer when lowering input attachments
      nir/lower_input_attachments: Support loading layer id via gl_ViewIndex
      freedreno/a6xx: Add multiview registers
      ir3: Add support for gl_ViewIndex in VS & FS
      tu: Translate VkRenderPassMultiviewCreateInfo to VkRenderPassCreateInfo2
      tu: Parse multiview render pass info
      tu: Implement multiview clear/resolve interactions
      tu: Improve timestamp queries
      tu: Implement multiview query interactions
      tu: Add multiview lowering pass
      tu: Implement multiview pipeline state
      tu: Enable VK_KHR_multiview
      freedreno/computerator: Use a render node
      tu: Expose shaderStorageImageExtendedFormats
      tu: Expose shaderImageGatherExtended
      ir3: Don't use the format to get the image type
      tu: Expose shaderStorageImage*WithoutFormat
      nir: Add nir_lower_multiview pass
      anv: Use nir_lower_multiview pass
      nir: Count i/o slots correctly for per-view variables
      nir/lower_io_arrays: Fix xfb_offset bug
      nir: Add per_view to IO semantics
      nir: Handle per-view io in nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base()
      tu: Write multiview control registers in binning pass
      tu: Refactor shader compilation flow
      ir3, tu: Run optimization loop twice
      ir3, tu: Link per-view position correctly
      tu: Enable multi-position output
      intel/nir: Use nir control flow helpers
      radv: Use nir control flow insertion helpers
      ttn: Use nir control flow insertion helpers
      nir/lower_returns: Use nir control flow insertion helpers
      nir/opt_if: Remove open-coded nir_ssa_def_rewrite_uses()
      nir/opt_if: Use early returns in opt_if_merge()
      ttn: Fix number of components for IF/UIF
      nir/lower_clip_cull: Store array size for FS inputs
      ir3: Switch tess lowering to use location
      ir3: Handle clip+cull distances
      tu: Implement clip/cull distances
      freedreno/a6xx: Implement user clip/cull distances
      freedreno: Introduce common device info struct
      tu: Use freedreno_dev_info
      freedreno: Use freedreno_dev_info
      freedreno/a6xx: Update SO registers for streams
      ir3: Support geometry streams
      util/bitset: Add a range iterator helper
      tu: Support geometryStreams
      tu: Support rasterizerDiscardEnable and RasterizationStreamSelect

Daniel Abrecht (1):
      etnaviv: Make sure to track different pipe_screens for different DRM device descriptions

Daniel Schürmann (26):
      aco: execute branch instructions in WQM if necessary
      nir,amd: remove trinary_minmax opcodes
      aco/isel: refactor code and remove unnecessary v_mov
      aco/isel: refactor emit_vop3a_instruction() to handle 2 operand instructions
      ac/nir: implement nir_op_[un]pack_[64/32]_*
      aco: propagate SGPRs into VOP1 instructions early.
      aco: expand create_vector more carefully w.r.t. subdword operands
      aco: use p_create_vector for nir_op_pack_half_2x16
      nir/opt_algebraic: optimize unpack_half_2x16_split_x(ushr, a, 16)
      aco: use p_split_vector for nir_op_unpack_half_*
      aco: add validation rules for p_split_vector
      aco: use v_cvt_pkrtz_f16_f32 for pack_half_2x16
      radv,aco: lower_pack_half_2x16
      aco: use VOP2 version of v_cvt_pkrtz_f16_f32 on GFX_6_7_10
      aco: use VOP2 for v_cvt_pkrtz_f16_f32 if possible
      aco: refactor GFX6_7 subdword copy lowering
      aco: improve code sequences for 16bit packing
      aco: use do_pack() for self-intersecting operations.
      aco: fix GFX8 16-bit packing
      aco: implement nir_op_unpack_[64/32]_*
      ac/nir: implement nir_op_[un]pack_64_4x16
      nir: add options to lower nir_op_pack_[64/32]_* via nir_lower_alu_to_scalar()
      radv: lower pack_[64/32]_* via nir_lower_alu_to_scalar()
      radv: remove call to nir_lower_pack()
      aco: refactor split_store_data() to always split into evenly sized elements
      nir/lcssa: consider loops with no back-edge invariant

Daniel Stone (16):
      glsl/test: Don't run whitespace tests in parallel
      CI: Disable Panfrost T860 and AMD Stoney tests
      CI: Skip flaky CS test on VirGL
      CI: Skip another flaky GS test on softpipe
      CI: Disable Panfrost T720/T760 CI
      meson: Add MSVC narrowing-int-to-char warnings
      CI: Windows: Use separate config file for Docker
      CI: Re-enable VS2019 build
      CI: Disable Windows again
      CI: Temporarily disable Panfrost T7xx
      CI: Re-enable Panfrost T7xx
      CI: Disable Panfrost T7xx CI
      CI: Re-enable Panfrost T7xx CI
      CI: Don't run pixmark-piano twice on radeonsi
      CI: Only run OpenCL tests when we need to
      CI: Disable Panfrost T760

Danylo Piliaiev (18):
      st/mesa: Treat vertex outputs absent in outputMapping as zero in mesa_to_tgsi
      anv/nir: Unify inputs_read/outputs_written between geometry stages
      spirv: Only require bare types to match when copying variables
      ir_constant: Return zero on out-of-bounds vector accesses
      glsl: Eliminate assigments to out-of-bounds elements of vector
      glsl: Eliminate out-of-bounds triop_vector_insert
      intel/disasm: Change visibility of has_uip and has_jip
      intel/disasm: brw_label and support functions
      intel/disasm: Label support in shader disassembly for UIP/JIP
      intel/assembler: Add labels support
      intel/compiler: Fix pointer arithmetic when reading shader assembly
      st/nir: Call st_glsl_to_nir_post_opts before interface unification
      nir/lower_io: Eliminate oob writes and return zero for oob reads
      nir/large_constants: Eliminate out-of-bounds writes to large constants
      nir/lower_samplers: Clamp out-of-bounds access to array of samplers
      intel/fs: Disable sample mask predication for scratch stores
      docs: add INTEL_SHADER_ASM_READ_PATH description
      nir/lower_returns: Append missing phis' sources after "break" insertion

Dave Airlie (101):
      anv: add no reloc flags on empty and simple bo paths.
      CI: temp disable t720/t760 jobs.
      llvmpipe: only read 0 for channels being read
      gallium: add an interface for memory allocations.
      gallium: add a resource flag to say no over allocation.
      llvmpipe: add support for memory allocation APIs
      gallivm/nir: add load push constant support
      util/format: add some ZS helpers for vallium
      vulkan/wsi: add sw support. (v2)
      vallium: initial import of the vulkan frontend
      llvmpipe/blit: for 32-bit unorm depth blits just copy 32-bit
      llvmpipe: enable GL 4.5
      vallium: fix input attachment lowering variable shadowing
      llvmpipe/cs: update compute counters not fragment shader.
      gallium/nir/tgsi: reindent some code in the nir->tgsi info (v2)
      gallivm/nir: add imod support
      gallivm/sample: fix lod query on array textures.
      llvmpipe: lower uadd_carry/usub_borrow.
      gallium/nir/tgsi: add support for compact variables
      gallivm/nir: fixup compact TCS variable storage.
      gallivm/nir: split tex/sampler indirect offsets
      llvmpipe: lower cs local index from id
      llvmpipe: lower mul 2x32_64
      llvmpipe/nir: lower some more packing at nir level.
      llvmpipe: add reference counting to fragment shaders.
      vallium: handle 3D image views properly.
      vallium: limit buffer allocations to gallium max.
      gallium/nir/tgsi: fix nir->tgsi info conversion for samplers/image
      gallivm/nir: lower tg4 offsets.
      gallivm/nir: add indirect swizzle output loading support
      gallivm/nir: add quantize to f16 support
      gallivm/nir: fix const compact
      gallivm/nir: lower frexp/ldexp
      gallivm/nir: add subpass sampler type support
      gallivm: use common code to select texel type
      llvmpipe: blend has effects even if no colorbuffers.
      llvmpipe: add array/3d clearing support
      llvmpipe/fs: multisample depth/stencil bad ir generated
      gallivm/nir: allow 64-bit arit ops
      gallivm/nir: add some f16 support
      vallium: disable VK_KHR_shader_float16_int8.
      vulkan/device_select: don't pick a cpu driver as the default
      llvmpipe: include gallivm perf flags in shader cache.
      gallivm: disable brilinear for lod bias and explicit lod.
      vtn: add an option to create a nir library from spirv
      clover/nir: add libclc lowering pass
      util: add missing extern C
      clover: handle libclc shader (v3)
      gallivm: fix pow(0, y) to be 0
      gallivm: fix 64-bit CL intrinsics.
      gallivm/nir: fix up non 32-bit load stores
      gallivm/nir: handle non-32-bit mul high
      llvmpipe: use an alternate env var to enable clover.
      lavapipe: rename vallium to lavapipe
      gallivm/nir: make sure to mask global reads.
      llvmpipe/cs: add in shader shared size.
      gallivm/nir: fix non-32 bit find lsb/msb
      lavapipe: drop dri,dricommon deps.
      ci: move to using clang 10 for meson + clover
      clover: Use core libclc loader
      ci: enable piglit testing of clover/llvmpipe.
      clover: don't call validate spirv at all if not needed
      ci: fix deqp clone + fetch
      CI: build our own spirv tools
      clover/nir: add a constant folding pass before lowering mem const
      llvmpipe: fix sampler/image binding for clover.
      gallivm: add load/store scratch support.
      llvmpipe: fix 8/16 bit global stores
      gallivm: fix 64->16 f2f16
      gallivm: add 16-bit split/merge support.
      gallivm: add b2i8/b216 support
      gallivm: handle sub-32 bit masked stores.
      gallivm: add support for 8/16-bit mul_hi
      gallivm: get correct min/max behaviour for kernels.
      gallivm: lower flrp for all sizes.
      CI: remove llvmpipe cl flake test
      gallivm: zero init the temporary register storage.
      gallium: add a level parameter to resource parameter get
      gallium: add a layer stride pipe resource parameter.
      llvmpipe: add resource get param support.
      lavapipe: use resource get param.
      gallivm: fix f16 quantize.
      lavapipe: don't write to pending clear aspects in cmd buffer
      lavapipe: constify state pointers into command buffers.
      lavapipe: fix dEQP-VK.info.device_properties
      gallivm/nir: handle dvec3/4 inputs properly.
      gallivm/nir: fix vulkan vertex inputs
      lavapipe: fix 3d compressed texture copies.
      lavapipe: stop crashes with 3D z blits
      llvmpipe: add clear_buffer callback. (v2)
      lavapipe: use clear_buffer callback
      lavapipe: don't advertise linear filtering on integer textures.
      gallium: add a non-multisample sample mask out behaviour flag.
      llvmpipe: respect the sample mask in non-multisample flag
      lavapipe: request correct sample mask behaviour
      CL: update CL headers to 3.0
      vtn/opencl: add ctz support
      clover: access 3.0 and deprecated 2.2 API
      clover/llvm: add 3.0 versioning.
      clover/spirv: hook up spir-v environment for 3.0
      clover: add empty cl 3.0 dispatch entries.

Denis Pauk (1):
      mesa: bptc fixes for decompress rgba_unorm and rgb_float

Duncan Hopkins (10):
      meson: Add xcb-fixes to loader when using x11 and dri3. Fixes undefined symbol for xcb_xfixes_create_region in loader_dri3_helper.c
      zink: clamped maxPerStageDescriptorUniformBuffers limits to INT_MAX when stored as uint32_t.
      zink: Basic framework to check for optional instance layers and instance extensions.
      zink: Added support for MacOS MoltenVK APIs.
      zink: return fail if create_instance fails
      zink: Added inbuilt debug logging from the VK_LAYER_LUNARG_standard_validation layer.
      zink: add support to device info for macro guards and just VkPhysicalDevice*Features with out the have_.
      zink: have_triangle_fans support.
      zink: For MoltenVk added vkFlushMappedMemoryRanges() to vkMapMemory() to fix empty mapped memory.
      zink: make physical device functions use a dynamic function pointers.

Dylan Baker (18):
      Bump development version and clear new_features
      meson/freedreno: Fix lua requirement
      docs: update calendar for 20.2.0-rc1
      docs: update calendar for 20.2.0-rc2
      meson/anv: Use variable that checks for --build-id
      glsl/xxd.py: fix imports
      clover/meson: use dep.get_variable instead of deprecated get_pkgconfig_variable
      meson: generalize libclc usage
      docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.2
      docs/release-calender: Add 20.2 stable releases
      docs: add release notes for 20.2.0
      docs: Add sh256 sums for 20.2.0
      docs: add release notes for 20.2.1
      docs: add SHA256 sums for 20.2.1
      docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.2.1
      docs: add release notes for 20.2.2
      dcs: Add sha256 sums for 20.2.2
      docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.2.2

Eduardo Lima Mitev (9):
      st: Pass TextureTiling option from texture to memory obj
      freedreno: Implement memory object create/destroy for GL_EXT_memory_object
      freedreno: Refactor fd_resource_create_with_modifiers() into a helper
      freedreno/layout: Move hard-coded minimum width for UBWC to a macro
      freedreno: implement pipe screen's resource_from_memobj
      freedreno: Implement pipe screen's get_device/driver_uuid()
      freedreno: Enable GL_EXT_memory_object and GL_EXT_memory_object_fd
      freedreno: Destroy syncobj too when destroying fence
      turnip: Enable support for KHR_incremental_present

Eleni Maria Stea (3):
      radeonsi: support for external buffers (ext_external_objects)
      iris: handle PIPE_FD_TYPE_SYNCOBJ type
      iris: add support for fence signal capability

Emil Velikov (1):
      radv: restrict exported symbols with static llvm

Emmanuel Vadot (1):
      util/os_misc: os_get_available_system_memory() for FreeBSD

Eric Anholt (210):
      util: Split the pack/unpack functions out of the format desc.
      util: Change a codegenned switch statement to a nice little table.
      util: Fix up indentation in the generated format tables code.
      uitl: Add R1_UNORM to the list of noaccess (no pack/unpack) formats.
      util: Make all 3 fetch_rgba functions occupy the same function slot.
      util: Mark the format description getter functions as const.
      util: Move fetch_rgba to a separate function table.
      gallium: Use unpack_rgba() instead of fetch_rgba in translate_generic
      freedreno/ir3: Fix compiler warning from the setjmp fails path.
      freedreno/cffdec: When .mergedregs is set, don't count half regs.
      freedreno/ir3: Fix assertion failures dumping CS high full regs.
      util: Expose rgba unpack/fetch functions as external functions as well.
      util: Explicitly call the unpack functions from inside bptc pack/unpack.
      radv: Move nir_opt_shrink_vectors() into the opt loop.
      nir/opt_undef: Handle a couple more normal store intrinsics.
      nir: Expand opt_undef to handle undef channels in a store intrinsic.
      nir: Shrink store intrinsic num_components to the size used by the writemask.
      ci/deqp-runner: Drop stale comment from deqp-runner.sh.
      ci/deqp-runner: Drop unused "count" variable
      ci/deqp-runner: Add a post-deqp-run filter list for known flakes.
      ci/freedreno: Move our skips lists over to being known-flakes lists.
      ci/freedreno: List more common flakes reported recently.
      ci/bare-metal: Use a new serial buffer tool.
      ci/bare-metal: Convert the main cros-servo boot code to python
      ci/bare-metal: Retry booting chezas instead of failing when !POWER_GOOD
      ci/bare-metal: Try rebooting chezas again if they get stuck during tftp.
      nir: Make the nir_builder *_imm helpers consistently handle bit size.
      nir: Add nir_[iu]shr_imm and nir_udiv_imm helpers and use them.
      nir: Add a lowering pass for backends wanting load_ubo with vec4 offsets.
      freedreno/ir3: Replace our custom vec4 UBO intrinsic with the shared lowering.
      nir/load_store_vectorizer: Clean up unit test swizzle assertions.
      freedreno: Drop UNIFORM_BUFFER_OFFSET_ALIGNMENT to 32
      ci: Mark the rest of compswap as flaky on freedreno.
      freedreno/a5xx: Don't set the VARYING flag for fragcoord-only programs.
      ci: Test the KHR-GL* CTS cases with softpipe.
      nir/opt_copy_prop_vars: Quiet valgrind warning about overlapping memcpy.
      nir: Add a helper for general instruction-modifying passes.
      nir/lower_vec_to_movs: Convert to use nir_shader_instructions_pass().
      nir/opt_undef: Convert to use nir_shader_instructions_pass().
      nir/lower_io_to_scalar: Convert to use nir_shader_instructions_pass().
      nir/nir_lower_wrmasks: Use the nir_lower_instructions_pass() helper.
      nir/lower_discard_to_demote: Use nir_shader_instructions_pass().
      drm-shim: Fix unused variable warnings from asserts in release build.
      panfrost: Fix OOB array access compiler warning.
      panfrost: Fix remaining release-build warnings.
      gallium/tests: Fix compiler warning about unused vars in trivial tests.
      nvc0: Fix compiler warning about unused var that gets asserted.
      vc4: Fix unused var warnings in release builds from assertions.
      nv50: Fix uninitialized var warnings from using assert() as unreachable().
      zink: Fix unused var warnings in release build from assertions.
      etnaviv: Fix unused var warning in release build from assertions.
      lima: Fix unused var/function warnings in release build from assertions.
      lima: Fix uninitialized var warning from using assert() as unreachable().
      virgl: Fix unused var warnings in release build from assertions.
      ci: Add a release build with -Werror enabled.
      nir: Fix printing of individual instructions with io semantics.
      nir: Look up the shader when printing a single instruction.
      ci: Make a missing device name correctly bail out of deqp-runner.sh.
      turnip: Make sure we include the build id.
      pipe-loader: Use real galliumvl if radeonsi is being linked.
      ci: Switch to using gold as the linker.
      nir: Invalidate live SSA def information when making new SSA defs.
      nir: Switch the indexing of block->live_in/out arrays.
      ci: Bump vulkan CTS version to, and keep the GL CTS around.
      ci: Use the same VK-GL-CTS tree for GL/GLES as VK.
      ci: Enable KHR-GL30 CTS testing on freedreno a630.
      freedreno/a6xx: Add ARB_depth_clamp and separate clamp support.
      gallivm: Report the unsupported intrinsic instead of just assert(0);
      gallium/tgsi: Add support for PRIMITIVEID as a system value.
      gallium/tgsi: Add some missing opcodes to tgsi_ureg.
      gallium/tgsi: Add a helper for initializing ureg from a shader_info.
      gallium/ureg: Set the next shader stage from the shader info.
      nir: Add simplistic lowering for bany_equal/ball_inequal.
      nir/opt_vectorize: Add a callback for filtering of vectorizing.
      gallium/tgsi_exec: Add missing DFLR opcode support.
      gallium/tgsi_exec: Fix up NumOutputs counting
      ci/bare-metal: Use re.search() instead re.match() for our line matching.
      ci/bare-metal: Fix detection of "POWER_GOOD not seen in time" fails
      ci/bare-metal: Include a timestamp in our serial reads.
      ci/bare-metal: Log why our run restarts when it does.
      ci/bare-metal: Fix capturing of serial output as job artifacts.
      ci/bare-metal: Use python for handling fastboot booting and parsing
      nir/load_store_vectorizer: Use more imm helpers in the tests.
      nir/load_store_vectorizer: Add unit tests for alignment handling.
      nir: Update the comment about nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo()'s multiplier.
      nir: Add a range_base+range to nir_intrinsic_load_ubo().
      freedreno/ir3: Use the new NIR UBO ranges in UBO analysis.
      freedreno/ir3: Apply the max upload limit to initial range setup
      nir: Use explicit deref information to provide real UBO ranges.
      iris: Add missing range_base/range to our nir_load_ubos.
      turnip: Fix a compiler warning in release builds of the query code.
      freedreno: Make the pack struct have a .qword for wide addresses.
      turnip: Fix truncation of CS shader iovas to 32 bits.
      turnip: Fix truncation of iovas to 32 bits in queries.
      ci/bare-metal: Update the kernel to msm-next-pgtables
      ci/bare-metal: Allow wget of the kernel/dtb for kernel development.
      freedreno: Add another new sysmem flake.
      freedreno/cffdec: Fix up texturator parsing scripts for XML changes.
      freedreno/cffdec: Add support for texturator's 2DMS layout setup.
      freedreno/fdl: Add layout test for the Android CTS's MSAA mustpass surface.
      turnip: Add support for a615.
      turnip/kgsl: Associate fences with submits.
      mesa: Make the android_stub be a set of non-installed shared libraries.
      android: Disable trying to read/write to the disk cache.
      gallium/drm: Deduplicate screen creation for the dynamic (clover) pipe loader.
      gallium/drm: Refactor the stub screen create functions.
      gallium/drm: Define the DRM entrypoints in drm_helper.h
      gallium/drm: Make the pipe loader handle the driconf merging.
      util/xmlconfig: Add a unit test of the code.
      virgl: Clean up the driconf definition of GLES_SAMPLES_PASSED_VALUE.
      driconf: Use nesting macros for defining options.
      mesa: Promote Intel's simple logging façade for Android to util/
      turnip: Replace tu_log*() with mesa_log*()
      ci/freedreno: Sort the traces in the .yml of expectations
      ci/freedreno: Add trace tests for glxgears, 0 A.D., and xonotic.
      nir/lower_clip: Add i/o semantics for load/store intrinsics.
      intel: Add support for i945g to intel_stub_gpu.
      freedreno/ir3: Make sure we run the opt loop after lowering UBOs to vec4.
      nir: Document a bit about how align_mul/offset work.
      nir: Print the alignment information on casts.
      nir/nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo: Set better alignments on our new instructions.
      nir/gl_nir_lower_buffers: Set up align_mul/offset on UBOs.
      nir: Make the load_store_vectorizer provide align_mul + align_offset.
      nir: Drop the high_offset argument to the load_store_vectorizer filter.
      nir: Make nir_lower_ubo_vec4() handle non-vec4-aligned loads.
      freedreno/ir3: Enable the i/o vectorizer on UBOs.
      ci/bare-metal: Move the "POWER_GOOD not seen in time" check to the right time.
      driconf: Eliminate the DRI_CONF_OPT_BEGIN_B macro.
      driconf: Fix extra quoting on "Jimenez'".
      r200: Reuse DRI_CONF_OPT_F for texture_blend_quality.
      driconf: Make a DRI_CONF_OPT_S() for string options.
      util/xmlconfig: Drop silly open-coded strdup.
      util/xmlconfig: Indent to Mesa style.
      driconf: Delete disjoint range support.
      driconf: Use DRI_CONF_OPT_I for remaining int options
      driconf: Make the driver's declarations be structs instead of XML.
      driconf: Stop quoting true/false in boolean option definitions.
      util/xmlconfig: Drop use of XML_Char in parsing.
      android: Disable the user XML config parsing.
      turnip: Don't expose VK_ANDROID_native_buffer on non-Android.
      turnip: Use mesa's normal PRINTFLIKE macro instead of our own.
      turnip: Mark the vk_errorf helper as bring printflike.
      turnip: Extend the coverage of TU_DEBUG=startup.
      turnip: Always enable TU_DEBUG=startup on debug drivers.
      turnip: Report device loss through _mesa_loge() instead of fprintf.
      turnip/kgsl: Add strerror decode in BO init failure.
      driconf: Make sure that the range check on the defaults actually works.
      driconf: Restore the ability to override driconf with the environment.
      ci/softpipe: Add another flaky GS test to the skips list.
      freedreno/ir3: Clean up the UBO upload plan setup.
      freedreno/ir3: Don't leave holes the UBO upload plan.
      turnip/kgsl: Fix last minute breakage of the build.
      turnip/kgsl: Add support for importing dma-bufs.
      turnip: Detect Qualcomm gralloc and its UBWC flag on gralloc surfaces.
      turnip: Add support for GetSwapchainGrallocUsage2ANDROID().
      meson: Drop adding -Wl,--gc-sections to project c/cpp arguments.
      glsl/tests: Make the tests skip on Android binary execution failures.
      symbols-check: Add __cxa_guard_* to the list of approved symbols.
      ci/android: Switch to using the Android NDK.
      docs: Document how to replicate a CI build locally.
      android_stub: Update platform headers to include gralloc1.h.
      ci/android: Switch build to using platform SDK version 26.
      util: Import a copy of drm's libsync.h
      android: Add pre-4.7 Android kernel compatibility to our libsync header.
      turnip: Drop a dead error checking path in device init.
      turnip: Use Mesa's libsync.h instead of libdrm's libsync.h.
      turnip: Don't link the WSI code if we don't have a WSI extension.
      turnip: Only link libdrm in the DRM case, not KGSL.
      ci: Enable NIR_VALIDATE everywhere.
      nir: Introduce nir_metadata_instr_index for nir_index_instr() being current.
      nir: Replace nir_ssa_def->live_index with nir_instr->index.
      nir: Add a block start/end ip to live instr index metadata.
      nir: Add a call to get a struct describing SSA liveness per instruction.
      nir: Add an option to not lower source mods for f64/u64/i64.
      gallium: Add a nir-to-TGSI pass.
      softpipe: Fix buffer overflows in SSBO atomics.
      softpipe: Switch to using NIR as the shader format from mesa/st.
      meson: Only require libexpat when a part of the build needs it.
      freedreno: Use Android's libsync instead of libdrm's.
      meson: Don't try to build GLX by default on Android.
      meson: Don't enable libunwind by in 'auto' mode on Android.
      docs: Document how to build and install Android drivers.
      freedreno/cffdec: Fix format overflow warning.
      freedreno/tools: Fix compiler warnings about using sz in the error paths.
      freedreno/fdperf: Silence a compiler warning about current counter.
      turnip: Handle some error paths in allocating CS space from a command buffer.
      turnip: Handle the error path for tu/drm's vkResetFences().
      turnip: Add error path handling for descriptor pool init.
      ci: Enable Werror on meson-arm64-build-test.
      gallium/ntt: Add default compiler options for non-native-NIR drivers.
      st/mesa: Drop the TGSI paths for PBOs and use nir-to-tgsi if needed.
      st/mesa: Drop the TGSI paths for drawpixels and use nir-to-tgsi if needed.
      nir: Only validate in passes that might have changed things.
      docs: Move the gallium driver documentation to the top level.
      docs/vmware: Move the vmware driver docs into the drivers section.
      docs/vc4: Move my old vc4 wiki's documentation into docs.mesa3d.org.
      docs/vc4: Add information on the hw documentation available.
      docs/v3d: Add a little stub of v3d documentation.
      docs: Drop extra link to old DRI wiki in the "Help" section.
      docs: Add a link to the linux kernel DRM docs under "Developer Topics"
      docs: Fix "Hosted by" link and drop duplicate.
      ci: Add the new timeout-prone softpipe-gl test to the skips list.
      mesa/st: Fix a use-after-free of the NIR shader stage.
      st/nir: Fix the st->pbo.use_gs case.
      st/nir: Drop setting interp mode on system values in builtins.
      tu: Make sure spirv_to_nir knows we support imageStorageWithoutFormat.
      turnip: Fix image size for 3D vkGetImageSubresourceLayout.
      ci/bare-metal: Apply autopep8 to the bare-metal scripts.
      ci/bare-metal: Reset colors at the end of a line of serial output.
      ci/deqp: Switch to a new dEQP runner written in Rust.

Eric Engestrom (92):
      pick-ui: specify git commands in "resolve cherry pick" message
      egl/entrypoint-check: split sort-check into a function
      egl/entrypoint-check: add check that GLVND and plain EGL have the same entrypoints
      driconf: fix force_gl_vendor description
      meson: bump required glvnd version
      egl: replace _EGLDriver param with _EGLDisplay->Driver in _eglReleaseDisplayResources()
      egl: replace _EGLDriver param with _EGLDisplay->Driver in dri{2_x11,3}_create_window_surface()
      egl: replace _EGLDriver with _EGLDisplay->Driver in _eglQuerySurface()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from Initialize()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from Terminate()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Create,Destroy}Context()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from Create{Window,Pixmap,Pbuffer}Surface() & DestroySurface()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from MakeCurrent()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from QuerySurface()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Bind,Release}TexImage()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from SwapInterval()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from SwapBuffers{,WithDamageEXT,RegionNOK}()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from CopyBuffers()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from SetDamageRegion()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from WaitClient()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver & _EGLDisplay from WaitNative()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from GetProcAddress()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Create,Destroy}ImageKHR()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Create,Destroy,ClientWait,Wait,Signal}SyncKHR()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from DupNativeFenceFDANDROID()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Create,Export}DRMImageMESA()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from {Bind,Unbind,Query}WaylandDisplayWL()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from CreateWaylandBufferFromImageWL()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from PostSubBufferNV()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from QueryBufferAge()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from ExportDMABUFImage{,Query}MESA()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from QueryDmaBuf{Formats,Modifiers}EXT()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from SetBlobCacheFuncsANDROID()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from _eglGetConfigs()/_eglChooseConfig()/_eglGetConfigAttrib()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDisplay from _eglSetDamageRegionKHRClampRects()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver & _EGLDisplay from _eglQueryContext()
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from _eglSurfaceAttrib()
      egl: replace _EGLDriver with _EGLDisplay->Driver in _eglGetSyncAttrib()
      egl: replace replace _EGLDriver with _EGLDisplay->Driver in eglapi.c
      egl: drop unused _EGLDriver from MesaGLInteropEGL{QueryDeviceInfo,ExportObject}()
      egl: replace `&_eglDriver`/`NULL` tested against `NULL` with simple `true`/`false`
      egl: drop unused ${drv}_driver()
      egl: inline _eglGetDriverProc() into eglGetProcAddress()
      egl: inline _eglInitializeDisplay() into eglInitialize()
      egl: drop now empty egldriver.c
      egl: drop unused egldriver.h header
      meson: fix trivial s/dir/dri/ typo
      egl/x11_dri3: enable & require xfixes 2.0
      egl/x11_dri3: implement EGL_KHR_swap_buffers_with_damage
      docs: add release notes for 20.1.6
      docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.6
      gitlab-ci: fix testing whether a variable with a given name is set or not
      gitlab-ci: fix quoting of variables passed down to bare-metal runners
      egl: drop an indentation level in _eglFindDisplay() by replacing break/if with a goto
      egl: drop another indentation level in _eglFindDisplay() by inverting an if
      egl: drop invalid shebang
      scons: bump c++ standard to 14 to match meson
      docs/egl: fix typo
      docs/egl: move section around
      docs/egl: complete list of dri2 platforms
      docs/egl: add haiku driver
      docs/egl: add some more documentation
      docs/egl: correct/update DRI2 mention with the shiny new DRI3
      egl: move extension driver functions after core functions
      egl: document which driver hooks are only required by extensions
      egl: inline eglSwapInterval() fallback
      egl: simplify eglSwapInterval() fallback logic
      meson: don't advertise TLS support if glx wasn't build with it
      egl/android: simplify dri2_initialize_android()
      egl/surfaceless: simplify dri2_initialize_surfaceless()
      egl/wayland: simplify dri2_initialize_wayland()
      egl/x11: simplify dri2_initialize_x11()
      docs: add release notes for 20.1.7
      docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.7
      docs: shift 20.2 rc dates by two weeks to match reality
      meson: drop leftover PTHREAD_SETAFFINITY_IN_NP_HEADER
      docs/download: mention tarball GPG signatures and link to the keys
      docs: add another 20.1.x release to allow for more overlap with 20.2
      docs/release-calendar: update 20.2
      docs: add release notes for 20.1.8
      docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.8
      bin/gen_release_notes.py: escape special rST characters
      docs: add release notes for 20.1.9
      docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.9
      add one last 20.1 release to coincide with expected 20.2.1
      radv: add missing u_atomic.h include
      docs: fix relnotes index
      docs: fix release calendar
      docs: fix 20.2.0 relnotes
      docs: add release notes for 20.1.10
      docs: update calendar and link releases notes for 20.1.10
      docs/release-calendar: plan 20.3 release

Erico Nunes (4):
      lima: dont split vec3 unaligned load inputs
      lima: allocate new bo for stream draw
      lima: fix vertex shader uniform buffer size
      lima: add natively supported vertex buffer formats

Erik Faye-Lund (116):
      st/wgl: do not reject PFD_SUPPORT_GDI
      gallium/util: factor out primitive-restart rewriting logic
      gallium/indices: don't expand prim-type for 8-bit indices
      gallium/indices: generalize primitive-restart logic
      gallium/indices: implement prim-restart for line-loops
      gallium/indices: use prim_restart-helper for polygon
      gallium/indices: implement prim-restart for triangle fans
      gallium/indices: introduce u_primconvert_config
      gallium/indices: translate primitive-restart values
      compiler/nir: make lowering global-id to local-id optional
      nir: add iabs-lowering code
      gallium/util: use uint sampler for stencil-reads
      nir: fix const-cast warning on MSVC
      v3d: remove unused header
      vc4: remove unused header
      gallium/aux: remove unused u_blit.[ch]
      gallium/util: add shader for stencil-blits
      gallium/util: add blitter-support for stencil-fallback
      mesa: handle GL_FRONT after translating to it
      zink: correct typo in stencil-setup
      zink: store base-object of DSA-state
      zink: only set stencil-ref for back if two-sided
      docs: escape backquote character
      docs: show 'Edit on GitLab'-link
      docs: store prefixes in redirects
      docs: remove webmaster article
      docs: everytime -> every time
      docs: apis -> APIs
      docs: scons -> SCons
      docs: frambuffer -> framebuffer
      docs: make two acronyms upper-case
      docs: unecessarily -> unnecessarily
      docs: behaviour -> behavior
      docs: timeplan -> time plan
      docs: initialisation -> initialization
      docs: gitlab -> GitLab
      docs: url -> URL
      docs: recognisable -> recognizable
      docs: drop outdated gallium-docs comment
      docs: clippping -> clipping
      docs: consistantly -> consistently
      docs: stabilisation -> stabilization
      docs: flavours -> flavors
      docs: debian -> Debian
      docs: docker -> Docker
      docs: gallium -> Gallium
      st/mesa: use roundf instead of floorf for lod-bias rounding
      gallium/util: set right dst-dimensions
      gallium/util: fix texture-coordinates for stencil-fallback
      gallium/util: allow scaling blits for stencil-fallback
      docs: softwara -> software
      docs: existant -> existent
      docs: webservice -> web service
      docs: bpp -> BPP
      docs: llvm -> LLVM
      docs: correct reference to meson.build
      docs: meson -> Meson
      docs: python3 -> Python 3
      docs: flex -> Flex
      docs: bison -> Bison
      docs: mako -> Mako
      docs: chocolatey -> Chocolatey
      docs: ninja -> Ninja
      docs: mingw -> MinGW
      docs: microsoft -> Microsoft
      docs: linux -> Linux
      docs: windows -> Windows
      docs: visual studio -> Visual Studio
      docs: gpu -> GPU
      docs: cmake -> CMake
      docs: x11 -> X11
      docs: wayland -> Wayland
      docs: drm -> DRM
      docs: android -> Android
      docs: git -> Git
      docs: quote "git log"
      docs: scons -> SCons
      docs: ubuntu -> Ubuntu
      docs: vmware -> VMWare
      docs: Sandybridge -> Sandy Bridge
      docs: cpu -> CPU
      gallium/util: fix memory-leak
      gallium/util: allow scissored blits for stencil-fallback
      zink: use nir_lower_ubo_vec4 to simplify things a bit
      zink: support non-const offsets
      zink: support loading any UBO
      zink: do not report SSBOs as halfway supported
      zink: add feature-documentation
      zink: reject resource-imports with modifiers
      v3d: do not report alpha-test as supported
      vc4: do not report alpha-test as supported
      nir: drop support for using load_alpha_ref_float
      nir: drop unused alpha_ref_float
      docs: create leading directories for redirects
      docs: verify that targets for relative redirects exist
      docs: specify redirects relative to docs-root
      docs: specify redirects in conf.py instead
      zink: verify geometry shader feature
      docs: do not document required minimum
      docs: document zink's gl > 3.0 requirements
      mapi: remove unused function
      mapi: do not call thread-unsafe dispatch getter
      mapi: do not return thread-specific data for wrong thread
      docs: add link to extension spec
      docs: ie. -> i.e.
      docs: eg. -> e.g.
      docs: anistropy -> anisotropy
      docs: api -> API
      docs: hud -> HUD
      docs: fbo -> FBO
      docs: gcc -> GCC
      docs: clang -> Clang
      docs: s3tc -> S3TC
      spirv: correct sematic-typo
      libgl-gdi: support building without softpipe
      gallium/util: do not pass undefined sample-count

Felix Yan (1):
      Correct a typo in threads_win32.h

Gert Wollny (79):
      gallium + mesa/st: Add PIPE_CAP_NIR_ATOMICS_AS_DEREF and use it
      r600: Set PIPE_CAP_NIR_ATOMICS_AS_DEREF to true
      r600/sfn: Sort uniforms by binding and offset
      r600/sfn: add r600 specific lowering pass for atomics and use it
      r600/sfn: Add a mapping table for atomics
      r600/sfn: correct allocating and emitting of atomics
      r600/sfn: Correct ssbo instruction handling
      r600/sfn: handle querying SSBO size
      r600/sfn: Force a minimum of 4 GPRs, it seems to fix atomics
      r600: Enable compute shaders for NIR code path
      compiler/nir: rewrite lower_fragcoord_wtrans to use nir_lower_instructions
      compiler/nir: extend lower_fragcoord_wtrans to support VARYING_SLOT_POS
      gallium/aux: reorder vertex attributes in triangle fans according to PV
      meson: Make some warnings handled as errors with MSVC
      r600: revert disabling llvm draw
      r600/nir: fetch sources and split uniforms before emittting alu instructions
      r600/sfn: correct ring op patching
      r600/sfn: Fix loading vertex attributes
      r600/sfn: clone shader before lowering to registers and src/dest modifiers
      r600/sfn: Fix ordering of tex param moves
      r600/sfn: avoid some copies
      r600/sfn: Lower *sign opcodes in nir
      r600/sfn: Fix split_alu_modifiers
      r600/sfn: Fix bitfield ops and 2x16 split_y
      r600/sfn: Fix source swizzle for gradient queries
      r600/sfn: more fixing of vec4 fetching
      r600/sfn: Fix comparison with different signedness
      nir: Add option lower_uniforms_to_ubo
      radeonsi: set compiler flag lower_uniforms_to_ubo
      freedreno/ir3: set lower_uniforms_to_ubo compiler flag
      intel/compiler: Set lower_uniform_to_ubo compiler flag
      llvmpipe: set lower_uniform_to_ubo compiler flag
      gallium+mesa/st: lower uniforms based on compiler flag instead of packed uniforms cap
      r600: enable lowering uniforms to UBO
      r600/sfn: Use load_ubo_vec4 lowering pass
      nir: remove ubo_r600 instrinsic since ubo_vec4 is used now
      r600/sfn: make number of source components a local variable
      r600/sfn: Fix component count for fdph
      r600/sfn: Fix typo in comment
      r600/sfn: use cnde instead of cnde_int
      r600/sfn: run late algebraic optimizations
      r600/sfn: remove a useless if-condition
      r600: Add flag for dual-source blending to shader key
      r600/sfn: Sort the outputs of the FS according to data index
      r600/sfn: Keep info about dual-source blend in FS
      r600/sfn: Handle number of color outputs taking dual source blending into account
      r600/sfn: Take dual source blending output indices into account
      r600/sfn: Acquire the number of FS outputs and the write_all info early
      r600/sfn: Be a bit more verbose when logging skipped FS outputs
      r600/sfn: Fix emitting shared atomics with constant sources
      r600/sfn: Handle nir_op_b2b32
      r600/sfn: lower to scalar for some optimizations and vectortize later
      r600/sfn: Support group memory barrier
      r600/sfn: save some instructions when doing multisample on sample 0
      r600/sfn: use fine gradient evaluation for interpolate_at_offset
      r600/sfn: Fix interpolate at sample
      r600/sfn: Fix indirect const buffer access
      r600/sfn; go back to not lowering uniforms to UBOs
      r600/sfn: replace hand-backed literal check by NIR function
      r600/sfn: remove old code to track uniforms as it is no longer needed
      r600/sfn: Add support for helper invocations
      r600/sfn: Fix enabling the right interpolator for inerpolate_at_sample
      r600/sfn: Fix IDX register ID
      r600/sfn: Add support for more barrier instructions
      r600/sfn: extend life range of all variables by one
      r600/sfn: Don't reuse registers for workgroup ID and local invocation ID
      r600/sfn: Fix ssbo resource offset for buffer loads
      r600/sfn: Fix keepalive patch
      r600/sfn: fix mega fetch count for SSBO/Image atomics result fetch
      r600/sfn: Rework get_temp_register to return a smart pointer to GPRValue
      r600/sfn: use shared pointer to GPR for FS sysvalues
      r600/sfn: Handle mem barrier and image barrier by using ACK
      r600/sfn: use cacheless op for coherent image write
      r600/sfn: use 32 bit bools
      r600/sfn: fix remapping of deleted attributes
      r600/sfn: Use register keep-alive also when scanning the shader
      r600/sfn: Fix the parameter component type
      r600/sfn: Update state docu
      compile/nir: Correct printing dest_type

Greg V (1):
      radv,anv: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_FAST when CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW is undefined

Guido Günther (1):
      kmsro: Extend to include imx-dcss

Gurchetan Singh (7):
      virgl: add flags to (*resource_create) callback
      drm-uapi: virtgpu_drm.h: resource create blob + host visible memory region
      virgl/drm: query for resource blob and host visible memory region
      virgl/drm: add resource create blob function
      virgl: query blob mem
      virgl: fix stride + layer_stride inconsistency

Hoe Hao Cheng (7):
      zink: generate extension infrastructure using a python script
      zink: hook zink_device_info.py to build system
      zink: use the new extension infrastructure in device creation
      zink: use the new, generated extension infrastructure
      zink: remove old extension infrastructure
      zink: implement pipe_device_reset_callback
      zink: call the reset callback not only during a status check

Hyunjun Ko (4):
      freedreno: support GL_EXT_semaphore
      turnip: Refactor structs of tu_query
      turnip: Support pipeline statistics query
      turnip: Implement VK_EXT_host_query_reset

Iago Toral Quiroga (443):
      v3d/compiler: fix V3D double-rounding of .8 fixed-point XY coordinates
      v3dv: add support for valgrind macros
      v3dv: implement vkCreateInstance
      v3dv: implement vkDestroyInstance
      v3dv: implement vkEnumeratePhysicalDevices
      v3dv: pretend to initialize a physical device
      v3dv: Implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceProperties
      v3dv: retrieve device name from device info
      v3dv: add a comment to clarify how we should implement uuid / deviceID retrieval
      v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceMemoryProperties
      v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceFeatures
      v3dv: implement vkEnumerateDeviceExtensionProperties
      v3dv: amend vkEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties to handle layers
      v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceQueueFamilyProperties
      v3dv: implement vkCreateDevice
      v3dv: implement vkGetDeviceQueue
      v3dv: add dummy implementations for the packet definition generator
      v3dv: add stubs for the format table and vkGetPhysicalDeviceFormatProperties
      v3dv: add some basic support for format properties
      v3dv: implement vkEnumerate{Instance,Device}LayerProperties
      v3dv: add stub for vkDeviceWaitIdle
      v3dv: implement vkCreateImage
      v3dv: implement vkGetImageMemoryRequirements
      v3dv: initialize mememory heaps in the physical device
      v3dv: implement vkAllocateMemory
      v3dv: implement vkFreeMemory
      v3dv: implement vkMapMemory
      v3dv: implement vkUnmapMemory
      v3dv: implement vkBindImageMemory
      v3dv: implement vkCreateImageView
      v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}Buffer
      v3dv: implement vkGetBufferMemoryRequirements
      v3dv: implement vkBindBufferMemory
      v3dv: implement vkCreateRenderPass
      v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}RenderPass
      v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}Framebuffer
      v3dv: implement vkCreateCommandPool
      v3dv: implement vk{Allocate,Free}CommandBuffers
      v3dv: create a v3dv_bo struct and reference it from v3dv_device_memory
      v3dv: add a concept of a command list
      v3dv: implement vkBeginCommandBuffer
      v3dv: start handling command buffer status
      v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceImageFormatProperties
      v3dv: make v3dv_bo_alloc allocate memory for the bo struct
      v3dv: compute tile size for framebuffer
      v3dv: implement vkCmdBeginRenderPass
      v3dv: make the command buffer own the command list BOs
      v3dv: add a few more API stubs
      v3dv: store base mip level in the image view
      v3dv: add the tile state and alloc BOs to the command buffer BO list
      v3dv: revert the decision that the command buffer takes ownership of BOs
      v3dv: implement vkDestroyImage and vkDestroyImageView
      v3dv: make v3dv_layer_offset public
      v3dv: plug leak when destroying device
      v3dv: precompute more tiling info at framebuffer creation time
      v3dv: emit scissor to render area and precompute hw color clear values
      v3dv: emit the render command list
      v3dv: implement vkEndCommandBuffer
      v3dv: create the command buffer BO set before we init CLs
      v3dv: keep track of the numbre of BOs in a command buffer
      v3dv: clear set of BOs in the command buffer on reset
      v3dv: implement vkQueueSubmit
      v3dv: be more conservative resetting command buffer state
      v3dv: setup color clear values at subpass setup time
      v3dv: emit tile loads
      v3dv: flush at the end of each subpass
      v3dv: split framebuffer internal bpp calculations from tiling calculations
      v3dv: rename and make compute_tile_size_for_framebuffer() public
      v3dv: implement vkCmdCopyImageToBuffer
      v3dv: add the concept of a job
      v3dv: implement vkCmdNextSubpass
      v3dv: use the correct miplevel slice for the tile load operation
      v3dv: implement vkCmdPipelineBarrier
      v3dv: do not automatically emit a binner flush when finishing jobs
      v3dv: fix clipping against render area
      v3dv: add a note on interactions between clearing and scissor
      v3dv: rewrite attachment state tracking
      v3dv: only clear attachments on the first subpass that uses them
      v3dv: merge subpasses into the same job when possible
      v3dv: fix tile buffer loading
      v3dv: rewrite the attachment needs clearing condition
      v3dv: create a helper to start a new frame
      v3dv/cmd_buffer: rename render pass RCL emission helpers to be more explicit
      v3dv: handle VK_ATTACHMENT_UNUSED properly in more places
      v3dv: implement vkDeviceWaitIdle
      v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}Semaphore
      v3dv: implement semaphore waits and signals on queue submissions
      v3dv: implement fences
      v3dv: support queue submissions with multiple command buffers
      v3dv: implement vkGetPhysicalDeviceSparseImageFormatProperties
      v3dv: include Vulkan version 1.1 as unsupported.
      v3dv: implement VK_KHR_get_physical_device_properties2
      v3dv: implement VK_KHR_external_memory_capabilities
      v3dv: implement VK_KHR_external_memory{_fd,_dma_buf}
      v3dv: fix copy image to buffer
      v3dv: implement vkGetImageSubresourceLayout
      v3dv: implement DRM modifier setup for WSI
      v3dv: hook up WSI support
      v3dv: implement device detection on actual hardware
      v3dv: allocate winsys BOs properly
      v3dv: rename drm device fields so they are more explict
      v3dv: don't swap RB channels when copying images to buffers
      v3dv: implement support for depth testing
      v3dv: don't always skip tile buffer stores
      v3dv: compute subpass ranges for attachments at render pass creation time
      v3dv: select the depth/stencil buffer from the attachment aspect mask
      v3dv: select correct internal type for depth/stencil formats
      v3dv: support depth testing on combined depth/stencil formats
      v3dv: implement stencil testing
      v3dv: fix indentation
      v3dv: support copying depth/stencil aspects to buffer
      v3dv: fix viewport state from pipeline
      v3dv: implement early Z optimization
      v3dv: clamp stencil masks and reference value to supported limits
      v3dv: implement dynamic stencil states
      v3dv: fix the mess with dynamic state handling
      v3dv: add a helper to compute the hardware clear color
      v3dv: add a helper to get the Z/S buffer from an aspect mask
      v3dv: implement vkCmdClearAttachments
      v3dv: implement indexed draws
      v3dv: fix clockwise primitive setting
      v3dv: ignore image view aspects for depth/stencil attachments
      v3dv: take the number of layers from the framebuffer
      v3dv: Add more supported formats to our format table
      v3dv: don't advertise texel buffer support yet.
      v3dv: implement vkCmdCopyBuffer
      v3dv: implement vkCmdUpdateBuffer
      v3dv: implement vkCmdFillBuffer
      v3dv: move the framebuffer setup code for buffer copy/fill to a helper
      v3dv: add a concept of a fake framebuffer for meta-copy operations
      v3dv: refactor common code in meta copy operations
      v3dv: fix copy size for image to buffer copies
      v3dv: implement vkCmdCopyImage
      v3dv: implement vkCmdClearColorImage
      v3dv: fix buffer automatic stride for image to buffer copies
      v3dv: implement vkCmdClearDepthStencilImage
      v3dv: implement vkCmdCopyBufferToImage for color formats
      v3dv: vkCmdCopyBufferToImage for depth/stencil formats
      v3dv: add an assert to catch applications trying to clear invalid aspects
      v3dv: implement indirect draws
      v3dv: add support for primitive restarts on indexed draw calls
      v3dv: initialize in_sync_bcl in our submits
      v3dv: implement vkResetCommandBuffer
      v3dv: add assertions for unimplemented fallback paths
      v3dv: honor swizzle for non-copy operations of color formats
      v3dv: implement vkQueueWaitIdle
      v3dv: destroy wsi device during physical device termination
      v3dv: implement vk{Create,Destroy}BufferView
      v3dv: implement host-side event handling functions
      v3dv: adjust a few limits to comply with CTS minimum requirements
      v3dv: declare that we support robust buffer access
      v3dv: meet requirements for supported format features and properties
      v3dv: implement vkResetCommandPool
      v3dv: don't swap R/B channels for VK_FORMAT_R5B6G5_UNORM_PACK16
      v3dv: don't use TLB path for formats that are not supported for rendering
      v3dv: fix image clearing with VK_REMAINING_*
      v3dv: don't support image formats that we can rendet to or texture from
      v3dv: fix fill buffer with VK_WHOLE_SIZE
      v3dv: implement vkGetRenderAreaGranularity
      v3dv: fix supertile coverage when render are size is 0.
      v3dv: take memory format from appropriate miplevel for image load/store
      v3dv: fix framebuffer format when computing fragment shader key
      v3dv: fix subpass tracking in the command buffer state
      v3dv: rewrite frame tiling setup
      v3dv: more frame tiling refactors
      v3dv: trivial refactors in a few meta copy helpers
      v3dv: assign driver locations on fragment shader output variables
      v3dv: don't reset loader data on command buffers
      v3dv: drop incorrect assertion
      v3dv: add a no-op fragment shader if we don't have one
      v3dv: implement interpolation qualifiers
      v3d/compiler: implement nir_op_fquantize2f16
      v3dv: call nir_lower_io_arrays_to_elements_no_indirects on vertex shaders
      v3dv: fix incorrect sizing of the vertex attribute state array
      v3dv: split fragment shader array outputs
      v3dv: lower usubborrow and uaddcarry
      v3dv: lower {i,u}mulExtended
      v3dv: don't assume that VkPipelineColorBlendStateCreateInfo is provided
      v3dv: drop incorrect assertion
      v3dv: drop assert for map of a mapped buffer
      v3dv: fix image tiling configuration
      v3dv: fix scissor outside viewport
      v3dv: fix viewport Z
      v3dv: work around viewport Z scale hardware bug
      v3dv: don't leak job allocations
      v3dv: handle the case where we fail to allocate a new job gracefully
      v3dv: only export the last job sync object once
      v3dv: support submits without a command buffer
      v3dv: return OOM error if we fail to import or export sync objects
      v3dv: use vk_error() for all queue/submit errors
      v3dv: fix copies and clears of 3D images
      v3dv: fix depth/stencil clear color
      v3dv: implement color blending
      v3dv: only expose blending on formats that support it
      v3dv: add an 'always flush' mode
      v3dv: always flush draw calls if we are doing sRGB blending
      v3dv: implement dynamic state for blend constants
      v3dv: only emit blend state if the pipeline is dirty
      v3dv: rewrite dirty state handling
      v3dv: drop redundant emission of stencil state
      v3dv: stencil state fixes
      v3dv: only emit config bits and varyings packets if needed
      v3dv: use perp end caps rasterization mode for lines
      v3dv: drop incorrect assertion on number of clear values at render pass begin
      v3dv: disable depth/stencil testing if we don't have a depth/stencil attachment
      v3dv: assert on vkCreateComputePipelines
      v3dv: improve assert handling for fallback paths on meta copy/clear operations
      v3dv: check support for transfer usage flags
      v3dv: make sure we only expose transfer features for formats we can use
      v3dv: use compatible TLB formats if possible during copies and clears
      v3dv: fix incorrect image slice selection
      v3dv: fix clearing of 3D images
      v3dv: fix job subpass index for vkCmdClearAttachments jobs
      v3dv: don't emit the subpass RCL for jobs that have emitted their own
      v3dv: fix a1r5g5b5 format
      v3dv: allow to create shader modules from NIR
      v3dv: improve asserts for VkPipelineColorBlendStateCreateInfo handling
      v3dv: implement partial color attachment clears
      v3dv: implement partial depth/stencil attachment clears
      v3dv: implement proper caching for partial clear pipelines
      v3dv: store the clip window in the command buffer state
      v3dv: check the render area against the clip window
      v3dv: fix v3dv_GetRenderAreaGranularity to account for attachment bpp
      v3dv: don't always assert that we have an active job
      v3dv: use the TLB to clear attachments even if we have an active scissor
      v3dv: restrict render pass clears to the render area
      v3dv: handle stencil load/store operations
      v3dv: assert on subpasses that use input or resolve attachments
      v3dv: push/pop more state during meta operations
      v3dv: create a v3dv_cmd_buffer_subpass_resume helper
      v3dv: set render area for partial clears to match clear rect
      v3dv: compute tile granularity for each subpass
      v3dv: fix incorrect attachment reference
      v3dv: fix incorrect attachment reference
      v3dv: simplify partial clearing code
      v3dv: handle partial clears of just one aspect of combined DS targets
      v3d/compiler: implement nir_intrinsic_load_base_instance
      v3dv: emit instanced draw calls when requested
      v3dv: fix subpass merge tests
      v3dv: reset all state to dirty when we start a new job for a command buffer
      v3dv: implement occlusion queries
      v3dv: submit a no-op job if a command buffer doesn't have any jobs.
      v3dv: simplify handling of no-op jobs
      v3dv: add a bunch of API stubs
      v3dv: implement TFU blits
      v3dv: reset subpass index at render pass end
      v3dv: meta operations can happen outside a render pass
      v3dv: save and restore descriptor state during meta operations if needed
      v3dv: save and restore push constant state during meta operations
      v3dv: implement shader draw fallback for vkCmdBlitImage
      v3dv: require optimal tiling for features that reqiure sampling
      v3dv: move early-Z update to pre-draw
      v3dv: don't leak NIR code in pipelines
      v3dv: don't leak host memory allocated for shader variants
      v3dv: don't leak default pipeline attributes BO
      v3dv: don't leak prog_data from shader variants
      v3dv: don't leak the compiler from the physical device
      v3dv: don't leak the texture shader state BO from image views
      v3dv: don't leak state BO from samplers
      v3dv/blit: fix integer blits from larger to lower bit size
      v3dv: handle miplevel correctly for blits
      v3dv: support depth blits
      v3dv: don't support blitting of combined depth/stencil formats
      v3dv: don't support 1D depth/stencil for transfer sources or sampling
      v3dv: remove incorrect assert
      v3dv: support blits with 1D and 3D images
      v3dv: add framework for private driver objects
      v3dv: fix leaks during recording of meta blits
      v3dv: use the private object framework in the meta clear path
      v3dv: implement fallback for partial image copies
      v3dv: implement stencil aspect blits for combined depth/stencil format
      v3d: fix Tile Rendering Mode Cfg (Color) packet description
      v3dv: limit software integer RT clamp to rgb10a2
      v3dv: handle copies from/to compressed formats
      v3dv: implement partial buffer copies to color images
      v3dv: support blitting both depth and stencil aspects at the same time
      v3dv: implement partial buffer copies to depth/stencil images
      v3dv: always return true from a fallback path if it can handle the case
      v3dv: fix image addressing calculations to account for suballocation
      v3dv: only require 4-byte alignment for linear images
      v3dv: implement partial image to buffer copies
      v3dv: do not rewrite blit spec for combined depth/stencil in get_blit_pipeline
      v3dv: drop blit path for depth/stencil formats
      v3dv: implement depth bias
      v3dv: ignore dynamic updates of depth bounds state
      v3dv: implement wide lines
      v3dv: fix dynamic blend constants
      v3dv: fix the command buffer private object framework for 32-bit
      v3dv: fix depth/stencil clears on hardware
      v3dv: make the driver more robust against OOM
      v3dv: implement events
      v3dv: don't leak BOs from CLs when using BRANCH
      v3dv: fix vkResetCommandPool
      v3dv: make TLB clearing paths return true/false
      v3dv: drop the extra BO handling from the command buffer
      v3dv: remove some unnecessary / unused functions
      v3dv: assert command buffers are executable when submitting to a queue
      v3dv: check that GPU device matches requirements
      v3dv: ensure BCL space is available before emitting packets
      v3dv: handle OOM properly during command buffer recording in more places
      v3dv: fix bogus command buffer allocation scopes
      v3dv: add basic support for secondary command buffers
      v3dv: implement vkCmdWaitEvents for secondary command buffers
      v3dv: support vkCmdClearAttachments in secondary command buffers
      v3dv: don't leak attachment state
      v3dv: add stubs for missing API implementations
      v3dv: warn users that this is not a conformant driver
      v3dv: fix BCL start offset in presence of chained BOs
      v3dv: regen BO lists for CLs inside cloned jobs
      v3dv: fix a few cases where we were ignoring suballocated buffers
      v3dv: fix release build warnings
      v3dv: actually enable early Z
      v3dv: try harder to skip emission of redundant state
      v3dv: add a TFU path for buffer to image copies
      v3dv: add a CPU path for buffer to image copies
      v3dv: try to use TFU path when creating tiled images from linear buffers
      v3dv: always map full BOs
      v3dv: support compute pipelines
      v3dv: handle separate binding points for compute and graphics
      v3dv: implement compute dispatch
      v3dv: handle unsized arrays in SSBOs
      v3dv: always emit index buffer state for new jobs
      v3dv: implement indirect compute dispatch
      v3dv: return a proper error for too large buffer allocations
      v3dv: assert that our framebuffers are single sampled
      v3dv: don't free BOs from imported memory objects
      v3dv: pipeline initialization fixes for disabled rasterization
      v3dv: handle empty set layouts
      v3dv: don't reset descriptor state after a meta operation
      v3dv: lower unpack_{u,s}norm_2x16
      v3dv: lower frexp
      v3dv: implement support for shader spilling
      v3dv: fix GFXH-930 workaround
      v3dv: add workaround for GFXH-1602
      v3dv: improve handling of too large image sizes
      v3dv: handle draw after barrier
      v3dv: fix vkCmdCopyBuffer unaligned TLB access
      v3dv: fix textureSize() for cube arrays
      v3dv: fix srcSubresource description for image to buffer blits
      v3dv: fix blit_shader() to honor the region's aspect mask
      v3dv: handle unnormalized coordinates in samplers
      v3dv: use swizzle X001 with D/S formats
      v3dv: fix regressions for cubemap array load/store
      v3dv: fix color border clamping with specific formats
      v3dv: make sure we emit vertex attributes in location order
      v3d/compiler: support swapping R/B channels in vertex attributes.
      v3dv: handle VK_FORMAT_B8G8R8A8_UNORM vertex attributes
      v3dv: don't support sRGB buffer formats
      v3dv: improve pipeline barrier handling
      v3dv: use a binning sync for CL jobs waiting on a semaphore
      v3dv: ignore stencil load operation if attachment format doesn't have stencil
      v3dv: only use per-buffer clear bit for cases were we are already storing
      v3dv: avoid prime blit path when presenting WSI images
      v3dv: only care about barriers between GPU jobs
      v3dv: emit new shader state if viewport is dirty
      v3dv: only clear depth/stencil attachments if any aspect needs clearing
      v3dv: add a fast path for vkCmdClearAttachments
      v3dv: enable shaderClipDistance
      v3dv: enable fillModeNonSolid
      v3dv: fix dynamic state after meta operation
      v3dv: consider MSAA when computing frame tiling
      v3dv: process VkPipelineMultisampleStateCreateInfo properly
      v3dv: implement subpass multisample rendering and resolve
      v3dv: implement vkCmdResolveImage for whole images
      v3dv: handle multisampled image copies in the TLB path
      v3dv: setup texture shader state correctly for multisampled images
      v3dv: add a blit fallback path for vkCmdResolveImage
      v3dv: handle multisampled image copies with the blit path
      broadcom/compiler: handle gl_SampleMask writes in fragment shaders
      v3dv: amend tile size tables with smallest tile sizes available
      nir/glsl: add a glsl_ivec4_type() helper
      v3dv: fix blitting of signed integer formats
      v3dv: handle multisample resolve of integer formats
      v3dv: handle multisample resolves for formats that don't support TLB resolves
      v3dv: handle multisample image clears
      broadcom/compiler: implement nir_intrinsic_load_sample_pos
      broadcom/compiler: track if the fragment shader forces per-sample MSAA
      v3dv: enable sample rate shading if fragment shader reads gl_SampleID
      v3dv: implement nir_texop_texture_samples
      v3dv: handle multisample rasterization with empty framebuffers
      nir/lower_io: add an option to lower interpolateAt functions
      v3dv: lower interpolateAt functions in NIR and enable sample rate shading
      v3dv: only require texel-size alignment for linear images
      v3dv: fix 3D image blits
      v3dv: don't cache subpass color clear pipelines
      v3dV: move meta init/finish to meta implementation files
      nir: add a nir_get_ubo_size intrinsic
      v3d/compiler: implement nir_intrinsic_get_ubo_size
      v3dv: handle QUNIFORM_GET_UBO_SIZE
      broadcom/compiler: rename QUNIFORM_GET_BUFFER_SIZE to QUNIFORM_GET_SSBO_SIZE
      v3d/compiler: add a lowering pass for robust buffer access
      v3dv: hook up robust buffer access
      v3dv: fix color clear pipeline destruction for 32-bit architectures
      v3dv: expose DRM modifiers based on supported features
      v3dv: fix offset computed by vkGetImageSubresourceLayout for array images
      v3dv: fix size computed by vkGetImageSubresourceLayout for 3D images
      v3dv: do not expose VK_IMAGE_USAGE_SAMPLED_BIT for swapchains
      v3dv: signal semaphore/fence if needed after acquiring a swapchain image
      v3dv: fix sampling from stencil aspect of a combined depth/stencil image
      v3dv: honor VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::depthWriteEnable
      v3dv: don't leak dumb BO handles allocated for swapchain images
      v3dv: clean-up after obtaining an XCB connection
      v3dv: free noop job if needed when finishing the queue
      v3d/compiler: allow to batch spills
      v3dv: always program a reasonable internal depth type for copies/clears
      v3dv: only advertise one memory type
      v3dv: flag tmu_dirty_rcl in primaries when linking secondaries that have it set
      v3dv: implement workaround for GFXH-1461
      v3dv: implement workaround for GFXH-1918
      v3dv: fixes for barriers in secondary command buffers
      v3dv: fix blit path for copies from 3D compressed images
      v3dv: generate proper UUIDs for device and driver
      v3dv: limit blit framebuffer dimensions to max coordinates
      v3dv: drop a couple of obsolete comments
      v3dv: fix buffer copies to compressed images on the blit path
      broadcom/compiler: track partially interpolated fragment inputs
      v3d/compiler: implement load interpolated input intrinsics
      v3dv: skip unnecessary tile loads when blitting
      v3dv: fix multi-layered buffer to image copies on the blit path
      v3dv: do not attempt to blit from a linear image source
      v3dv: fix Z coordinate for 3D blits
      v3dv: handle compressed image to buffer copies on the blit path
      v3dv: handle buffer to linear depth/stencil image copies in blit path
      broadcom/cle: fix vec size dump when set to 0
      v3d/compiler: fix BGRA vertex attributes for vec2/float size.
      v3dv: compute swap_rb flag after applying all swizzles
      v3dv: properly describe swap_color_rb
      v3dv: enable the logicOp feature
      v3dv: grow meta descriptor pool dynamically
      v3dv: enable alphaToOne feature
      v3dv: add image view debug checks for VK_KHR_maintenance1
      v3dv: fix base slice selection for copies involving 3D images
      v3dv: update assertion to match VK_KHR_maintenance1 semantics
      v3dv: implement vkTrimCommandPool
      v3dv: expose VK_KHR_maintenance1
      v3dv: add support for timestamp queries
      v3dv: fix occlusion query inheritance in secondary command buffers
      zink: require Vulkan timestamp queries for time query caps
      v3dv: add a v3dv_bo_init helper
      v3dv: expose more features
      zink: fix pNext chain for resource memory allocation

Ian Romanick (33):
      intel/vec4: Silence unused paramter warnings in brw_vec4_generator.cpp
      intel/compiler: Silence unused parameter warning in brw_surface_payload_size
      intel/compiler: Don't fallback to vec4 when scalar GS compile fails [v2]
      intel/vec4: Remove inline lowering of LRP
      intel/compiler: Remove INTEL_SCALAR_... env variables
      intel/vec4: Remove all support for Gen8+ [v2]
      intel/vec4: Remove everything related to VS_OPCODE_SET_SIMD4X2_HEADER_GEN9
      i965: Allow viewport array extensions with allow_higher_compat_version
      intel: Silence many unused parameter warnings in blorp_genX_exec.h
      i965: Silence many unused parameter warnings in genX_blorp_exec.c
      i965: Silence many unused parameter warnings in genX_state_upload.c
      i965: Make MOCS index tables static const
      i965: Rename gen10_emit_isp_disable to gen7_emit_isp_disable
      intel: Disable all support for Gen10
      intel/compiler: Remove Gen10-specific code
      i965: Remove Gen10-specific state setup and workarounds
      i965: Don't build Gen10-specific files and libraries
      intel: Remove Gen10-specific cache config code
      intel/isl: Don't generate Gen10-specific functions
      iris: Don't generate Gen10-specific functions
      anv: Don't generate Gen10-specific functions
      intel: Remove Gen10-speicific perf support
      intel: Remove Gen10-specific device entries
      i965: Silence unused parameter warnings
      mesa/st: Silence unused parameter warnings in st_context.c
      mesa: Pass the correct caller string to _mesa_lookup_or_create_texture
      glx: rework __glXCalculateUsableExtensions to be more readable
      nir: Rename replicated-result dot-product instructions
      mesa: Open-code hash walk in _mesa_HashPrint
      mesa: Store the atlas Id in the gl_bitmap_atlas structure
      i965: Get the gl_perf_query_object Id from the object
      mesa: Remove the key parameter from the _mesa_HashWalk callback
      mesa: Remove the key parameter from the _mesa_HashDeleteAll callback

Icecream95 (25):
      panfrost: Fix border colour
      docs/features: Add missing Panfrost extensions
      panfrost: Cleanup panfrost_get_param
      panfrost: Remove old comment on broken depth reload
      panfrost: Correctly set modifier_constant
      panfrost: Seperate resource setup and bo creation
      panfrost: Move tiled-linear conversion checking to a new function
      panfrost: AFBC to linear layout conversion
      pan/mdg: Fix spilling of non-32-bit types
      panfrost: Set modifier_constant to true for exported resources
      pan/mdg: Return a bool from midgard_nir_lod_errata
      pan/mdg: Use nir_shader_instructions_pass for nir_lod_errata
      pan/mdg: Use nir_shader_instructions_pass for fdot2 lowering
      Revert "panfrost: Drop implicit blend pooling"
      panfrost: Clamp uniform buffer size
      panfrost: Handle non-positive viewport positions
      panfrost: Remove redundant casts of viewport position
      panfrost: Mark blit shaders as internal
      pan/mdg: Infer whether to disassemble shaders from info.internal
      panfrost: Add a debug flag to disable AFBC
      panfrost: Precise occlusion query support
      panfrost: Only enable occlusion queries when active
      panfrost: Move zs format handling code out of the !afbc case
      panfrost: Z16 depth buffer support
      panfrost: AFBC compress Z16 depth buffers

Igor V. Kovalenko (1):
      r600: amend space check for chips older than EVERGREEN

Ilia Mirkin (1):
      panfrost: enable DrawTransformFeedback*

Indrajit Kumar Das (5):
      mesa: add NV_copy_depth_to_color support for nir
      gallium: prepare framework for supporting GL_NV_shader_atomic_int64
      mesa,glsl: add support for GL_NV_shader_atomic_int64
      radeonsi: enable support for GL_NV_shader_atomic_int64
      radeonsi/gfx10: fix stream index for multi-stream overflow query

Italo Nicola (12):
      nir: add shared/global atomics to nir_get_io_offset_src()
      panfrost: fix undefined value access on mir_set_intr_mask()
      panfrost: add atomic_cmpxchg opcode
      panfrost: add LDST_ADDRESS property to atomic ops
      panfrost: introduce LDST_ATOMIC property
      panfrost: add support for src[3] in LOAD_STORE ops
      panfrost: add atomic ops infrastructure
      panfrost: add support for atomics
      nir/algebraic: fold some nested comparisons with ball and bany
      pan/mdg: remove unused arg from ALU_CHECK_CMP and ALU_CASE_CMP
      pan/mdg: map uabs_i/usub to i/uabsdiff
      pan/mdg: fix LOCAL_STORAGE wls_instances packing

Iván Briano (1):
      anv: restrict number of subgroups per group

James Park (15):
      amd/addrlib: Fix warning list for msvc
      radv: Increased const usage
      util: Hide timespec_passed on Windows
      radv: Only close local_fd when valid
      ac,amd/llvm,radv: Initialize structs with {0}
      util,radv,radv/winsys: Cross-platform rwlock API
      util,ac,aco,radv: Cross-platform memstream API
      util: Fix rwlock Windows include for MinGW
      util/xmlconfig: Disable for Windows like Android
      aco: Clean up some C++ usages
      vulkan/util,vulkan/wsi,radv: Add typed outarray API
      aco: Fix accidental copies, attempt two
      nir: Stabilize compact_components sort
      amd/llvm,aco: Replace VLA with alloca
      radv,radv/winsys: Move RADV_MAX_IBS_PER_SUBMIT

Jan Beich (1):
      spirv: switch to util_bswap32 to improve portability

Jan Ziak (1):
      Add driver override to envvars.rst

Jason Ekstrand (294):
      iris: no-op implement set_compute_resources
      iris: Implement set_global_binding
      iris: Add support for serialized NIR
      intel/cs_intrinsics: Handle 64-bit intrinsics
      intel/compiler: Allow MESA_SHADER_KERNEL
      iris: Use blob_write_uint32 for num_system_values
      iris: Add a kernel_input_size field for compiled shaders
      iris/disk_cache: Stop assuming stage == cache_id
      iris: Copy dest size from the original intrinsic in setup_uniforms
      iris: Upload kernel inputs with system values
      iris: Add support for MESA_SHADER_KERNEL in the disk cache
      nir: Add and use nir_foreach_block_unstructured helpers
      nir/lower_goto_if: Document some data structures
      nir/lower_goto_if: Clean up ralloc usage
      nir/lower_goto_if: Use util/list instead of exec_list
      nir/lower_goto_if: Rework handling of skip targets
      nir/lower_goto_if: Rework some set union logic
      nir/lower_goto_if: Sort blocks in select_fork
      nir/lower_goto_if: Add a block_for_singular_set helper
      nir/lower_goto_if: Replace a tripple loop with a double loop
      nir/lower_goto_if: Add a route::outside set
      nir/lower_goto_if: Add some debug prints
      spirv: Add a MESA_SPIRV_FORCE_UNSTRUCTURED environment variable
      nir/builder: Make nir_get_ptr_bitsize take a nir_shader
      spirv: Don't emit RMW for vector indexing in shared or global
      clover/nir: Stop setting ubo_addr_format
      clover/nir: Stop computing the global address format twice
      clover/nir: Use the correct address mode for shared
      nir: Initialize nir_ssa_def::live_index
      nir/builder: Add a nir_iand_imm helper
      nir/find_array_copies: Handle cast derefs
      nir/large_constants: Handle incomplete derefs
      compiler/types: Allow interfaces in get_explicit_type_for_size_align
      nir/opt_large_constants: Fix a type/deref_type typo
      nir: Add an LOD parameter to image_*_size
      iris: Stop advertising PIPE_SHADER_IR_NIR_SERIALIZED
      iris: Stop advertising clover-only caps
      iris: ref/unref the GLSL type singleton in screen_create/destroy
      iris: Normalize all compute shaders to MESA_SHADER_COMPUTE
      iris: Always re-upload sysvals when we have kernel inputs
      intel/fs: Fix an assert in load_scratch
      intel/nir: Allow splitting a single load into up to 32 loads
      clover/spirv: Don't call llvm::regularizeLlvmForSpirv
      clover: Call clang with -O0 for the SPIR-V path
      nir: Report progress properly in nir_lower_bool_to_*
      intel/nir: Pass the nir_builder by reference in lower_alpha_to_coverage
      intel/nir: Rewrite the guts of lower_alpha_to_coverage
      intel/nir: Clean up lower_alpha_to_coverage a bit
      nir: Use a switch in nir_inline_function_impl
      nir: Take a variable remap parameter in nir_inline_function_impl
      intel/fs: Add support for vec8 and vec16 ops
      intel/nir: Lower things with > 4 components in lower_mem_access_bit_sizes
      spirv: Support big-endian strings
      spirv: Delete some dead workgroup variable handling code
      nir: Rename num_shared to shared_size
      nir: Improve the comment on num_inputs and friends
      intel/fs: Fix MOV_INDIRECT and BROADCAST of Q types on Gen11+
      nir: Add a new nir_var_mem_constant variable mode
      nir: Add a load_global_constant intrinsic
      nir/lower_io: Use the variable mode for load_scratch_base_ptr checks
      nir/lower_io: Add a build_addr_for_var helper
      nir/lower_io: Add support for nir_var_mem_constant
      nir: Allow opt_large_constants to be run with constant_data_size > 0
      spirv: Use nir_var_mem_constant for UniformConstant data in CL
      intel/fs: Implement nir_intrinsic_load_global_constant
      nouveau/nir: Implement load_global_constant
      llvmpipe: Add support for load_global_constant
      clover/nir: Use nir_var_mem_constant for __constant memory
      spirv: Drop the constant_as_global as option
      nir/lower_explicit_io: Assert that compute address sizes match derefs
      clover: Use 64-bit offsets for shader_in on 64-bit GPUs
      nir/clone: Add a helper for cloning most instruction types
      intel/compiler: Get rid of the global compaction table pointers
      intel/compiler: Get rid of struct gen_disasm
      iris: Use gen_disassemble
      intel/eu: Add some new helpers
      intel/fs,vec4: Stuff the constant data from NIR in the end of the program
      anv: Stop storing the shader constant data side-band
      intel/eu: Include brw_compiler.h in brw_eu.h
      intel/eu: Add a mechanism for emitting relocatable constant MOVs
      intel/fs: Add support for a new load_reloc_const intrinsic
      anv: Properly cache brw_stage_prog_data::relocs
      nir/builder: Add load/store_global helpers
      anv: Patch constant data pointers into shaders with using softpin
      iris: Patch constant data pointers into shaders
      intel/fs: Don't copy-propagate stride=0 sources into ddx/ddy
      intel/fs: Use a single untyped surface read for load_num_work_groups
      intel/nir: Lower load_num_work_groups to 32-bit if needed
      iris: Re-emit push constants if we have a varying workgroup size
      intel/compiler: Handle all indirect lowering choices in brw_nir.c
      nir/lower_indirect_derefs: Add a threshold
      intel/nir: Stop using nir_lower_vars_to_scratch
      nir: Don't bail too early in lower_mem_constant_vars
      clover: Call nir_lower_mem_constant_vars
      compiler/types: Make booleans 32-bit for cl_size/align
      nir/glsl: Add an explicit_alignment field to glsl_type
      nir: Add alignment information to cast derefs
      nir: Handle all array stride cases in nir_deref_instr_array_stride
      nir: Add a helper for getting the alignment of a deref
      nir/lower_io: Apply alignments from derefs when available
      nir/opt_deref: Don't remove casts with alignment information
      nir/opt_deref: Remove restrictive alignment information from casts
      spirv: Add pointer helper vars to OpCopyMemory
      spirv: Propagate alignments to deref chains via casts
      nir: Allow var_mem_global in nir_lower_vars_to_explicit_types
      nir: Allow uniform in nir_lower_vars_to_explicit_types
      clover: Use args.size() to compute new var locations
      spirv: Stop counting inputs in entry_point_wrapper
      clover/nir: Use lower_vars_to_explicit for uniform and global
      spirv: Drop the OpenCL type layout code
      anv: Set alignments on UBO/SSBO root derefs
      compiler/types: Fix deserializing structs with >= 15 members
      spirv: Improve the "Entry point not found" error message
      spirv2nir: Rework argument handling
      nir/lower_io: Fix the unknown-array-index case in get_deref_align
      nir: Add a dominance validation pass
      spirv: Run repair_ssa if there are discard instructions
      intel/nir: Call validate_ssa_dominance at both ends of the NIR compile
      nir: More NIR_MAX_VEC_COMPONENTS fixes
      nir/idiv_const: Use the modern nir_src_as_* constant helpers
      anv: Fix the target_bo assertion in anv_reloc_list_add
      clover: Pull the stride from pipe_transfer for image maps
      spirv: Access qualifiers are not a bitfield
      spirv: Plumb access qualifiers through from image types
      nir: Add a pass for lowering CL-style image ops to texture ops
      intel/fs/swsb: SCHEDULING_FENCE only emits SYNC_NOP
      nir: Rename get_buffer_size to get_ssbo_size
      radeonsi: Only call nir_lower_var_copies at the end of the opt loop
      spirv: vtn_fail with a nice message on unsupported rounding modes
      nir/liveness: Consider if uses in nir_ssa_defs_interfere
      compiler/types: Add glsl_baseN_t_type(bit_size) helpers
      spirv: Use the new types helpers
      nir: Add a new memcpy intrinsic
      nir: Add a lowering pass to lower memcpy
      spirv: Add support for OpCopyMemorySized
      clover/nir: Call the memcpy lowering pass
      nir: Allow creating variables with nir_var_mem_push_const.
      nir/lower_io: Add support for push constants
      anv,radv,tu,val: Call nir_lower_io for push constants
      spirv: Use derefs for push constants
      vallium: Stop using lower_ubo_ssbo_access_to_offsets
      spirv: Delete the legacy offset/index UBO/SSBO lowering
      nir/copy_propagate: Copy-prop into jump conditions
      nir: Disallow goto and goto_if in clone and [de]serialize
      nir/cf: Better handle intra-block splits
      nir/validate: Improve the validation of blocks
      nir/lower_goto_ifs: Don't destroy SSA form in the process
      nir/dominance: Use _mesa_set_clear instead ofhand-rolling it
      spirv: Only run repair_ssa if structured
      nir/lower_goto_ifs: Use rzalloc
      nir/lower_goto_ifs: Add asserts for SSA forks
      nir/lower_goto_ifs: Always include level dom_frontiers in prev_frontier
      Revert "nir/lower_goto_if: Add a route::outside set"
      anv: Allow HiZ clears for multi-view
      anv: Use more temp vars in cmd_buffer_begin_subpass
      anv: Skip HiZ and CCS ambiguates which preceed fast-clears
      nir: Split NIR_INTRINSIC_TYPE into separate src/dest indices
      nir: Add a conversion and rounding intrinsic
      nir: Add builder helpers for OpenCL type conversions
      nir: Add a passes for nir_intrinsic_convert_alu_types
      spirv: Add some conversion handling helpers
      spirv: Handle all OpenCL conversion ops with full rounding
      spirv/opencl: Drop dest_type from handle_v_load_store
      clover/nir: Call nir_lower_convert_alu_types
      nir: Add lowering from regular ALU conversions to the intrinsic
      intel/fs: NoMask initialize the address register for shuffles
      nir: Fix a misspelling
      nir/find_array_copies: Properly discard copies for casts
      nir: Handle memcpy in copy_prop_vars and combine_stores
      nir: Add a memcpy optimization pass
      nir/opt_load_store_vectorize: Use bit sizes when checking mask compatibility
      nir: Add component mask re-interpret helpers
      nir/opt_deref: Add an instruction type switch
      nir/opt_deref: Add an optimization for bitcasts
      nir: Add a pass to lower vec3s to vec4s
      intel/fs: Don't use NoDDClk/NoDDClr for split SHUFFLEs
      iris: Fix the constant data address calculation
      anv: Implement VK_EXT_transform_feedback on Gen7
      spirv: Make the clc_shader const
      nir/constant_folding: Use the builder
      nir/constant_folding: Use nir_shader_instruction_pass
      nir: Validate constant initializers
      nir/constant_folding: Fold load_deref of nir_var_mem_constant
      iris: Add pipe-loader support
      iris: Handle runtime-specified local memory size
      iris: Add support for load_work_dim as a system value
      iris: Fill out compute caps and enable clover support
      gallium/pipe: Add a GALLIUM_PIPE_SEARCH_DIR override env var
      util/xxd.py: Add an option for binary files
      spirv: Add a shared libclc loader
      spirv: Move nir_lower_libclc to src/compiler/spirv
      intel/nir: Don't try to emit vector load_scratch instructions
      intel/nir: Lower load_global_constant in lower_mem_access_bit_sizes
      i965: Take an isl_format in emit_buffer_surface_state
      intel/fs: Add an alignment to VARYING_PULL_CONSTANT_LOAD_LOGICAL
      intel/fs: Add an option to use dataport messages for UBOs
      anv: Add a device parameter to format_for_descriptor_type
      anv: Use format_for_descriptor_type for descriptor buffers
      anv: Plumb the device into *bits_for_access_flags
      anv: Use the data cache for indirect UBO pulls on Gen8+
      iris: Use the data cache for indirect UBO pulls
      clover: Stop leaking NIR shaders
      nir/opt_deref: Fix the vector bitcast optimization
      nir: Allow more deref modes in phis
      intel/batch_decoder: Don't clame vec4 vs/gs/tcs shaders on Gen11+
      intel/fs: Copy the PTSS from g0 for scratch reads/writes
      intel/fs: Add a SCRATCH_HEADER opcode
      intel/fs/ra: Increment spill_offset as part of the emit_spill loop
      intel/fs/ra: Refactor handling of Gen7 scratch reads
      intel/fs/ra: Store the last non-spill VGRF node
      intel/fs/ra: Sanity-check our IP counts
      intel/fs/ra: Use a set to track added spill/fill instructions
      intel/fs: Rework scratch handling on Gen9+
      intel/fs: Allow constant-propagation into SAMPLEINFO and IMAGE_SIZE
      anv: Go back to using the sampler for UBO pulls
      Revert "iris: Use the data cache for indirect UBO pulls"
      anv: Bump the number of update-after-bind descriptors to 1M
      anv: Add a descriptor_count to descriptor sets
      anv: Implement VariableDescriptorCount
      iris: Flush caches based on brw_compiler::indirect_ubos_use_sampler
      anv,iris: Use the data cache for UBO pulls on Gen12+
      spirv: Add 0.5 to integer coordinates for OpImageSampleExplicitLod
      nir/lower_io: Assert non-zero power-of-two alignments
      compiler/types: Assert non-zero alignments in get_explicit_type_for_size_align
      compiler/types: Allow images and samplers in get_explicit_type_for_size_align
      clover/nir: Calculate sizes of images and samplers properly
      clover/nir: Add an image lowering pass
      spirv: Fix OpCopyMemorySized
      nir/lower_memcpy: Don't mask the store
      docs: Specify when branch points happen
      nir/validate: Explain why we don't use nir_foreach_block
      mesa/spirv: Lower variable initializers for global variables
      nir/builder: Add a nir_ieq_imm helper
      nir/phis_to_scalar: Use a deny-list for load_deref modes
      nir: Handle incomplete derefs in split_struct_vars
      nir: Use var->data.mode instead of deref->mode in a few cases
      nir: Disallow writes to system values and mem_constant
      nir/opt_find_array_copies: Allow copies from mem_constant
      nir: Add and use some deref mode helpers
      nir/lower_array_deref_of_vec: Use nir_deref_mode_must_be
      nir/lower_io: Use nir_deref_mode_* helpers
      nir/phis_to_scalar,gcm: Use nir_deref_mode_may_be
      nir: Only force loop unrolling if we know it's a in/out/temp
      nir/vars_to_ssa: Use nir_deref_must_be
      nir/vec3_to_vec4: Use nir_deref_must_be
      nir: Use nir_deref_mode_may_be in deref optimizations
      nir/find_array_copies: Prepare for generic pointers
      nir/split_*_vars: Prepare for generic pointers
      nir: Make nir_deref_instr::mode a bitfield
      nir: Add support for generic pointers
      spirv: Add generic pointer support
      nir/opt_deref: Add a deref mode specialization optimization
      nir/opt_deref: Add an optimization for deref_mode_is
      nir/lower_io: Add a mode parameter to build_addr_iadd
      nir/lower_io: Add a mode parameter to addr_format_is_*
      nir/lower_io: Add support for 32/64bit_global for shared
      nir/lower_io: Add support for lowering deref_mode_is
      nir/lower_io: Support generic pointer access
      nir/lower_io: Add a new 62bit_generic address format
      nir/opt_intrinsics: Report progress for the gl_SampleMask optimization
      nir/constant_folding: Use a switch in try_fold_intrinsic
      nir/constant_folding: Use the standard variable naming convention
      nir: Move constant folding of vote to opt_constant_folding
      nir/constant_folding: Fold subgroup shuffle intrinsics
      nir/opt_intrinsics: Refactor a bit
      nir/opt_intrinsic: Optimize bcsel(b, shuffle(x, i), shuffle(x, j))
      nir/find_array_copies: Don't assume all children exist
      nir/deref: Fix a typo
      spirv: Add basic plumbing for ray-tracing capabilities
      spirv: Remove a redundant vtn_fail_if
      spirv: Add a guard for OpTypeForwardPointer storage classes
      spirv: Pass the deref type to storage_class_to_mode for non-forward pointers
      spirv: Add support for OpTypeAccelerationStructureKHR
      spirv,nir: Add support for ray-tracing built-ins
      nir/builder: Add a select_from_ssa_def_array helper
      nir: Add intrinsics for object to/from world RT sysvals
      nir: Add new variable modes for ray-tracing
      spirv: Implement the new ray-tracing storage classes
      nir,spirv: Add support for the ShaderCallKHR scope
      spirv,nir: Add ray-tracing intrinsics
      nir: Handle ray-tracing intrinsics and storage classes in copy-prop etc.
      spirv: Update headers and metadata from latest Khronos commit
      nir: Print formats on image intrinsics as text
      nir: Validate image atomic formats
      util,gallium: Add new 64-bit integer formats
      compiler/types: Add 64-bit image types
      nir: Allow 64-bit image atomics
      spirv: Add support for SPV_EXT_shader_image_atomic_int64
      nir/lower_bit_size: Don't cast comparison results
      nir/lower_bit_size: Pass a nir_instr to the callback
      nir/lower_bit_size: Add support for lowering subgroup ops
      intel/nir: Refactor lower_bit_size_callback
      intel/nir: Lower 8-bit scan/reduce ops to 16-bit
      intel/nir: Lower 8-bit ops to 16-bit in NIR on Gen11+

Jesse Natalie (61):
      nir: nir_range_analysis needs to be updated for vec16
      u_debug_stack_test: Fix MSVC compiling by using ATTRIBUTE_NOINLINE
      util/macros: Add ATTRIBUTE_NOINLINE definition for MSVC
      glsl: Add 'bare' shadow sampler type
      nir: Fix serialize/deserialize of void samplers/images
      nir: Optimize mask+downcast to just downcast
      nir: Add nir_address_format_32bit_offset_as_64bit
      nir: Add nir_address_format_32bit_index_offset_pack64
      nir/vtn: CL SPIR-V callers should specify address modes
      mesa: Move ATTRIBUTE_NOINLINE for glsl_to_tgsi_visitor::visit_expression for MSVC
      nir: Add fisnormal op
      nir/vtn: Support SpvOpIsNormal via fisnormal
      nir: Add fisfinite op
      nir/vtn: Support SpvOpIsFinite via fisfinite
      nir/vtn: Handle LessOrGreater deprecated opcode
      nir/vtn: Support OpOrdered and OpUnordered opcodes
      nir/glsl: Add glsl_get_cl_type_size_align helper
      nir: Use 'unsigned' instead of enum types in nir_variable::data
      wgl: Switch to Win10 version defines to enable usage of Win10 WGL callbacks
      nir: Populate some places where existing system values were missing
      nir: Add new system values and intrinsics for dealing with CL work offsets
      nir: Move compute system value lowering to a separate pass
      nir: Add options to nir_lower_compute_system_values to control compute ID base lowering
      spirv: Use new global invocation offset system value
      nir: Add a lowering pass to split 64bit phis
      nir: Relax opt_if logic to prevent re-merging 64bit phis for loop headers
      nir_lower_bit_size: Support lowering ops with differing source/dest sizes
      nir: Implement mul_high lowering for bit sizes other than 32
      nir: Remove 32bit restriction for uadd_carry optimization
      nir: Add bit_count to lower_int64 pass
      nir/vtn: SPIR-V bit count opcodes (core and extension) dest size mismatches nir
      clover/nir/spirv: Use uniform rather than shader_in for kernel inputs
      nir/vtn: Add type constant to image intrinsics
      nir/vtn: Add support for kernel images to SPIRV-to-NIR.
      nir/vtn: Use return type rather than image type for tex ops
      nir/vtn: Handle integer sampling coordinates
      nir/vtn: ImageSizeLod op can be applied to images
      nir/vtn: Add intrinsics for CL image format/order queries
      nir/vtn: Convert constant samplers to variables with data
      nir_dominance: Use uint32_t instead of int16_t for dominance counters
      nir: More NIR_MAX_VEC_COMPONENTS fixes
      spirv: Handle OpTypeOpaque
      glsl_type: Add packed to structure type comparison for hash map
      nir_lower_system_values: Fix load_global_invocation_id to use base_work_group_id even with no base_global id
      nir: Add an internal flag to shader_info
      nir: Add glsl_base_type unsigned -> signed version helper
      nir/vtn: Add handling for SPIR-V event variables
      vtn/opencl: Rework type handling for CL extension opcodes
      vtn/opencl: Add infrastructure for calling out to libclc
      vtn/opencl: Implement a lot of opcodes via libclc
      vtn/opencl: Rework handle_instr to be able to handle core SPIR-V opcodes via libclc
      vtn/opencl: Hook up OpenCL async copy and group wait opcodes via libclc
      vtn/opencl: Switch non-native trig to use libclc
      vtn/opencl: Switch exp/pow/log to use libclc
      vtn/opencl: Switch division-related ops to use libclc
      vtn/opencl: Switch some nir-sequence ops to use libclc
      vtn/opencl: Only use libclc ldexp when lower_ldexp is set
      vtn/opencl: Switch fma to conditionally use libclc for 32bit floats
      spirv: Implement vload[a]_half[n] and vstore[a]_half[n][_r]
      util: Move xxd.py to util
      util: Make xxd.py output char array instead of string

John Bates (1):
      disk_cache: build option for disabled-by-default

Jonathan Gray (13):
      util: unbreak endian detection on OpenBSD
      util/anon_file: add OpenBSD shm_mkstemp() path
      meson: build with _ISOC11_SOURCE on OpenBSD
      meson: don't build with USE_ELF_TLS on OpenBSD
      meson: conditionally include -ldl in gbm pkg-config file
      util: futex fixes for OpenBSD
      util/u_thread: include pthread_np.h if found
      anv: use os_get_total_physical_memory()
      util/os_misc: add os_get_available_system_memory()
      anv: use os_get_available_system_memory()
      util/os_misc: os_get_available_system_memory() for OpenBSD
      radv: remove seccomp includes
      vulkan: make VK_TIME_DOMAIN_CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW_EXT conditional

Jonathan Marek (57):
      panfrost: add missing dependency on midgard_pack.h
      util/format: expose generated format packing functions through a header
      turnip: implement VK_EXT_custom_border_color
      turnip: remove dead tu_minify/typed_memcpy functions
      turnip: delete a blit_image TODO that has already been resolved
      turnip: fix CmdBlitImage with D32_SFLOAT_S8_UINT
      turnip: rework format_to_ifmt
      turnip: call packing functions directly for pack_gmem_clear_value
      turnip: add missing tu_bo_list_add in CmdWriteTimestamp
      freedreno/ir3: remove indirect input load
      freedreno/ir3: improve handling of aliased inputs
      freedreno/ir3: rework setup_{input,output} to make struct varyings work
      freedreno/regs: add 7nm DSI PHY/PLL regs
      turnip: delete tu_physical_device path field
      turnip: delete unused tu_image fields
      turnip: fix the type of tu_shader_module code field, delete unused sha1
      turnip: delete unused "tu_cmd_buffer_upload"
      turnip: remove some unnecessary regs init
      turnip: rework vertex buffers draw state handling
      turnip: device global bo list
      turnip: avoid heap allocations in QueueSubmit when semaphores are used
      freedreno/ir3: allow layer/viewport output for VS/GS/DS
      freedreno/ir3: add view_zero to shader key
      turnip: multiViewport and VK_EXT_shader_viewport_index_layer
      vulkan/wsi/display: add option for display fence to signal syncobj
      turnip: delete unused tu_fence_signal function
      turnip: add a fd field to tu_device
      turnip: require syncobj support
      turnip: rework fences to use syncobjs
      radv: fix incorrect ResetFences path for WSI fence
      radv: use syncobj for wsi fence
      turnip: fix wrong indentation in tu6_draw_common
      turnip: move A6XX_RB_ALPHA_CONTROL write to init_hw
      turnip: implement VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state
      turnip: remove unused cmd_buffer/device arguments in descriptor sets
      turnip: delete unused/broken pipeline layout hashing code
      turnip: initial implementation of VK_KHR_push_descriptor
      turnip: clean up tu_device_memory
      turnip: always create permanent syncobj for semaphore
      turnip: set MSM_SUBMIT_SYNCOBJ_RESET for submit pWaitSemaphores
      turnip: semaphores simplification (only syncobj semaphores supported)
      turnip: rework GetSemaphoreFdKHR
      turnip: rework ImportSemaphoreFdKHR
      turnip: remove remaining uses of drmSyncobj helpers
      turnip: share code between semaphores/fences + fence import/export
      turnip: signal fence and semaphore in AcquireNextImage2KHR
      turnip: implement legacy API functions separately
      freedreno/cffdec: fix decoding of bindless descriptors
      turnip: remove pre-emption marker
      turnip: implement timestamp fences/semaphores for kgsl backend
      turnip: rework android gralloc path so it doesn't call tu_image_create
      turnip: don't implement CreateImage as two separate functions
      turnip: LAYOUT_PREINITIALIZED is not different for optimal tiling
      turnip: remove useless tu_image asserts
      turnip: remove unnecessary/redundant tu_image fields
      turnip: don't always fallback to linear for mutable formats
      turnip: enable VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier

Jordan Justen (4):
      anv, iris: Set MediaSamplerDOPClockGateEnable for gen12+
      anv: Drop warning about gen12 not being supported
      intel/dev: Add device info for ADL-S
      intel/mi_builder: Support gen11 command-streamer based register offsets

Jose Maria Casanova Crespo (7):
      vc4: Avoid negative scissor caused by no intersection
      nir/algebraic: optimize iand/ior of (n)eq zero when umax/umin not available
      vc4: Enable lower_umax and lower_umin
      vc4: enable lower_isign for VC4
      vc4: Add missing load_ubo set_align in yuv_blit fs.
      vc4: Add missing range_base/range at nir_load_ubos in yuv_blit fs.
      vc4: Enable nir_lower_io for uniforms

Joshua Ashton (1):
      zink: Fix 32-bit compilation

Juan A. Suarez Romero (7):
      intel: split driver/device UUID generators
      iris: plumb device/driver UUID generators
      intel/uuid: use git-sha1/package for the driver UUID
      st/mesa: initialize lower alpha func to ALWAYS
      v3d/compiler: extend swapping R/B support to all vertex attributes
      v3dv: mark the right bit to swap R/B vertex attributes
      v3d: Add GL_ARB_vertex_array_bgra support

Julian Winkler (1):
      nir: Add a structurizer

Karol Herbst (48):
      util/set: add _mesa_set_intersects
      spirv: rename vtn_emit_cf_list to vtn_emit_cf_list_structured
      nir: Add a structured flag to nir_shader
      nir: Add goto_if jump instruction
      spirv: extract switch parsing into its own function
      spirv: parse unstructured CFG
      clover/nir: fix mem_shared by using address_format_32bit_offset
      nv50/ir/nir: fix smem size
      nv50/ir/nir: rework indirect function_temp handling
      clover/nir: Call vars_to_explicit_types for shared memory
      nve4: fix uploading unaligned sized input buffers
      nv50/ir/nir: assert on unknown alu ops
      clover/nir: support int64 atomics if the device supports it
      nv50/ir/nir: fix global_atomic_comp_swap
      nvc0: handle nr being 0 in nvc0_set_global_bindings
      nv50/ir/nir: support load_work_dim
      clover/spirv: rework handling of spirv extensions
      clover/spirv: pass list of supported extensions to the translator
      nir: rename nir_op_fne to nir_op_fneu
      nir: fix nir_variable_create for kernels
      clover/nir: add support for global invocation id offsets
      nv50/ir: remove symbol table support for compute shaders
      nv50/ir: add nv50_ir_prog_info_out
      nir: use nir_var_all to get rid of casting
      util: add helpers to define bitwise operators on enums for C++
      nir: use enum operator helper for nir_variable_mode and nir_metadata
      clover/nir: Lower function_temp to scratch.
      nv50/ir: fix cas lowering for 64 bit
      clover/nir: use offset for temp memory
      clover/llvm: undefine __IMAGE_SUPPORT__ for devices without image support
      nvc0/ir: fix load propagation for sub 4 byte addressing
      spirv: fix 64 bit atomic inc and dec
      nvc0/cl: hande 64 bit pointers in nvc0_set_global_handle
      clover/spirv: fix vec3 alignment
      nir/serialize: fix serialization of system values
      clover/util: add id_type_equals to support symbols with multiple sections
      clover: bind constant buffer if one is provided
      clover/nir: extract constant buffer into its own section
      clover/spirv: parse arg_info
      clover/spirv: support CL_KERNEL_COMPILE_WORK_GROUP_SIZE
      clover: use pipe_image_view for images instead of set_compute_resources
      clover: support custom driver strides
      clover/device: use PIPE_MAX_SHADER_SAMPLER_VIEWS for max_images_read
      clover/nir: set kernel_image cap
      nouveau: hide SVM support behing a variable for now as kernel space is broken
      nvc0/CL: enable images
      llvmpipe: enable CL images
      nv50/ir/nir: don't use designated initializers

Kenneth Graunke (13):
      iris: Fix headerless sampler messages in compute shaders with preemption
      nir: Copy semantics to nir_intrinsic_load_fs_input_interp_deltas
      nir: Move new edgeflag assert into the io_lowered case
      iris: Reorder the loops in iris_fence_await() for clarity.
      iris: Drop stale syncobj references in fence_server_sync
      Revert "nir: replace lower_ffma and fuse_ffma with has_ffma"
      intel/compiler, anv: Delete cs_prog_data->slm_size
      iris: Fix doubling of shared local memory (SLM) sizes.
      anv: Set only one ISL usage bit (RT/texture) for CopyBuffer sources
      isl, anv, iris: Add a centralized helper to select MOCS based on usage
      isl: Enable Tigerlake HDC:L1 caches via MOCS in various cases.
      iris: fix source/destination layers for 3D blits
      iris: Move blit scissoring earlier.

Khem Raj (1):
      vc4: use intmax_t for formatted output of timespec members

Kristian Høgsberg (12):
      egl/android: Call createImageFromDmaBufs directly
      egl/android: Look up prime fds in droid_create_image_from_prime_fds()
      egl/android: Drop unused ctx argument
      egl/android: Simplify droid_create_image_from_name() path
      egl/android: Move droid_create_image_from_prime_fds() function up
      egl/android: Use droid_create_image_from_prime_fds() in get_back_bo()
      egl/android: Add support for CrOS buffer info perform op
      turnip: Add kgsl backend
      util/formats: Add PIPE_FORMAT_R8_G8B8_420_UNORM
      st/mesa: Add NV12 lowering to PIPE_FORMAT_R8_G8B8_420_UNORM
      freedreno/a6xx: Generalize pointers in struct fd6_pipe_sampler_view
      freedreno/a6xx: Support PIPE_FORMAT_R8_G8B8_420_UNORM for texturing

Krunal Patel (2):
      gallium/auxiliary/vl: Odd Dimensions are failing
      radeon/vcn: Bitrate not updated when changing framerate

Leo Liu (2):
      frontends/omx/dec: Use the known codec profile when allocating buffers
      frontends/omx/h265: Check the pps set before the scaling data

Lepton Wu (1):
      util/ralloc: fix ralloc alignment.

Lionel Landwerlin (35):
      anv: fix incorrect realloc failure handling
      intel/dump_gpu: only write BOs mapped by the driver
      intel/dump_gpu: further track mapping of BOs
      intel/dump_gpu: set default device_override
      intel/dump_gpu: add an only-capture option
      intel/dump_gpu: only map in GTT buffers not previously mapped
      anv: track the current frame and write it into the driver identifier BO
      intel/dump_gpu: fix --platform option
      intel/dump_gpu: add an option to capture a single frame
      anv: centralize vk to gen arrays
      anv: fix up dynamic clip emission
      anv: don't fail userspace relocation with perf queries
      intel/perf: store query symbol name
      intel/perf: fix raw query kernel metric selection
      anv: fix transform feedback surface size
      anv: move push constant allocation tracking into gfx pipeline state
      anv: simplify push constant emissions
      anv: VK_INTEL_performance_query interaction with VK_EXT_private_data
      anv: fix robust buffer access
      include/drm-uapi: bump headers
      anv: add new gem/drm helpers
      anv: implement shareable timeline semaphores
      intel/genxml: make sure test assert are compiled in
      intel/compiler: fixup Gen12 workaround for array sizes
      vulkan: bump headers/registry to 1.2.154
      anv: implement VK_KHR_copy_commands2
      intel/perf: fix crash when no perf queries are supported
      intel/dev: add a small non installable tool to print device info
      intel/dev: fix 32bit build issue
      genxml: drop gen10
      blorp: identify copy kernels in NIR
      blorp: allow blits with floating point source layers
      anv: fix source/destination layers for 3D blits
      anv: report latest extension spec versions
      intel/dev: Bump Max EU per subslice/dualsubslice

Louis Li (1):
      radeon/radeon_vce: fix out of target bitrate in CBR mode (H.264)

Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne (6):
      st/mesa: factor ucp-lowering logic into helper
      st/mesa: Enable clip planes lowering for geometry shaders
      pipebuffer: Remove unused buffer event in slab bufmgr
      st/mesa: Replace UsesStreams by ActiveStreamMask for GS
      glsl/linker: Add support for XFB varying lowering in geometry shader
      gallium: Fix NIR validation when lowering polygon stipple

Lucas Stach (18):
      etnaviv: stop leaking the dummy texure descriptor BO
      gallium/dri: allow create image for formats that only support SV or RT binding
      etnaviv: drm: fix BO refcount race
      etnaviv: blt: properly program surface TS offset for clears
      etnaviv: update headers from rnndb
      etnaviv: tex_desc: fix TS compression enable
      etnaviv: cosmetic etna_resource_alloc fixes
      etnaviv: do proper cpu prep/fini when clearing allocated buffer
      etnaviv: simplify etna_screen_bo_from_handle
      etnaviv: pass correct layout to etna_resource_alloc for scanout resources
      etnaviv: don't import allocated scanout resources via from_handle
      Revert "gallium/dri: fix dri2_from_planar for multiplanar images"
      etnaviv: emit RA_EARLY_DEPTH on dirty ZSA
      etnaviv: flush depth cache when changing depth config
      etnaviv: update headers from rnndb
      etnaviv: expose shader discard usage in etna_shader_variant
      etnaviv: rework ZSA into a derived state
      gallium: document convention for get_handle calls on multi-planar resources

Lukas F. Hartmann (1):
      etnaviv: Fix disabling early-z rejection on GC7000L (HALTI5)

Marcin Ślusarz (49):
      intel/perf: fix calculation of used counter space
      intel/perf: fix how pipeline stats are stored
      intel/perf: streamline error handling in read_oa_samples_until
      intel/perf: fix performance counters availability after glFinish
      intel/perf: split load_oa_metrics
      intel/perf: export performance counters sorted by [group|set] and name
      glsl: fix crashes on out of bound matrix access using constant index
      gitlab: ask for more detailed info about GPU
      mesa: fix formatting of messages printed using _mesa_log
      anv: refresh cached current batch bo after emitting some commands
      iris: handle os_dupfd_cloexec failure
      iris: verify color component width in convert_fast_clear_color
      i965: verify format width in blorp_get_client_bo
      intel/perf: don't generate logically dead code
      intel/compiler/test: use TEST_DEBUG env var consistently
      intel/compiler: mark debug constant as const
      intel/fs,vec4: remove unused assignments
      intel: add INTEL_DEBUG=shaders
      intel/fs: add hint how to get more info when shader validation fails
      intel/compiler: match brw_compile_* declarations with their definitions
      intel/compiler: use the same name for nir shaders in brw_compile_* functions
      intel/compiler: move extern C functions out of namespace brw
      intel/compiler: print dispatch width when shader fails to compile
      intel/compiler: fix typo in a comment
      anv: fix minor gen_ioctl(I915_PERF_IOCTL_CONFIG) error handling issue
      intel/compiler: remove unused fs_validator::param_size
      intel/compiler: initialize remaining fields of various classes
      intel/tools: fix possible memory leak in the error path
      intel/tools: handle ftell errors
      intel/compiler: quiet Coverity warnings
      intel/tools: fix possible randomly increased verbosity of error2aub
      intel: add INTEL_DEBUG expected value in declaration
      iris: drop likely/unlikely around INTEL_DEBUG
      i965: drop likely/unlikely around INTEL_DEBUG
      anv: drop likely/unlikely around INTEL_DEBUG
      intel: drop likely/unlikely around INTEL_DEBUG
      vulkan/wsi: fix possible random stalls in wsi_display_wait_for_event
      intel/tools: fix invalid type in argument to printf
      intel/genxml: don't generate identical code for different branches
      anv: always annotate memory returned from anv_gem_mmap
      intel: remove dead code
      i965: remove prototypes of not-existing functions
      intel/compiler: use C++ template instead of preprocessor
      intel/compiler: remove branch weight heuristic
      intel/tools: allow --color option to be used without arg
      anv: remove dead code from anv_create_cmd_buffer
      intel/tools: handle some failures
      intel/tools: refactor logging to be easier to follow by static analyzers
      intel/tools: add missing new lines to few remaining fail_if users

Marek Olšák (260):
      radeonsi: enable ETC2 hw acceleration on Raven2
      ac/gpu_info: set num_tiles_pipes on gfx10+ too
      Revert "radeonsi: honor a user-specified pitch on gfx10.3"
      radeonsi: use correct wave size in gfx10_ngg_calculate_subgroup_info
      radeonsi: use the same units for esgs_ring_size and ngg_emit_size
      radeonsi: increase minimum NGG vertex count requirement per workgroup on gfx 10.3
      radeonsi: fix applying the NGG minimum vertex count requirement
      radeonsi: don't count unusable vertices to the NGG LDS size
      radeonsi: add a common function for getting the size of gs_ngg_scratch
      radeonsi: remove the NGG hack decreasing LDS usage to deal with overflows
      radeonsi: various fixes for gfx10.3
      radeonsi: disable NGG culling on gfx10.3 because of hangs
      radeonsi: fix compute-based culling with VERTEX_COUNTER_GDS_MODE == 1
      compiler: add glsl_print_type
      nir: remove nir_strip stub declaration
      nir: handle load_input_vertex in nir_get_io_offset_src
      nir: save IO semantics in lowered IO intrinsics
      nir: gather all IO info from IO intrinsics
      nir: update IO semantics in nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base
      nir: print IO semantics (v2)
      nir: properly identify texcoords for lowered IO in nir_lower_drawpixels
      nir: add shader_info::io_lowered
      nir: add interpolation qualifiers for color sysvals into shader_info
      nir: generate lowered IO in nir_lower_passthrough_edgeflags
      st/mesa: don't pass NIR to draw module if IO is lowered
      st/mesa: don't generate NIR for ARB_vp/fp if NIR is not preferred
      st/mesa: handle lowered IO in st_nir_assign_vs_in_locations
      gallium/tgsi: add helper tgsi_get_interp_mode
      radeonsi: fix tess levels coming as scalar arrays from SPIR-V
      st/mesa: remove useless code for lowered IO in st_nir_assign_vs_in_locations
      gallivm: fix build on LLVM 12 due to LLVMAddConstantPropagationPass removal
      amd/registers: expose the canonicalize.py program as a function
      amd/registers: sort registers by offset in json
      amd/registers: add a script that generates json from kernel headers
      amd/registers: add non-gfx10 register files generated from kernel headers
      amd/registers: switch to new generated register definitions
      nir: fix a bug in is_dual_slot in nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base
      st/mesa: fix lowered IO - don't call st_nir_assign_vs_in_locations twice
      radeonsi: don't crash if input_usage_mask is 0 for a VS input
      radeonsi: get color interpolation info from shader_info
      radeonsi: clean up code for loading VS inputs
      ac/nir: handle all lowered IO intrinsics
      radeonsi: lower IO intrinsics - complete rewrite of input/output scanning
      radeonsi: remove in/out/uniform variables from NIR after lowering IO
      radeonsi: don't lower indirect IO in GLSL
      radeonsi: don't execute LDS stores for TCS outputs that are never read
      radeonsi: simplify handling color interp modes in si_emit_spi_map
      radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_shader_selector::type)
      radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_shader_context::type)
      radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (debug flags)
      radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_compile_llvm)
      radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_get_shader_part)
      radeonsi: remove unused si_shader_context::type
      radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_shader_dump_disassembly)
      radeonsi: precompute si_*_descriptors_idx in si_shader_selector
      radeonsi: change PIPE_SHADER to MESA_SHADER (si_dump_descriptors)
      radeonsi: remove si_shader_selector::type
      compiler: add INTERP_MODE_COLOR for radeonsi
      radeonsi: replace TGSI_INTERPOLATE with INTERP_MODE
      radeonsi: replace TGSI_SEMANTIC with VARYING_SLOT and FRAG_RESULT
      radeonsi: optimize out the loop in si_get_ps_input_cntl
      ac/llvm: fix unaligned VS input loads on gfx10.3
      nir: get ffma support from NIR options for nir_lower_flrp
      nir/algebraic: trivially enable existing 32-bit patterns for all bit sizes
      nir/algebraic: add 16-bit versions of a few 32-bit patterns
      glsl_to_nir: fix crashes with int16 shifts
      radeonsi: remove redundant no-signed-zero-fp-math LLVM attribute
      radeonsi: move nir_shader_compiler_options into si_screen
      Revert "ac: generate FMA for inexact instructions for radeonsi"
      ac/llvm: remove stub prototype for fmed3
      ac/llvm: fix amdgcn.rcp for v2f16
      ac/llvm: fix amdgcn.fract for v2f16
      ac/llvm: fix amdgcn.rsq for v2f16
      ac/llvm: fix bcsel for v2*16
      ac/llvm: remove dead code handling for fmod
      ac/llvm: add better code for isign
      ac/llvm: add better code for fsign
      ac/llvm: fix b2f for v2f16
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_NEXT_SHADER
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_TCS_VERTICES_OUT
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_TES_POINT_MODE / TES_PRIM_MODE
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_TES_SPACING
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_TES_VERTEX_ORDER_CW
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_GS_*
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_CS_*
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_EARLY_DEPTH_STENCIL
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_POST_DEPTH_COVERAGE
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_COORD_PIXEL_CENTER
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_DEPTH_LAYOUT
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_CS_LOCAL_SIZE
      radeonsi: stop using TGSI_PROPERTY_FS_COLOR0_WRITES_ALL_CBUFS
      radeonsi: remove info::samplers_declared, image_buffers, msaa_images_declared
      radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::shader_buffers_declared
      radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::images_declared
      radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::const_buffers_declared
      radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info:*(clip|cull)* fields
      radeonsi: remove unused si_shader_info::uses_(vertexid|basevertex)
      radeonsi: merge uses_persp_opcode_interp_sample/uses_linear_opcode_interp_sample
      radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::uses_kill
      radeonsi: reduce type sizes in si_shader_selector
      radeonsi: rename num_memory_instructions -> num_memory_stores
      radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::writes_memory
      radeonsi: remove redundant GS variables in si_shader_selector
      radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_selector::max_gs_stream
      radeonsi: remove redundant si_shader_info::uses_derivatives
      radeonsi: use shader_info::cs::local_size_variable to clean up some code
      radeonsi: deduplicate setting key.mono.u.vs_export_prim_id
      radeonsi: kill point size VS output if it's not used by the rasterizer
      radeonsi: set outputs_written_before_ps for geometry shaders too
      radeonsi: eliminate unused shader outputs for separate NGG geometry shaders
      radeonsi: remove swizzle == ~0 dead code in si_llvm_load_input_gs
      ac,radeonsi: lower 64-bit IO to 32 bits and remove all dead code
      radeonsi: inline trivial PS functions
      nir: add mediump flag to IO semantics
      nir: fix lower_mediump_outputs to not require variables
      nir/algebraic: add flrp patterns for 16 and 64 bits
      nir/algebraic: expand existing 32-bit patterns to all bit sizes using loops
      nir: remove redundant opcode u2ump
      nir: enforce 32-bit src type requirement for f2fmp and i2imp
      nir: add new mediump opcodes f2[ui]mp, i2fmp, u2fmp
      nir/algebraic: collapse conversion opcodes (many patterns)
      nir/algebraic: add late optimizations that optimize out mediump conversions (v3)
      nir/opt_vectorize: don't lose exact and no_*_wrap flags
      st/mesa: don't enable NV_copy_depth_to_color if NIR doesn't support FP64
      nir,radeonsi: move ffma fusing to late optimizations for better codegen
      radeonsi: clean up ffma handling
      Revert "radeonsi: set BIG_PAGE fields on gfx10.3"
      Revert "radeonsi: move L2_CACHE_CONTROL registers into si_emit_framebuffer_state"
      radeonsi: don't lower pack for better 16-bit vectorization
      radeonsi: set flags for FP16 in shaders
      radeonsi: implement 16-bit FS color outputs
      radeonsi: vectorize IO for better ALU vectorization
      radeonsi: don't scalarize 16-bit vec2 ALU opcodes
      radeonsi: add 16-bit ALU vectorization
      gallium: rename PIPE_TRANSFER_* -> PIPE_MAP_*
      gallium: rename pipe_transfer_usage -> pipe_map_flags
      gallium: rename transfer flags -> map flags in comments
      radeon: rename RADEON_TRANSFER_* -> RADEON_MAP_*
      radeonsi: set TRUNC_COORD=0 for Total War: WARHAMMER to fix it
      radeonsi: move debug options from si_disk_cache_create to si_get_ir_cache_key
      radeonsi: remove KILL_PS_INF_INTERP/CLAMP_DIV_BY_ZERO, use screen::options
      amd: add Dimgrey Cavefish support
      amd: add VanGogh support
      radeonsi: set KEEP_TOGETHER_ENABLE if needed
      radeonsi: move binning parameters into si_screen
      radeonsi: break a binning batch on a new PS if bins can use multiple state sets
      radeonsi: add a tweak for PS wave CU utilization for gfx10.3
      nir: split fuse_ffma into fuse_ffma16/32/64
      nir: split lower_ffma into lower_ffma16/32/64
      radeonsi: fuse or lower ffma optimally on all chips
      nir: replace lower_ffma and fuse_ffma with has_ffma
      radeonsi: use optimal order of operations when setting up a compute dispatch
      radeonsi: call si_upload_graphics_shader_descriptors before the big conditional
      radeonsi: move a displaced comment in si_draw_vbo
      radeonsi: don't call emit_cache_flush after uploading bindless descriptors
      radeonsi: reorganize the code around the gfx9 scissor bug
      radeonsi: move si_upload_vertex_buffer_descriptors into si_state_draw.c
      radeonsi: add unlikely statements into si_draw_vbo
      radeonsi: lift the conditional for skipping si_upload_vertex_buffer_descriptors
      radeonsi: always inline draw-related functions that have only one use
      nir: gather indirect info from lowered IO intrinsics
      nir: gather tess.tcs_cross_invocation info from lowered IO intrinsics
      nir: set system_values_read for all intrinsics
      nir: gather fs.uses_sample_qualifier from lowered IO
      nir: fix input/output info gathering for lowered IO
      nir: gather information about fbfetch and dual source color
      radeonsi: fix indirect dispatches with variable block sizes
      radeonsi: call nir_shader_gather_info after lowering and optimizing NIR
      radeonsi: use info.system_values_read
      radeonsi: get information about FS color outputs from shader_info directly
      radeonsi: get input/output usage flags from shader_info directly
      radeonsi: run NIR optimizations that glsl_to_nir runs but other places might not
      radeonsi: assume that constant load_local_group_size has been optimized out
      radeonsi: remove redundant variables from struct si_compute
      radeonsi: remove redundant info.uses_fbfetch
      gallivm: add support for lowered IO in vertex shaders
      util: implement f16c - fast half<->float conversions
      util: move util_half_to_float code into _mesa_half_to_float_slow
      util: remove util_float_to_half and util_half_to_float wrappers
      gallium/util: remove redundant util_float_to_half_rtz
      gallium/util: remove empty file u_half.h
      radeonsi: Fix dead lock with aux_context_lock in si_screen_clear_buffer.
      radeonsi: simplify NGG culling enablement and add radeonsi_shader_culling option
      radeonsi: kill disabled clip distances and planes at per-channel granularity
      radeonsi: move si_set_active_descriptors_for_shader into si_update_common_shader_state
      radeonsi: use staging buffer uploads for most VRAM buffers
      radeonsi: call nir_lower_bool_to_int32 last because it breaks nir_opt_if
      radeonsi: restructure si_pipe_set_constant_buffer
      mesa: factor out layout parsing for glInterleavedArrays
      gl_marshal.py: inline print_sync_dispatch
      driconf: force the vendor string to NVIDIA to fix viewperf energy tests
      driconf: enable force_glsl_extensions_warn for viewperf
      st/mesa: enable GL name reuse for queries based on the driconf option
      util/idalloc: resize if ID is too large for reservation
      gallium/util: add set_frontend_noop into driver_noop and u_threaded_context
      radeonsi: remove dead variable postponed_kill
      radeonsi: implement GL_INTEL_blackhole_render
      gallium/u_threaded_context: don't call memcpy in tc_set_constant_buffer
      gallium/u_threaded_context: always flush asynchronously if requested
      gallium/u_threaded_context: fix use-after-free in transfer_unmap
      util: implement F16C using inline assembly on x86_64
      util: move util_half_to_float code into _mesa_half_to_float_slow
      util: remove util_float_to_half and util_half_to_float wrappers
      gallium/util: remove redundant util_float_to_half_rtz
      gallium/util: remove empty file u_half.h
      mesa: don't use GET_DISPATCH because it doesn't work with glthread
      mesa: remove api_loopback to remove call indirections
      glthread: handle glInterleavedArrays
      nir/algebraic: always lower idiv to shifts if bitops are allowed
      util: add _mesa_set_create_u32_keys where keys are not pointers
      nir: add new helper passes that lower uniforms to literals
      gallium: add pipe_context::set_inlinable_constants
      st/mesa: pass inlinable uniforms to drivers if they requested it
      ac/surface: fix valgrind warnings in DCC retile tile lookups
      winsys/amdgpu: rework the VM alignment optimizations
      winsys/amdgpu: apply the VM alignment optimization to the physical alignment too
      radeonsi: update the DMA perf test
      radeonsi: disable SDMA on gfx6-7 and gfx10.3 to decrease CPU overhead
      Revert "radeonsi/gfx10: disable vertex grouping"
      radeonsi: don't disable NGG culling on gfx10.3
      radeonsi: enable NGG culling by default on gfx10.3 dGPUs
      radeonsi: optimize out LDS bank conflicts in the NGG culling shader
      radeonsi: remove indirection when loading position at the end for NGG culling
      radeonsi: write VS/TES system values into LDS after culling
      radeonsi: pack LDS better for NGG culling
      radeonsi: tweak LATE_ALLOC_GS numbers for faster NGG culling
      radeonsi: enable NGG on Navi14 PRO cards
      radeonsi: enable NGG culling by default on Navi1x PRO cards
      ac/llvm: don't lower bool to int32, switch to native i1 bool
      amd: update addrlib
      nir: consider load_color intrinsics as both inputs and sysval in gathering
      Revert "st/mesa: don't pass NIR to draw module if IO is lowered"
      st/mesa: make sure prog->info is up to date for NIR (v2)
      amd: regenerate gfx103.json from kernel headers
      amd: correct typos in gfx10-rsrc.json
      amd: update gfx10-rsrc.json for gfx10.3
      amd: replace 0x028848 with the register definition
      amd: print NUM_PKRS with AMD_DEBUG=info on gfx10.3
      Revert "radeonsi: use staging buffer uploads for most VRAM buffers"
      util: remove unused util_get_L3_for_pinned_thread
      util: consolidate thread_get_time functions
      st/mesa: remove random L3 pinning heuristic for glthread
      util: add util_set_thread_affinity helpers including Windows support
      util: add util_get_current_cpu using sched_getcpu and Windows equivalent
      util: completely rewrite and do AMD Zen L3 cache pinning correctly
      glthread: pin driver threads to the same L3 as the main thread regularly
      radeonsi: implement inlinable uniforms
      gallium: move pipe_draw_info::start/count to the beginning and pad empty space
      gallium: add pipe_context::multi_draw
      winsys/amdgpu: remove incorrect assertion check against max_check_space_size
      radeonsi: add num_draws parameter into si_need_gfx_cs_space
      radeonsi don't get count from pipe_draw_info in si_num_prims_for_vertices
      radeonsi: don't check info->count == 0
      radeonsi: implement multi_draw but supporting only 1 draw
      radeonsi: add support for multi draws
      radeonsi: set NOT_EOP for back-to-back draws on gfx10+
      radeonsi: implement multi_draw for compute-based primitive culling
      gallium/u_threaded: move a structure up to be used later
      gallium/u_threaded: merge consecutive draw calls within batches

Marek Vasut (2):
      etnaviv: Remove etna_resource_get_status()
      etnaviv: Add lock around pending_ctx

Marijn Suijten (5):
      util: Makefile.sources: Add disk_cache_os.{c,h}
      android: gallium/auxiliary: Deduplicate nir_to_tgsi.c inclusion
      scons: gallium/auxiliary: Unconditionally compile NIR regardless of LLVM
      android: panfrost: Move nir_undef_to_zero to util
      android: freedreno: Add freedreno_dev_info.[ch] to Makefile.sources

Mark Janes (2):
      intel/fs: Assert if lower_source_modifiers converts 32x16 to 32x32 multiplication
      intel/fs: work around gen12 lower-precision source modifier limitation

Mark Menzynski (5):
      nv50/ir: Use a bit field in info_out structure
      nv50/ir: Add nv50_ir_prog_info_out serialize and deserialize
      nv50/ir: Add prog_info_out print
      nv50/ir: Add nv50_ir_prog_info serialize
      nvc0: Add shader disk caching

Martin Peres (11):
      driconf: bump the maximum string size from 25 to 1024
      driconf: initialize the option value before using it
      dri/DRI2ConfigQueryExtension: add support for string options
      glx/extensions: split set_glx_extension into find_ and set_
      glx: stop using hardcoded array sizes for bitfields
      glx: initial plumbing to let users force-enable/disable extensions
      glx: let users force-enable/disable indirect GL extensions
      driconf: add a way to override GLX extensions
      driconf: add a way to override indirect-GL extensions
      driconf: disable GLX_OML_swap_method by default on Brink
      driconf: allow higher compat version for Brink

Matt Turner (2):
      intel/tools: Disassemble WAIT's argument as a destination
      Revert F16C series (MR 6774)

Mauro Rossi (28):
      android: panfrost: Rename encoder/ to lib/
      android: panfrost: Move pandecode into lib/
      android: pan/mdg: Separate disassembler and compiler targets
      android: pan/bi: Separate disasm/compiler targets
      android: panfrost: Redirect cmdstream includes through GenXML
      android: panfrost/bifrost: add libpanfrost_lib static dependency
      android: panfrost: Redirect cmdstream includes through GenXML (v2)
      android: util/format: fix generated sources rules
      android: amd/registers: switch to new generated register definitions
      android: util: fix missing include path
      android: nv50/ir: Add nv50_ir_prog_info_out serialize and deserialize
      android: freedreno: Implement pipe screen's get_device/driver_uuid()
      android: freedreno/common: add libmesa_git_sha1 static dependency
      egl/android: HAVE_DRM_GRALLOC path fixes (v2)
      android: aco/isel: Move context initialization code to a dedicated file
      android: pan/bi: Use new disassembler
      android: pan/bi: Use new packing
      android: pan/bi: fix typo in bifrost_gen_disasm.c gen rules
      android: gallium/iris: cleanup iris_driinfo.h gen rules
      android: gallium/radeonsi: cleanup si_driinfo.h gen rules
      android: gallium/virgl: cleanup virgl_driinfo.h gen rules
      android: util: add log.c to Makefile.sources
      android: pan/bi: Use new disassembler (v2)
      android: panfrost: use python3 for generated sources rules
      android: util: Move xxd.py to util
      android: util,ac,aco,radv: Cross-platform memstream API
      android: fix libsync dependencies (v2)
      android: aco: add aco_form_hard_clauses.cpp to Makefile.sources

Michael Olbrich (1):
      meson.build: xxf86vm is not needed for -Dglx-direct=false

Michael Tretter (2):
      etnaviv: fix comment for source of etna_mesa_debug
      etnaviv: free tgsi tokens when shader state is deleted

Michel Dänzer (30):
      ci: Fix up rules for post-merge / main project branch pipelines
      ci: Create test-docs job in mesa/mesa pipelines for MRs
      ci: Don't exclude "success" job from mesa/mesa pipelines for MRs
      ci: Restrict "success" job to pipelines for MRs
      ci: Do not create manual test-docs job in post-merge pipelines
      ci: Remove any existing results directory before running piglit
      ci: Add "is scheduled pipeline" YAML anchor
      ci: Add "is master branch of main project" YAML anchor
      ci: Add "is pre-merge pipeline for Marge Bot" YAML anchor
      ci: Add "is post-merge pipeline, not for Marge Bot" YAML anchor
      ci: Add "is forked branch or pre-merge pipeline" YAML anchor
      ci: Add "is forked branch" YAML anchor
      ci: Add "is post-merge pipeline" YAML anchor
      ci: Add "is pre-merge pipeline" YAML anchor
      ci: Add "is for Marge Bot" YAML anchor
      ci: Always use CI_PROJECT_NAMESPACE instead of CI_PROJECT_PATH
      ci: Prevent pages job from running in pre-merge pipelines
      ci: Don't create test-docs job if the pages one exists in the pipeline
      ci: Use ignore_scheduled_pipelines anchor in .radeonsi-rules
      gallium: Make pipe_viewport_state swizzle_x/y/z/w bit-fields 8 bits wide
      ci: Move test-docs job to deploy stage
      ci: Add empty needs: to pages job
      ci: Add jobs running ci-fairy checks
      loader/dri3: Only allocate additional buffers if needed
      loader/dri3: Keep current number of back buffers if frame was skipped
      loader/dri3: Allocate up to 4 back buffers for page flips
      ci: Add "check mr" job to needs: of build jobs
      ci: Run git_archive job if all_paths matches
      i965/bufmgr: Handle NULL bufmgr in brw_bufmgr_get_for_fd
      iris/bufmgr: Handle NULL bufmgr in iris_bufmgr_get_for_fd

Michel Zou (9):
      swr: fix build with mingw
      swr: missing _BitScanForward64 on 32 bits win
      swr: fix _BitScanForward64 on unix
      util: drop non-posix header fnmatch
      lavapipe: fix usleep usage in lvp_device
      wsi: move drm code to wsi_common_drm.c
      gallium: use libpipe_loader_links
      lavapipe: configure suffix in icd json
      util: use dllexport for mingw too

Mike Blumenkrantz (118):
      zink: basic primitive restart support for strip/fan topologies
      zink: move 8bit index handling out of u_primconvert path
      zink: use util_draw_vbo_without_prim_restart for unsupported prim modes
      zink: set primitive restart cap
      zink: move shader state methods for pipe_context into zink_program.c
      zink: adjust zink_shader struct to contain full streamout info
      zink: refcount zink_gfx_program objects
      zink: split up creating zink_shader objects and VkShaderModule objects
      zink: use ZINK_SHADER_COUNT instead of PIPE_SHADER_TYPES - 1 everywhere
      zink: start using per-stage flags for new shaders, refcount shader modules
      zink: always compile shaders in pipeline order
      zink: rename zink_gfx_program::stages to 'modules'
      gallium: add pipe_transfer_usage for z/s only mappings
      gallium/u_transfer_helper: add util functions for doing deinterleaving during map
      zink: print error when getprocaddr fails for extension functions
      zink: change pipeline hashes to index based on vk primitive type
      zink: handle more draw modes
      zink: invalidate pipeline hash on more changes
      zink: use u_transfer_helper to split/merge interleaved depth/stencil formats
      zink: add note about buffer<->image copy functions not handling multisample
      zink: generically handle matrix types
      anv: improve error message when failing to open device path
      anv: assert that the target bo is valid when adding a reloc list
      zink: use correct value for color buffer sample count when creating renderpass
      zink: use correct number of samples on framebuffer in set_framebuffer_state
      zink: use correct layer count when creating framebuffer
      zink: clamp min created fb size to 1x1
      zink: verify that src and dst aspects are the same in resource_copy_region hook
      zink: implement ARB_instanced_arrays
      zink: move viewport count to zink_gfx_pipeline_state
      zink: set multiviewport cap in ntv when gl_ViewportIndex is a written output
      zink: correctly set up fb-sized scissors for each viewport
      zink: apply viewport count when creating pipelines
      zink: reorder create_stream_output_target to fix failure case leak
      zink: combine all surface layout-setting for src/dst into util function
      zink: unify all occurrences of waiting on a fence
      zink: correctly handle ARB_arrays_of_arrays in ntv for samplers
      zink: run nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo conditionally
      zink: fix shader buffer size caps to use 65536
      zink: always emit descriptor set 0 in ntv
      zink: emit ubo variables sized based on the overall ubo block size
      zink: don't emit ubos or bindings for ubo variables
      zink: correctly set up ubo bindings and buffer indices
      zink: use sizeof(vec4) multiplier for nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo
      zink: hook up driconf
      xmlconfig: fix scandir_filter
      zink: handle timestamp queries
      zink: handle TIME_ELAPSED queries
      zink: add pipe_context::get_timestamp hook
      zink: enable pipe caps for ARB_timer_query
      anv: remove VkPipelineCacheCreateInfo::flags assert
      radv: remove VkPipelineCacheCreateInfo::flags assert
      util/hash_table: add function for reserving size in a hash table
      zink: enable VK_KHR_vulkan_memory_model extension
      zink: add VK_EXT_custom_border_color
      zink: support VK_EXT_blend_operation_advanced
      zink: support VK_EXT_extended_dynamic_state
      zink: add VK_EXT_pipeline_creation_cache_control
      zink: enable VK_EXT_shader_stencil_export
      zink: ARB_uniform_buffer_object is now implemented, so add cap and feature doc
      glsl: fix up location setting for variables pointing to a UBO's base
      nir: update ubo locations in nir_lower_uniforms_to_ubo
      zink: add a mechanism to track current resource usage in batches
      zink: optimize transfer_map for resources with pending reads/writes
      zink: add more explicit fencing for transfer maps
      zink: explicitly flag fb attachments as being written to in render passes
      zink: don't leak sampler view textures
      zink: redo slot mapping again for the last time really I mean it
      zink: export PIPE_CAP_MAX*_VARYINGS values
      zink: unify code for emitting named uint-based variable instructions
      glsl: more accurately handle swizzle in 64bit varying split with no left value
      zink: increase descriptor pool sizes for other descriptor types we'll be using
      zink: implement ARB_texture_buffer_object
      zink: ensure resource tracking for sampler buffers in render batches
      zink: assert valid format in zink_create_sampler_view()
      zink: handle null attachment for ARB_texture_buffer_object samplers
      zink: add VK_BUFFER_USAGE_INDEX_BUFFER_BIT to vertex buffer creation
      zink: add last few format maps for ARB_vertex_type_2_10_10_10_rev
      zink: fix stencil wrapping
      zink: add some spirv_builder functions we'll be using for geometry shaders
      zink: handle shader io vars more generically for use with gs
      zink: add ntv handling for geometry shader variables
      zink: re-transform gl_Position for gs input
      zink: add handling for gs in ntv
      zink: remove ADJACENCY prim types from primconvert path
      zink: round out handling for streamout buffer stride setting during draw
      zink: add gallium handling for geometry shaders
      zink: enable gs pipe caps
      zink: bump to glsl 1.40
      zink: mark off GL 3.1 as done in features.txt
      zink: GLSL 1.50
      zink: set 3.2 complete in features.txt
      zink: bump GLSL to 3.30
      zink: set 3.3 complete in features.txt
      zink: implement ARB_draw_indirect
      zink: add helper for vec-type input variables in ntv
      zink: add ntv handling for ARB_sample_shading
      zink: add a pipe_context::get_sample_position hook
      zink: mark ARB_sample_shading as supported
      doc/features: remove zink entries for GL 3.3 items
      zink: deduplicate some query result code
      zink: more correctly handle PIPE_QUERY_PRIMITIVES_GENERATED queries
      zink: also create an xfb query for every primitives generated query
      zink: store batch id onto query object at time of start
      zink: fixup gs/xfb tracking for primitives generated queries
      zink: rework query overflow handling
      zink: always use query->type for starting/stopping xfb queries
      zink: always reset query pools on next query begin
      zink: add pass for lowering dynamic ubo/ssbo block indexing to constants
      zink: break up dynamic access lowering
      util/threaded_context: use driver's buffer alignment for staging transfers
      nir/clip_disable: write 0s instead of undefs for disabled clip planes
      nir/clip_disable: try for better no-op
      nir/clip_disable: handle 2x vec4 case
      zink: implement ARB_texture_query_lod
      zink: use same function for all pipe_context::delete_*_state shader methods
      zink: add a quadop function in spirv_builder
      zink: add some spirv builder functions for barriers

Nanley Chery (43):
      dri_util: Update internal_format to GL_RGB8 for MESA_FORMAT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM
      iris: Don't call SET_TILING for dmabuf imports
      iris: Make iris_bo_import_dmabuf take a modifier
      iris: Drop iris_resource_alloc_separate_aux
      iris: Drop unused resource allocation optimization
      iris: Drop old comment on clear color BO allocation
      iris: Move size/offset calculations out of configure_aux
      iris: Add and use iris_resource_configure_main
      iris: Drop buffer support in resource_from_handle
      gallium/dri2: Report correct YUYV and UYVY plane count
      iris: Fix aux assertion in resource_get_handle
      iris: Fold a condition into no_gpu for consistency
      iris: Make iris_has_color_unresolved more generic
      iris: Avoid resolving Z/S reads in transfer_map
      iris: Drop a use of the need_resolve boolean
      iris: Better determine map_would_stall for Z/S
      gallium/dri2: Report I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_MC_CCS num_planes
      gallium/dri2: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_MC_CCS import
      intel/isl: Describe I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_MC_CCS
      intel/isl: Support ISL_AUX_USAGE_MC in surface states
      intel/isl: Add YUV format info for the aux-map
      st/mesa: Don't map all P01X DRM formats to P016
      intel/common: Add get_aux_map_format_bits()
      iris: Support planar resource imports for MC
      intel/common: Drop unused gen_aux_map_add_image
      iris: Support MC modifier in plane count queries
      iris: Support I915_FORMAT_MOD_Y_TILED_GEN12_MC_CCS
      blorp: Fix alignment test for HIZ_CCS_WT fast-clears
      blorp: Drop trailing whitespace in blorp_clear.c
      anv/image: Disable multi-layer CCS_E on TGL+
      blorp: Ensure aligned HIZ_CCS_WT partial clears
      iris: Fix a fast-clear skipping optimization
      anv: Enable multi-layer aux-map init for HIZ+CCS
      Revert "anv: Add driconf option to disable compression for 16bpp format"
      iris: Add fast-clear restriction for 8bpp surfaces
      isl: Allow CCS for 8bpp surfaces with 3+ miplevels
      st/mesa: Add missing sentinels in format_map[]
      intel/isl: Drop redundant unpack of unorm channels
      isl: Fix the aux-map encoding for D24_UNORM_X8
      iris: Fix fast-clears of swizzled LA formats
      iris: Fix SINT assert in convert_fast_clear_color
      iris: Fix fast-clears of swizzled alpha formats
      iris: Flush dmabufs during context flushes

Neil Roberts (3):
      v3d: Make the function to set tex dirty state for a stage global
      v3d: Split the creating of TEXTURE_SHADER_STATE into a helper function
      v3d: Update the TEXTURE_SHADER_STATE when there’s a new buf for a tex

Philipp Zabel (3):
      meson: fix power8 option
      gallium/dri: fix dri2_query_image for multiplanar images
      gallium/dri: fix dri2_from_planar for multiplanar images

Pierre Moreau (5):
      clover/spirv: Remove unused tuple header
      clover/spirv: Print linked SPIR-V module if asked
      meson: Raise minimum version for SPIR-V OpenCL deps (v4)
      clover/llvm: Use the highest supported SPIR-V version (v4)
      clover/nir: Register callback for translation messages (v2)

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (60):
      ac/llvm: handle static/shared llvm init separately
      mesa/st: introduce PIPE_CAP_NO_CLIP_ON_COPY_TEX
      radeonsi: enable PIPE_CAP_NO_CLIP_ON_COPY_TEX
      ac/llvm: add option to clamp division by zero
      radeonsi,driconf: add clamp_div_by_zero option
      radeonsi: use radeonsi_clamp_div_by_zero for SPECviewperf13, Road Redemption
      amd/llvm: switch to 3-spaces style
      amd/common: switch to 3-spaces style
      mesa: move u_idalloc from gallium/aux/util to util
      util/idalloc: add util_idalloc_reserve
      util/idalloc: add lowest_free_idx to avoid iterating from 0
      mesa: add a isGenName parameter to _mesa_HashInsert
      mesa: add GL name reuse support
      mesa: add _mesa_HashFindFreeKeys
      mesa: use _mesa_HashFindFreeKeys for GL functions
      driconf: add option to reuse GL names
      glsl: fix per_vertex_accumulator::fields size
      r600/uvd: set dec->bs_ptr = NULL on unmap
      radeon/vcn: set dec->bs_ptr = NULL on unmap
      radeonsi: fix quant_mode selection for large negative values
      radeonsi: fix guardband handling for large values
      mesa: fix glUniform* when a struct contains a bindless sampler
      gallium: add PIPE_CAP_MAX_TEXTURE_MB
      radeonsi: move GL vendor workaround to drirc
      radeonsi: reduce PIPE_SHADER_CAP_MAX_CONST_BUFFER_SIZE value
      radeonsi: change vendor name to AMD
      radeonsi: force linear for textures with height=1 (gfx6-8)
      radeonsi/tmz: use secure job if framebuffer has dcc
      radeonsi/tmz: use secure job if using an encrypted z/s buffer
      radeonsi/tmz: add safety assert when tmz is enabled
      radeonsi/tmz: allocate depth/stencil buffers as encrypted
      amd: add AMDGPU_IDS_FLAGS_TMZ definition to amdgpu_drm.h
      ac/gpu_info: add detection of TMZ support
      radeonsi/tmz: allow secure job if the app made a tmz allocation
      radeonsi/tmz: fail si_texture_transfer_map if tex is encrypted
      radeonsi/tmz: add tmz variant of sctx::wait_mem_scratch
      radeonsi/tmz: add tmz variant for sctx::tess_rings
      radeonsi: disable primitive discard if tmz is in use
      radeonsi/tmz: add a tmz variant for sctx::eop_bug_scratch
      radeonsi/tmz: add workaround for mpv/vaapi subtitles
      amd/tmz: move uses_secure_bos to radeon_winsys
      gallium/vl: do not call transfer_unmap if transfer is NULL
      gallium/vl: add chroma_format arg to vl_video_buffer functions
      omx/tizonia: fix build
      gallium: add new cap PIPE_CAP_DEVICE_PROTECTED_CONTENT
      gallium: introduce PIPE_BIND_PROTECTED
      radeonsi: honor PIPE_BIND_PROTECTED
      egl: implement EGL_EXT_protected_surface support
      egl: handle EGL_PROTECTED_CONTENT_EXT for eglImage
      dri: introduce createImageFromDmaBufs3
      egl/dri2: implement createImageFromDmaBufs3
      driconf: add disable_protected_content_check option
      radeonsi: fix RADEON_FLUSH flags conflicts
      radeon: add si_vid_create_tmz_buffer helper
      radeon/vcn: delay dec->ctx and dec->dpb allocation
      va/picture: make sure destination buffer is protected if needed
      va: support VA_RT_FORMAT_PROTECTED

Pierre-Loup A. Griffais (2):
      radv: fix null descriptor for dynamic buffers
      radv: fix vertex buffer null descriptors

Qiang Yu (4):
      radeonsi: fix syncobj wait timeout
      radeonsi: fix user fence space when MCBP is enabled
      radeonsi: fix max syncobj wait timeout
      radeonsi: fix user fence GPU address

Rhys Perry (152):
      aco: fix C++11/C++14 compilation
      aco: set constant_data_offset correctly in the case of merged shaders
      aco: don't move memory accesses to before control barriers
      nir/opt_remove_phis: optimize out phis with undef
      gitlab: ask inxi output to be in code blocks
      util: add a alignof() macro
      nir: fix potential left shift of a negative value
      nir: fix memory leak in nir_cf_list_clone
      radv: don't pass null to _mesa_sha1_update
      radv: align pipeline cache entry and header sizes
      radv: fix null memcpy and zero-sized malloc
      aco: fix non-rtz pack_half_2x16
      nir: add and use nir_intrinsic_has_ helpers
      aco: use nir_intrinsic_has_access
      bifrost: use nir_intrinsic_has_type
      aco: consider branch definitions in spiller
      aco: don't consider the first partial spill if it's the wrong type
      aco: don't fix break condition for break+discard to exec
      aco: fix regclass checks when fixing to vcc/exec with Builder
      aco: fix spills_entry heuristic for branch blocks in init_live_in_vars()
      aco: keep loop live-through variables spilled
      aco: reserve 2 sgprs for each branch
      aco: create long jumps
      aco/tests: add test for GFX10 0x3f bug
      aco: shorten disassembly for repeated instructions
      aco/tests: add tests for long jumps
      aco: remove 64-bit SGPR ubfe/ibfe
      aco: fix sgpr ubfe/ibfe if the offset is too large
      aco: sink get_alu_src() in bfe lowering
      spirv: fix Uniform and Output MemoryAccessMakePointer{Visible,Available}
      spirv: make OpLoad/OpStore visibility/availablity barriers acquire/release
      spirv: add vtn_emit_make_{visible,available}_barrier helpers
      spirv: implement MakePointerAvailable/MakePointerVisible for OpCopyMemory
      spirv: implement Volatile memory semantic
      spirv: implement Volatile image operand
      spirv: implement SpvMemoryAccessVolatileMask
      spirv: add some tests for volatile/available/visible
      radv: remove descriptor_indexing fails from expected fails
      aco: fix mad splitting after applying output modifiers
      aco: remove omod_success/clamp_success
      aco: fix byte_align_scalar for 3 dword vectors
      nir/load_store_vectorize: rework alignment calculation
      nir/opt_shrink_vectors: shrink image stores using the format
      aco: fix one-off error in Operand(uint16_t)
      aco: improve fsign selection
      nir/opt_if: fix opt_if_merge when destination branch has a jump
      nir/opt_loop_unroll: fix is_access_out_of_bounds with vectors
      aco: fix v_writelane_b32 with two sgprs
      aco: workaround disassembler bug of v_writelane_b32 with literal
      aco: don't apply constant to SDWA on GFX8
      aco: fix value numbering of reductions
      aco: fix validation of sub-dword parallel-copies
      aco: pass -fno-exceptions and -fno-rtti
      aco: fix incorrect assertion in emit_vop3a_instruction()
      radv: initialize with expanded cmask if the destination layout needs it
      radv,aco: fix reading primitive ID in FS after TES
      aco: keep track of temporaries' regclasses in the Program
      aco: use bit vectors for liveness sets
      aco: use io semantics to get an intrinsic's slot
      aco: use nir_get_io_offset_src() in visit_load_input()
      aco: use nir's constant source helpers more
      aco: remove dead indirect fs input loading
      aco: stop multiplying driver_location by 4
      st/nir: call nir_opt_access before gl_nir_lower_buffers
      radeonsi: don't use nir_opt_access
      nir/instr_set: hash intrinsic sources
      nir/load_store_vectorize: improve vectorization with identical operations
      aco: fix get_buffer_resource_flags()
      aco: remove trailing whitespace
      radv: remove trailing whitespace
      aco: Add loop creation helpers.
      nir: return progress from nir_lower_io_to_scalar_early
      radv: move optimizations in shader_compile_to_nir() to after io_to_scalar
      radv: use radv_optimize_nir() less in radv_link_shaders()
      spirv: add and use a generator id enum
      spirv: replace discard with demote for incorrect HLSL->SPIR-V translations
      radv: remove RDR2 discard workaround
      android: fix SPIR-V -> NIR build
      aco: optimize more uniform reductions/scans
      aco: implement elect
      radv/aco,nir/lower_subgroups: don't lower elect
      nir: add last_invocation intrinsic
      aco: implement last_invocation
      nir: move divergence analysis options to nir_shader_compiler_options
      nir: allow divergence information to be updated when inserting instruction
      nir: add pass to optimize uniform atomics
      aco: use nir_opt_uniform_atomics
      nir/opt_uniform_atomics: optimize image atomics
      nir/opt_uniform_atomics: don't optimize atomics twice
      aco: fix get_ssbo_size with a vgpr resource
      scons: fix SPIR-V -> NIR build
      nir/opt_uniform_atomics: remove useless returns
      aco: implement 16-bit literals
      aco: propagate literals into sub-dword pseudo instructions on GFX9+
      aco: don't use v_pack_b32_f16 if 16-bit input denormals are flushed
      nir/opt_load_store_vectorize: don't vectorize stores across demote
      nir/opt_load_store_vectorize: add some tests for discard/demote behaviour
      aco: add missing SCC clobber in get_buffer_size
      ci: disable check commits job for now
      nir/loop_analyze: adjust force unrolling to only include interesting modes
      ac/nir: remove bindless image atomic format check
      aco: remove isel_context::allocated
      aco: update phi_map in add_subdword_operand()
      aco: don't do divergent break+discard
      aco: skip value numbering of copies
      aco: copy-propgate through p_create_vector during value numbering
      aco: expand vectors passed as copy operands
      aco: don't use bld.copy() in handle_operands()
      aco: allow literals on sub-dword p_parallelcopy
      aco: always use p_parallelcopy for pre-RA copies
      aco: use Builder::copy more
      aco: remove some unused optimizations
      aco: use v_mov_b32_sdwa for some 16-bit constants
      aco: remove all-undef phi opt
      aco: ignore the ACO-inserted continue in create_continue_phis()
      aco: default to a definition size of 32
      aco: round bytes_written to dwords if larger than 4 bytes
      aco: use control flow creation helpers in select_gs_copy_shader
      aco: use mubuf helper in select_gs_copy_shader
      aco: move individual instruction disassembly to its own helper
      aco: refactor repeated instruction disassembly
      aco: switch aco_print_asm to a FILE *
      aco: create s_clause on GFX10+
      aco: assert a label only uses one of the members in ssa_info's union
      aco: fix printing of some sdwa sels
      aco: fix combine_inverse_comparison()
      aco: don't allow destination opsel for v_cvt_pknorm
      aco: handle SDWA in the optimizer
      docs/features: update unpromoted Vulkan extensions
      docs/features: add Vulkan 1.2
      radv: add some missing radv_{start,stop}_feedback
      radv: fix shader caching with discard->demote workaround
      radv: fix shader caching with NaN fixup workaround
      nir: scalarize fdot in reverse
      spirv: reverse order in matrix multiplication
      nir/algebraic: better propagate constants up fadd chains
      nir: add nir_alu_src_is_trivial_ssa()
      nir: skip bcsel with non-trivial swizzle in opt_simplify_bcsel_of_phi()
      nir: use nir_alu_src_is_trivial_ssa() in nir_ssa_for_alu_src()
      nir: add shader_info::bit_sizes_used
      nir/lower_bit_size: optimize upcast of b2i8/b2i16
      radv: move a few passes to after load/store vectorization
      radv: do nir_lower_bit_size after algebraic optimizations
      radv: rework nir_lower_bit_size callback and run DA on GFX8+
      aco: implement some 16-bit arithmetic instead of lowering
      aco: implement 8/16-bit instructions which can be trivially widened
      spirv: fix GLSLstd450Modf/GLSLstd450Frexp when the destination is vector
      util: add mapping from Vulkan to Gallium R64 integer formats
      amd/common: add PIPE_FORMAT_R64_{UINT,SINT} to GFX10 format table
      aco: implement 64-bit images
      ac/nir: implement 64-bit images
      radv: implement VK_EXT_shader_image_atomic_int64

Ricardo Garcia (1):
      anv: Ignore continue flag in primary cmd buffers

Ricardo Quesada (1):
      anv: support fd==-1 in ImportSemaphoreFdKHR

Rob Clark (44):
      freedreno/registers: add some missing regs to build
      freedreno/ir3: don't install ir3_compiler cmdline tool
      freedreno/ir3: add tracking for # of instructions per category
      freedreno/ir3: add more disasm stats
      freedreno/crashdec: handle section name typos
      freedreno/decode: try harder to not crash in disasm
      freedreno/registers: SC_WAIT_WC is not a6xx
      freedreno/a6xx: only generate streamout for draw pass shader
      freedreno/a6xx: fix occlusion query with more than one tile
      freedreno/cffdump: add arg to filter by process name
      freedreno/a6xx: disable LRZ when color channels are masked
      freedreno/a6xx: refactor debug logging
      freedreno: add debug helper to dump buffers
      freedreno: handle case of shadowing current render target
      freedreno/gmemtool: add tile_alignw/h and a650
      freedreno: add env var to override GMEM size
      freedreno: add env var to override tiles-per-pipe
      freedreno/a6xx: fix hang with large render target
      freedreno/batch: split out helper for rb alloc
      freedreno/batch: replace lrz_clear with prologue
      freedreno/a5xx+a6xx: use sysmem path for nondraw batches
      freedreno/a6xx: move ubwc clear to blitter
      freedreno: Fix missing rsc->seqno updates
      freedreno: fence_server_sync() fixes
      freedreno: Fix rast state for multisample clear
      freedreno: Don't bypass fd_draw_vbo() in clear fallback
      freedreno/a6xx: Skip empty tile_setup
      freedreno/a6xx: Fix fd6_draw_vbo() return
      freedreno: Clear gs/tcs/tes state for clear blits
      freedreno/a6xx: Fix MSAA clear
      freedreno: fix fence-fd leak
      ci/deqp-runner: Allow overriding width/height/config
      ci: cherry-pick deqp fix for config choosing
      ci: Enable remaining (non-rotate) mustpass CTS tests
      freedreno/drm: drop bo's dev reference
      freedreno: Don't leak border_color_buf reference
      freedreno/a6xx: Small cleanup
      freedreno/drm: Also clean ring_cache
      freedreno/registers: Add a couple things used on kernel side
      freedreno: Don't leak LRZ bo's
      freedreno: Update import/export traces
      freedreno: Disallow tiled if SHARED and not QCOM_COMPRESSED
      freedreno: Rework GMEM limit init
      freedreno/gmem: Respect max-height limits too

Rohan Garg (3):
      anv: Mark anv_dump_{start,finish} as PUBLIC
      gitlab-ci: Test the traces from bgfx
      virgl: Always enable emulated BGRA and swizzling unless specifically told not to

Roland Scheidegger (1):
      gallivm: add InstSimplify pass

Roman Gilg (2):
      vulkan/wsi/x11: add sent image counter
      vulkan/wsi/x11: wait for acquirable images in FIFO mode

Roman Stratiienko (1):
      android: freedreno: Another build fix

Ruijing Dong (1):
      frontends/omx/enc: fix omx h264 encoding force-keyframe-period issue.

Ryan Neph (1):
      virgl: Fixes portal2 binary name in tweak config

Sagar Ghuge (12):
      intel/isl: Drop unnecessary check on 16bpp depth format
      intel/blorp: Conditionally clear full surface depth and stencil
      anv: Factor out dri option initialization code in separate function
      anv: Add driconf option to disable compression for 16bpp format
      anv: Return number of layers/levels attached to anv_image
      anv: Handle compressed stencil buffer transition on Gen12+
      anv: Set stencil_aux_usage flag
      anv: Get aux usage from plane while clearing stencil buffer
      anv: Don't track clear bo for stencil buffer compression
      anv: Return optimal aux state for stencil buffer compression
      anv: Pass correct stencil aux usage during MSAA resolve
      anv: Enable stencil buffer compression on Gen12+

Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez (14):
      freedreno/layout: add tile_all flag to the layout
      turnip: add environment variable to disable LRZ
      turnip: create LRZ buffer
      turnip: disable LRZ on specific cases
      turnip: disable LRZ writes when blend is enabled
      turnip: disable LRZ depending on fragment changes
      turnip: add LRZ tracking to command buffer state
      turnip: add LRZ valid tracking for secondary command buffers
      turnip: add support to clear LRZ
      turnip: emit correct LRZ fast clear setup
      turnip: disable LRZ on vkCmdClearAttachments()
      turnip: disable LRZ on vkCmdClearattachments() 3D fallback path
      turnip: enable LRZ
      turnip: don't initialize GRAS_LRZ_CNTL/RB_LRZ_CNTL tu6_init_hw()

Samuel Pitoiset (156):
      radv: allow to force-enable LLVM internally for a specific shader stage
      radv: report the spirv-nir logs back to the application
      radv: rework the error function helpers a bit
      radv: report errors back to the application via VK_EXT_debug_report
      radv: report a better error message when QueueWaitIdle() failed
      radv/gfx10: add missing initialization of registers
      radv: limit LATE_ALLOC_GS to prevent a GPU hang on GFX10
      radv: fix emitting the border color pointer on the compute queue
      radv/winsys: add null winsys entries for Sienna Cichild/Navy Flounder
      gitlab-ci: test Fossilize with GFX1030
      aco: do not set valid_mask for POS0 exports on GFX 10.3
      radv: track and report if a logical device is lost
      aco: rework the way various compilation/validation errors are reported
      radv,aco: report ACO errors/warnings back via VK_EXT_debug_report
      aco: fix file leak in ra_fail()
      radv: ignore BB labels when splitting the disassembly string
      aco: add ACO_DEBUG=force-waitcnt to emit wait-states
      amd/registers: add missing TBA registers on GFX6-GFX8
      amd/registers: add some SQ_WAVE_* register definitions
      aco: add TBA/TMA/TTMP0-11 physical registers definitions
      aco: validate that SMEM operands can use fixed registers
      aco: add a helper for building a trap handler shader
      aco: skip unnecessary compiler pass for the trap handler program
      radv: add a small interface for creating the trap handler shader
      radv: add initial trap handler support with RADV_TRAP_HANDLER=1
      radv: enable the trap handler and configure the shader exceptions
      radv: use the trap handler to detect faulty shaders/instructions
      radv: align the TMA BO size to 256
      radv: allocate the TMA BO into 32-bit addr space
      radv: fix setting EXCP_EN for different shader stages
      radv: print a warning when RADV_TRAP_HANDLER is used
      aco: add ACO_DEBUG=novn,noopt,nosched for debugging purposes
      radv: emit {CB,DB}_RMI_L2_CACHE_CONTROL at framebuffer time
      radv: set BIG_PAGE to improve performance on GFX10.3
      aco: fix wrong source position for constant with nir_op_cube_face_coord
      radv: dump shader stats with VK_KHR_pipeline_executable_properties
      radv: force RADV_DEBUG=syncshaders when RADV_TRACE_FILE is used
      radv: improve reporting faulty pipelines when a GPU hang is detected
      radv: dump GPU info into the hang report
      nir/algebraic: mark some optimizations with fsat(NaN) as inexact
      spirv: fix retrieving dest type for OpFragmentMaskFetchAMD
      aco: handle unaligned loads on GFX10.3
      spirv: fix emitting switch cases that directly jump to the merge block
      radv: fix transform feedback crashes if pCounterBufferOffsets is NULL
      radv: add a helper for loading meta descriptors
      radv: do not lower UBO/SSBO access to offsets
      radv: remove useless assignment of MAX_API_VERSION
      radv: bump the advertised patch version to 145
      radv: add VK_KHR_copy_commands2 but leave it disabled
      radv: add support for CmdBlitImage2KHR()
      radv: add support for CmdCopyBuffer2KHR()
      radv: add support for CmdCopyBufferToImage2KHR()
      radv: add support for CmdCopyImage2KHR()
      radv: add support for CmdCopyImageToBuffer2KHR()
      radv: cleanup selecting the hardware resolve path
      radv: add support for CmdResolveImage2KHR()
      radv: advertise VK_KHR_copy_commands2
      radv: set KEEP_TOGETHER_ENABLE if necessary on GFX10+
      radv: add a tweak for PS wave CU utilization for gfx10.3
      ci: adjust RadeonSI rules
      ci: add dEQP-VK.info.device_extensions to the list of skipped tests
      nir/lower_memory_model: return progress when visiting instructions
      nir/lower_memory_model: do not break with global atomic operations
      ac/nir: implement nir_intrinsic_{load,store}_global
      ac/nir: implement nir_intrinsic_global_atomic_*
      radv: lower deref operations for global memory for both backends
      ac/llvm: fix invalid IR if image stores are shrinked using the format
      nir/lower_io: change nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base to use bitfield modes
      radeonsi: call nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base only once per shader
      radv/llvm: call nir_lower_io_to_vector with FS to fix array tests
      radv: call nir_io_add_const_offset_to_base for FS outputs
      radv: move lowering of FS outputs outside of ACO
      radv: fix gathering writes_memory for global store/atomic operations
      ac/llvm: fix invalid use of unreachable in ac_build_atomic_rmw()
      ac/nir: fix nir_intrinsic_shared_atomic_fadd
      radv: gather output usage mask from store_output for VS, TES and GS
      radv/aco: lower IO for all stages outside of ACO
      aco: apply the clamped integer addition disassembly workaround for v_add3
      aco/tests: add disassembler tests to reproduce the add3+clamp crash
      ac/llvm: adjust dmask when image stores are shrinked using the format
      ac/nir: remove dead load/store deref code for temporary variables
      radv/llvm: assign driver locations for VS, TCS, TES and GS correctly
      radv/llvm: lower GS IO
      radv/llvm: lower TES IO
      radv/llvm: gather TCS outputs from the output variables
      radv/llvm: lower TCS IO
      radv/llvm: gather VS input usage mask from load_input
      radv/llvm: lower VS IO
      ac/llvm: implement nir_op_unpack_half_2x16_split_{x,y}
      radv/llvm: enable lower_unpack_half_2x16
      ac/nir: remove dead global load/store/atomic derefs code
      ac/nir: remove dead shader IO code
      radeonsi: remove dead code in TCS/TES/GS since const_index is always 0
      ac,radv,radeonsi: remove unused parameters in the shader ABI IO
      radv: remove unused gs.writes_memory in the shader info pass
      radv: remove dead deref code in the shader info pass
      ac/nir,radv: fix invalid IR when loading inline uniform blocks
      nir/constant_folding: init nir_const_value to zero
      aco: bail out if the NIR IO base offset isn't zero
      aco: more uses of nir_get_io_offset_src()
      ac/nir: implement nir_op_fsat
      radv/llvm: do not lower nir_op_fsat
      radv/llvm: remove dead code for 64-bit GS inputs
      aco: dump the program if the disassembler failed
      radv/llvm: do not lower sub
      radv: use the same NIR compiler options for both compiler backends
      radv/llvm: stop assigning driver_location in NIR->LLVM
      ac,radv,radeonsi: stop multiplying driver_location by 4
      ac/nir: pass the variable location to store_tcs_outputs
      radv/llvm: switch to NIR IO assigned locations
      radv/llvm: reduce the ESGS itemsize by using NIR IO assigned locations
      radv/llvm: reduce LDS size for tess by using NIR IO assigned locations
      radv: remove one leftover TODO in the shader info pass
      ac/llvm: move AC_FETCH_FORMAT to non-LLVM code
      radv: replace RADV_ALPHA_ADJUST by AC_FETCH_FORMAT
      radv: move lower_io_arrays_to_elements before lower_io_to_scalar_early
      radv: fix adjusting vertex alpha
      aco: implement missing nir_op_unpack_half_2x16_split_{x,y}_flush_to_zero
      radv/aco: disable NGG GS support because it randomly hangs the GPU
      radv: fix ignoring the vertex attribute stride if set as dynamic
      aco: remove stub lower_wqm() prototype
      aco: remove useless occurences of radv_nir_compiler_options
      aco: remove unused radv_shader.h includes
      radv: move compiler statistics to ACO
      aco: compute the CS workgroup size from the shader NIR info
      aco: adjust an assertion about the wavesize in emit_gfx10_wave64_bpermute()
      radv: fix optimizing needed states if some are marked as dynamic
      ac/nir: implement missing nir_op_pack_half_2x16_split
      radv: report latest extension spec versions
      radv: add missing 'discardtodemote' option in the debug list
      Revert "radv/aco: disable NGG GS support because it randomly hangs the GPU"
      ac/nir: handle non-const offset with txf/txf_ms
      radv: move all NIR pass outside of ACO
      ac/nir: do not sign-extend the result of texop_samples_identical
      radv,aco: fix use of texop_samples_identical in the resolve meta path
      aco: fix determining if LOD is zero for nir_texop_txf/nir_texop_txs
      ac/nir: ignore set_vertex_and_primitive_count intrinsic
      ac/nir: abort when an unknown intrinsic is reached
      ac: add an option to dump GPU info to a file
      radv: add radv_dump_cmd() helper
      radv: dump UMR ring and waves into the hang report
      radv: dump GPU hang report logs into $HOME/radv_dumps_<pid>
      radv: re-order GPU hang report dumps by usefulness
      radv: replace RADV_TRACE_FILE by RADV_DEBUG=hang
      radv: do not perform a FMASK expand for non-writeable MSAA images
      radv: flush CB before and after FMASK_DECOMPRESS or DCC_DECOMPRESS
      radv: enable VK_AMD_mixed_attachment_samples on GFX6-GFX7
      radv,aco: adjust the sample mask only if per-sample shading is enabled
      radv,aco: optimize computing the sample mask for per-sample shading
      aco: store NIR range analysis data to the isel context
      aco: select v_mul_{hi}_u32_u24 for 24-bit multiplications
      nir/algebraic: distribute imul(iadd(a, b), c) when b and c are constants
      aco: optimize v_and(a, v_subbrev_co(0, 0, vcc)) -> v_cndmask(0, a, vcc)
      nir/algebraic: optimize bitfield_select(a, b, 0) to iand(a, b)

Serge Martin (13):
      clover: set LLVM min version to 8.0.1
      clover: implements clEnqueueMigrateMemObjects
      clover: implements clEnqueueFillImage
      clover: implements clGetKernelArgInfo
      clover: bind sampler_t type to module::argument::sampler
      clover: add CL_KERNEL_ATTRIBUTES for clGetKernelInfo
      clover: implements clGetKernelWorkGroupInfo CL_KERNEL_COMPILE_WORK_GROUP_SIZE
      clover: implements notification callback on program builds
      clover: avoid adding an extra space to compiler options
      clover: move tokenize function to algorithm
      clover: validate image_row_pitch and image_slice_pitch in clEnqueueMapImage
      clover: clCreateImage: calculate image row_pitch and slice_pitch when not provided
      clover: implements clSetContextDestructorCallback

Suresh Guttula (2):
      gallium: update abs_delta segementation parameter
      radeon/vcn : Corrected dpb_size calculation for VP9_2

Tapani Pälli (14):
      anv: add a check for depthStencilState before using it
      anv: null check for buffer before reading size
      anv: take depth in to account in anv_GetImageSubresourceLayout
      mesa: refactor floating point texture fbo completeness check on gles
      mesa: add EXT_color_buffer_half_float plumbing
      mesa/st: enable EXT_color_buffer_half_float when formats supported
      glsl: mark some builtins with correct glsl(es) version check
      iris: remove additional pipe control done before hiz for older gens
      glsl: take EXT_gpu_shader4 in to account when adding round
      gallivm/nir: handle nir_op_flt in lp_build_nir_llvm
      iris: fix the order of src and dst for fence memcpy
      mesa/st: call memobj_destroy only if there is memory imported
      mesa: do not throw _mesa_problem when invalid enum is used
      mesa/st: use a lock to protect access to variants when updating them

Thong Thai (10):
      radeon/vcn: fix jpeg decode for navi10
      frontends/va: Add support for NV12/P010/P016 to vaDeriveImage
      frontends/va: Derive image from interlaced buffers
      frontends/va: Derive image from interlaced buffers in some cases
      gallium: Parse packed HEVC SPS encode header for crop parameters
      radeon: Pass HEVC encode crop parameters to the encoder
      frontends/va: Enabled packed headers for H.264 encoder
      gallium/auxiliary/vl: Include src region in scale_y calculation
      frontends/va/postproc: Un-break field flag
      frontends/va: Return P010/P016 as possible surface formats when encoding

Timothy Arceri (15):
      i965: add support for force_gl_vendor
      disk_cache: move cache dir generation into OS specific helper file
      disk_cache: add disk_cache_enabled() helper
      disk_cache: move index mmap into OS specific helper
      disk_cache: move munmap into an OS specific helper
      disk_cache: move evict_lru_item() to an OS specific helper
      disk_cache: create new helper for writing cache items to disk
      disk_cache: move get_cache_file() to an OS specific helper
      disk_cache: add new OS specific helper disk_cache_evict_item()
      disk_cache: move cache item loading code into disk_cache_load_item() helper
      glsl: don't duplicate state vars as uniforms in the NIR linker
      util/disk_cache: remove unused function param
      glsl: relax rule on varying matching for shaders older than 4.00
      glsl: add extra pp tokens workaround and enable for CoR
      glsl: drop NMS OpenGL workarounds

Timur Kristóf (48):
      aco: Fix unused variable warning by adding ASSERTED.
      aco: Fix convert_to_SDWA when instruction has 3 operands.
      aco: Move README to README-ISA
      aco: Fixup markdown formatting of the README-ISA.
      aco: Add README which explains about what ACO is and how it works.
      aco: Fix emit_boolean_exclusive_scan in wave32 mode.
      aco: Clean up emit_mbcnt.
      aco: Add base argument to emit_mbcnt.
      aco: Use NIR IO semantics for tess factor IO locations.
      radv/aco: Set I/O variable locations outside ACO.
      nir: Add ability to count emitted GS primitives.
      nir: Add ability to count emitted GS vertices per primitive.
      nir: Add ability to overwrite incomplete GS primitives.
      nir: Count vertices per stream.
      nir: Add ability to count primitives per stream.
      radv/aco: Use new GS lowering options for ACO with NGG GS.
      aco: Clarify missing export error message in assembler.
      aco: Extract lanecount_to_mask to a separate function.
      aco: Extract thread_id_in_threadgroup to a separate function.
      aco: Use thread_id_in_threadgroup helper for ES outputs.
      aco: Optimize thread_id_in_threadgroup when there is just one wave.
      aco: Add wave-specific opcode for s_lshl and s_flbit.
      aco/ngg: Refactor gs_alloc_req in preparation for NGG GS.
      aco/ngg: Refactor ngg_emit_prim_export in preparation for NGG GS.
      aco/ngg: Make primitive export packing less prone to error.
      aco/ngg: Clean up and reorganize NGG VS/TES code.
      aco/ngg: Allow NGG GS to store ES outputs.
      aco/ngg: Allow NGG GS to load per-vertex GS inputs.
      aco/ngg: Allow NGG GS to create VS exports.
      aco/ngg: Setup NGG GS.
      aco/ngg: Create LDS layout for NGG GS.
      aco/ngg: Implement workgroup reduce / exclusive scan for NGG GS.
      aco/ngg: Implement NGG GS output.
      aco/ngg: Place workgroup barrier outside control flow for NGG GS.
      aco/ngg: Add shader query support to NGG GS.
      radv/aco: Enable NGG GS by default.
      aco/ngg: Use more efficient LDS layout to help reduce bank conflicts.
      aco/ngg: Allocate NGG GS space early for const vertex/primitive counts.
      aco/ngg: Calculate workgroup size of NGG shaders.
      nir: Emit set_vertex_and_primitive_count for inactive streams.
      aco/ngg: Add assertion to make sure we always know the vertex count.
      aco: Assert that workgroup barriers are not used inappropriately.
      aco/ngg: Put shader query reduction operand into a VGPR.
      aco: Add some validation for PSEUDO_REDUCTION instructions.
      aco: Make emitting reduction instructions a bit more convenient.
      aco: Add a few assertions about LDS usage.
      aco/ngg: Export a zero-area triangle when primitive count is 0.
      aco/ngg: Incorporate GS invocations into workgroup size calculation.

Tomeu Vizoso (16):
      Revert "CI: temp disable t720/t760 jobs."
      Revert "CI: Disable Panfrost T720/T760 CI"
      ci: Split traces.yml file per driver
      ci: Test Panfrost with more traces
      ci: Fix URL to imagediff page in traces dashboard
      ci: Update kernel used in LAVA to 5.8-based drm-misc
      ci: Run deqp-gles2 on RadeonSI
      ci: Run deqp-gles3 and deqp-gles31 on RadeonSI
      ci: Update kernel for LAVA
      ci: Test Panfrost on Khadas VIM3 boards
      ci: Disable pm_runtime and max clocks in LAVA jobs
      ci: Unskip fragment_ops tests on Bifrost
      virgl: Correctly align size of blobs
      ci: Update kernel for LAVA to 5.10-rc2 plus patches
      ci: Update dEQP skips and fails for Bifrost on G52
      ci: Distribute ADMGPU driver to LAVA as a module

Tony Wasserka (26):
      nir/lower_idiv: Port recent LLVM fixes to emit_udiv
      radv: Fix various non-critical integer overflows
      aco: Fix integer overflows when emitting parallel copies during RA
      amd/common: Fix various non-critical integer overflows
      aco/isel: Turn the function template emit_load into a proper function
      aco/isel: Simplify nested branching code
      aco/isel: Consistently use references for input parameters in emit_load
      aco/isel: Remove unused definitions
      aco/isel: Move context initialization code to a dedicated file
      aco/isel: Move add_startpgm to aco_instruction_selection.cpp
      aco/isel: Compile all helper functions with static linkage
      nir: Fix undefined behavior due to signed integer multiplication overflows
      nir: Fix unaligned pointer access
      radv: Avoid calling memcpy with null pointers
      radv: Fix unaligned memory access when writing specialization map entries
      radv: Clean up CreateDescriptorSetLayout
      radv: Respect alignment requirements in descriptor set layouts
      aco/isel: Fix out-of-bounds write in visit_load_input
      aco/isel: Always export position data from VS/NGG
      aco/isel: Remove some dead code
      aco/isel: Remove now unused VS-related code from create_null_export
      aco: Use strong typing to model SW<->HW stage mappings
      aco: Clean up symbol names and comments related to NGG
      aco/isel: Miscellaneous cleanups using the new Stage API
      aco/ra: Fix counting of subdword variables in get_reg_create_vector
      aco: Fix format string used when raising validation errors

Veerabadhran Gopalakrishnan (1):
      frontends/va: Added protected playback support for VP9

Vinson Lee (59):
      util: Fix memory leaks in unit test.
      meson: Fix lmsensors warning message.
      radv/winsys: Fix memory leak.
      vulkan: Fix memory leaks.
      panfrost: Fix gnu-empty-initializer errors.
      freedreno: Fix file descriptor leak.
      svga: Fix unused printf argument.
      spirv: Initialize spirv_test member shader.
      nv50/ir: Add fallthrough statement.
      nv50/ir: Remove duplicate mask assignment.
      ac/llvm: Fix nonportable sizeof.
      freedreno: Check file descriptor before write.
      nv50/ir: Initialize Converter members.
      libgl-gdi: Fix unused-variable warnings.
      disk_cache: Fix filename leak on error path.
      radesonsi: Remove unsigned comparison to zero.
      panfrost: Delete debug allocated syncobj.
      turnip: Release bo_mutex lock before potential error path.
      pan/bi: Fix typo.
      glsl: Initialize ir_constant member const_elements in all constructors.
      r600/sfn: Initialize GPRValue member m_pin_to_channel.
      gallium/dri2: Move image->texture assignment after image NULL check.
      panfrost: Remove extra printf arguments.
      anv: Check file descriptor before closing.
      aco: Initialize mad_info member literal_idx.
      gallium/swr: Remove unreachable code.
      pan/mdg: Fix memory leak on error path.
      lima: Print usage if --help is any of the arguments.
      radv: Fix asserts using assign instead of compare.
      nv50/ir: Initialize Source members.
      freedreno: Move rsc NULL check to before rsc dereferences.
      intel/vec4: Remove leftover code from Gen8+ removal.
      glsl: Initialize ast_node member field location.path in constructor.
      meson: Use more portable compiler option -std.
      swr/rasterizer: Remove BuilderGfxMem member mpTrackMemAccessFuncTy.
      util/xmlconfig: Initialize xmlconfig member options in constructor.
      svga: Remove unused printf argument.
      glsl: Initialize ir_to_mesa_visitor members in constructor.
      v3dv: Fix assert using assign instead of compare.
      glsl: Initialize lower_ubo_reference_visitor members in constructor.
      glsl: Initialize add_uniform_to_shader member var in constructor.
      v3dv: Remove unsigned comparison to zero.
      v3dv: Initialize time before usage by free_stale_bos.
      panfrost: Fix stride for AFBC_FORMAT_MOD_BLOCK_SIZE_32x8.
      v3dv: Fix assert using assign instead of compare.
      glsl: Initialize ir_if_to_cond_assign_visitor members in constructor.
      glsl: Initialize lower_shared_reference_visitor members.
      scons/windows: Support build with LLVM 11.
      amd/addrlib: Initialize Gfx10Lib members in constructor.
      Fix VMware capitalization.
      glsl: Update loop_terminator constructor to accept parameters.
      draw: Remove draw_install_aaline_stage dead code.
      os: Fix open result check.
      gallium: Remove duplicate resource variable.
      tgsi: Initialize tgsi_declaration_dimension padding.
      radesonsi: Remove unnecessary shader->selector NULL check.
      amd/addrlib: Add missing va_end.
      v3dv: Remove unsigned comparison to zero.
      st/nine: Remove unnecessary NULL check.

Woody Chow (1):
      st/mesa: Fix EGLImageTargetTexture2D for GL_TEXTURE_2D

Yevhenii Kolesnikov (1):
      nir/large_constants: only search for constant duplicates

Yogesh Mohan Marimuthu (1):
      src/mesa: add GL_NV_half_float extension support (v2)

jzielins (4):
      gallium/swr: Fix compilation with LLVM 12
      gallium/swr: Fix compilation TCS/TES compilation issues
      swr: Fix crashes on non-AVX hardware
      swr: Use ElemenCount constructor for LLVM 11

n00b7 (1):
      v3dv/device: handle primary nodes for newer kernels

orbea (1):
      spirv/vtn_cfg.c: Include util/debug.h for env_var_as_boolean.

zhu yong (1):
      meson: add support for loongson's mips/mips64 arch.

git tag: mesa-20.3.0-rc1

SHA256: 95ebba459b13baacedfc113c446579e8b592d3243af363460f8810d1006784e3  mesa-20.3.0-rc1.tar.xz
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