[Mesa-dev] Heads up: new GLX/WSI presentation features in git

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Thu Sep 10 19:09:48 UTC 2020

I've landed a couple of changes to the GLX and X11 WSI code that
enable GLX_EXT_swap_control_tear and VK_PRESENT_MODE_FIFO_RELAXED_KHR,
respectively. These enable the app to request that "late" swaps (that
missed the requested MSC or UST) post immediately instead of waiting
for the next vblank, which can reduce presentation jitter, keep you
from falling all the way from 60 to 30 fps, etc. I normally wouldn't
make a big deal about announcing it but it's likely that these could
expose new code paths through the 2D driver in ways that would show up
in test cases, particularly full-screen games and such.

Please let me know about any bugs you encounter due to these features.
Please include the X server and driver in use when you do, as most of
the heavy lifting for this is on the server side. Or, if they work for
you, let me know how much your FPS improved in Half Life or Stardew
Valley or what have you.

- ajax

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