[Mesa-dev] [ANNOUNCE] mesa 20.2.0

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Mon Sep 28 23:18:09 UTC 2020

Hi list,

After a long wait, mesa 20.2.0 is now available. This is the first stable
release of the series, but it's also been a very long time since the last
release, and as such I'd like to reiterate that those looking for the most
stable experience will likely want to wait for mesa 20.2.1.

I'm back to the office and finally getting back in the swing of things after a
long vacation, so expect more regular releases for the 20.2 series from here on


Alyssa Rosenzweig (1):
      pan/bit: Set d3d=true for CMP tests

Andrey Vostrikov (1):
      egl/x11: Free memory allocated for reply structures on error

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (7):
      radv: Fix threading issue with submission refcounts.
      radv: Avoid deadlock on bo_list.
      spirv: Deal with glslang not setting NonUniform on constructors.
      radeonsi: Work around Wasteland 2 bug.
      spirv: Deal with glslang bug not setting the decoration for stores.
      ac/surface: Fix depth import on GFX6-GFX8.
      st/mesa: Deal with empty textures/buffers in semaphore wait/signal.

Boris Brezillon (1):
      spirv: Add a vtn_get_mem_operands() helper

Danylo Piliaiev (5):
      intel/compiler: Fix pointer arithmetic when reading shader assembly
      glsl: Eliminate assigments to out-of-bounds elements of vector
      nir/lower_io: Eliminate oob writes and return zero for oob reads
      nir/large_constants: Eliminate out-of-bounds writes to large constants
      nir/lower_samplers: Clamp out-of-bounds access to array of samplers

Dave Airlie (2):
      llvmpipe: include gallivm perf flags in shader cache.
      gallivm: disable brilinear for lod bias and explicit lod.

Dylan Baker (7):
      .pick_status.json: Update to ef980ac0c1cd65993ba0c1d20e1c09b45bfef99d
      fix: gallivm: disable brilenear for lod bias and explicit lod.
      .pick_status.json: Update to a1f46d7b6943699e5efb60fbcfdd1450db85adb1
      amd/ac_surface: convert tabs to 3 spaces
      .pick_status.json: Update to 90b98c06493f8a9759e5496d5ec91fb60edf7b92
      .pick_status.json: Update to 472a20c5fc0feda0f074b4ff95fd7c7a6305c8cd
      VERSION: bump for 20.2.0 release

Eric Anholt (4):
      gallium/tgsi_exec: Fix up NumOutputs counting
      freedreno: Make the pack struct have a .qword for wide addresses.
      turnip: Fix truncation of CS shader iovas to 32 bits.
      turnip: Fix truncation of iovas to 32 bits in queries.

Eric Engestrom (1):
      meson: drop leftover PTHREAD_SETAFFINITY_IN_NP_HEADER

Erik Faye-Lund (1):
      mesa: handle GL_FRONT after translating to it

Icecream95 (1):
      pan/mdg: Fix spilling of non-32-bit types

Jason Ekstrand (6):
      intel/fs: Don't copy-propagate stride=0 sources into ddx/ddy
      iris: Re-emit push constants if we have a varying workgroup size
      spirv: Run repair_ssa if there are discard instructions
      nir: More NIR_MAX_VEC_COMPONENTS fixes
      intel/fs/swsb: SCHEDULING_FENCE only emits SYNC_NOP
      radeonsi: Only call nir_lower_var_copies at the end of the opt loop

Jesse Natalie (2):
      nir: More NIR_MAX_VEC_COMPONENTS fixes
      glsl_type: Add packed to structure type comparison for hash map

Jonathan Gray (6):
      anv: use os_get_total_physical_memory()
      util/os_misc: add os_get_available_system_memory()
      anv: use os_get_available_system_memory()
      util/os_misc: os_get_available_system_memory() for OpenBSD
      radv: remove seccomp includes
      vulkan: make VK_TIME_DOMAIN_CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW_EXT conditional

Jordan Justen (1):
      anv, iris: Set MediaSamplerDOPClockGateEnable for gen12+

Karol Herbst (1):
      spirv: extract switch parsing into its own function

Lionel Landwerlin (3):
      intel/perf: store query symbol name
      intel/perf: fix raw query kernel metric selection
      intel/compiler: fixup Gen12 workaround for array sizes

Marcin Ślusarz (4):
      anv: refresh cached current batch bo after emitting some commands
      anv: fix minor gen_ioctl(I915_PERF_IOCTL_CONFIG) error handling issue
      intel/perf: split load_oa_metrics
      intel/perf: export performance counters sorted by [group|set] and name

Marek Olšák (2):
      ac/llvm: fix unaligned VS input loads on gfx10.3
      Revert "ac: generate FMA for inexact instructions for radeonsi"

Mauro Rossi (1):
      android: freedreno/common: add libmesa_git_sha1 static dependency

Michel Dänzer (1):
      ci: Use ignore_scheduled_pipelines anchor in .radeonsi-rules

Michel Zou (1):
      swr: fix build with mingw

Mike Blumenkrantz (1):
      zink: reorder create_stream_output_target to fix failure case leak

Nanley Chery (2):
      iris: Fix aux assertion in resource_get_handle
      blorp: Fix alignment test for HIZ_CCS_WT fast-clears

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (9):
      mesa/st: introduce PIPE_CAP_NO_CLIP_ON_COPY_TEX
      radeonsi: enable PIPE_CAP_NO_CLIP_ON_COPY_TEX
      ac/llvm: add option to clamp division by zero
      radeonsi,driconf: add clamp_div_by_zero option
      radeonsi: use radeonsi_clamp_div_by_zero for SPECviewperf13, Road Redemption
      glsl: fix per_vertex_accumulator::fields size
      r600/uvd: set dec->bs_ptr = NULL on unmap
      radeon/vcn: set dec->bs_ptr = NULL on unmap
      mesa: fix glUniform* when a struct contains a bindless sampler

Pierre-Loup A. Griffais (2):
      radv: fix null descriptor for dynamic buffers
      radv: fix vertex buffer null descriptors

Qiang Yu (4):
      radeonsi: fix syncobj wait timeout
      radeonsi: fix user fence space when MCBP is enabled
      radeonsi: fix max syncobj wait timeout
      radeonsi: fix user fence GPU address

Rhys Perry (7):
      aco: fix byte_align_scalar for 3 dword vectors
      aco: fix one-off error in Operand(uint16_t)
      nir/opt_if: fix opt_if_merge when destination branch has a jump
      aco: fix v_writelane_b32 with two sgprs
      aco: don't apply constant to SDWA on GFX8
      radv: initialize with expanded cmask if the destination layout needs it
      radv,aco: fix reading primitive ID in FS after TES

Samuel Pitoiset (3):
      aco: handle unaligned loads on GFX10.3
      spirv: fix emitting switch cases that directly jump to the merge block
      radv: fix transform feedback crashes if pCounterBufferOffsets is NULL

Timur Kristóf (1):
      aco: Fix emit_boolean_exclusive_scan in wave32 mode.

Tony Wasserka (3):
      radv: Fix various non-critical integer overflows
      aco: Fix integer overflows when emitting parallel copies during RA
      amd/common: Fix various non-critical integer overflows

Vinson Lee (4):
      freedreno: Fix file descriptor leak.
      svga: Fix unused printf argument.
      freedreno: Check file descriptor before write.
      panfrost: Delete debug allocated syncobj.

git tag: mesa-20.2.0

SHA256: 63f0359575d558ef98dd78adffc0df4c66b76964ebf603b778b7004964191d30  mesa-20.2.0.tar.xz
SHA512: 3dd7def04ba4f196be8fd59999285febb10366e89d6e649c518b436b732c62d3f1bd235fc470de7fda4b4cc09a1baaadca4222dcdc2449225d789b151cea69d7  mesa-20.2.0.tar.xz
PGP:  https://mesa.freedesktop.org/archive/mesa-20.2.0.tar.xz.sig
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