[Mesa-dev] Outstanding Mesa 21.0 patches

Samuel Pitoiset samuel.pitoiset at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 10:19:27 UTC 2021

For RADV: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/10174

On 4/9/21 6:39 PM, Dylan Baker wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been a little behind on release work recently, and I'm tryinng to
> cleanup the backlog of patches against the 21.0 branch that haven't been
> applied but have been nominated. Below is the list of outstanding
> patches that either don't apply, or cause regressions. If you'd like to
> have these applied please provide a backport, otherwise I'm going to
> mark all of these as "denominated".
> Cheers,
> Dylan
> 6a29632dd2 Revert "glcpp: disable 'windows' tests"
> bd1705a480 vulkan: Make vk_debug_report_callback derive from vk_object_base
> 366fb28dac ci: Fix MESA_TEMPLATES_COMMIT value
> 0464117ad9 ci: remove nouveau from shader-db runs
> 0f7379e308 ci: tracie dashboard URLs only in the failure after the testcase
> cff5c40fc3 pan/bi: Fix blend shaders using LD_TILE with MRT
> c0c03f29e0 lavapipe: implement physical device group enumeration
> b6b3b38434 turnip: consider HW limit on number of views when apply multipos opt
> 5a340c0929 vulkan/util: add api to reset object magic + private data.
> 226c7ae2a8 lavapipe: reset object base on recycled command buffers
> 8b44e45347 intel/perf: fix roll over PERF_CNT counter accumulation
> 3d3f21f0be ci: add libdrm to the x86_test-vk container
> 0a939e788f lavapipe: reorder descriptor set stages to get correct binding
> abc724e440 lavapipe: sort bindings before creating descriptor set
> 3436e5295b pan/bi: Treat +DISCARD.f32 as message-passing
> 2c02740a8c intel/mi_builder: Use AddCSMMIOStartOffset for LRI
> d4f21b53f2 nir/range_analysis: Add "is finite" range analysis tracking
> aa5d38decd nir/range_analysis: Add "is a number" range analysis tracking
> f4a7dbc58f nir/range_analysis: Fix analysis of fmin, fmax, or fsat with NaN source
> 30cf07cc8a lavapipe: fix primitive-restart for uint8 indices
> 32eb74e1e1 ac/gpu_info: fix more non-coherent RB and GL2 combinations
> 799a931d12 anv/apply_pipeline_layout: Rework the early pass index/offset helpers
> 3257ab9f23 radv: Dedupe winsyses per device.
> 90632ae7b3 lavapipe: stop tracking draw start/count on rendering state
> f7acdb1d1d st/glthread: allow for invalid L3 cache id.
> a5d5cbdf08 freedreno: Fix file descriptor leak.
> 61cf77583a lavapipe: Free sorted descriptor array.
> 33d87eeb5a gallium: add PIPE_CAP_ALLOW_DYNAMIC_VAO_FASTPATH
> 1df3a00dcd iris: disable dynamic VAO fastpath on GFX version 9
> 9413c6aec3 mesa: Add anything dynamically indexed before any non-dynamically indexed
> fe53c22294 lavapipe: fix only clearing depth or stencil paths.
> fe5349f70c freedreno/a6xx: Fix alpha tests.
> e4ef5f0433 mesa/st: ignore texture_index if tex_instr has deref src
> 363c1ef0c0 gallium/u_threaded: split draws that don't fit in a batch
> 961361cdc9 aco: ensure loops nested in a WQM loop are in WQM
> 0845cabc72 vulkan: Track dependencies of Python imports
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