[Mesa-dev] Viability of Mesa 21.0.2 with Windows 10 ARM - Snapdragon/Adreno

Will Gaines uatu2021 at outlook.com
Mon Apr 19 00:51:17 UTC 2021

Hello and greetings; please indulge me as I'll probably come across as an idiot, but I can't seem to get a straight answer regarding what I've been trying to do. I sincerely hope someone will be able to lay out clearly if I'm on a fool's errand which is fine because I can stop wasting my time.

Briefly, I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Book S with the Snapdragon 8cx/Adreno 680 build running Windows 10 on ARM. Based on everything I've understood, while the hardware isn't terrible, the architecture and MS struggling with 64-bit x86 emulation is what could be holding it back from being a serviceable machine for some gaming. I didn't really get on this until I hopped on Windows Insider and went to the 21359 build in the Dev Channel. I've gotten stable runs of games like Wasteland 3 on low settings but feel like there's either a solution or someone has looked and found it a dead-end to get better performance.

Long story short, I think Mesa3D might work but I've combed through documents and logs regarding compatibility with Windows 10 ARM and an Adreno GPU. The latest release suggests it's possible, but before I put any more time into it I wanted to know if anyone had experience along these lines: can the dev build features support everything needed to set up and has there been any roadblocks? Thanks for hearing me out, I appreciate it.

Scott free
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