[Mesa-dev] 2021 X.Org Foundation Election Candidates

Harry Wentland harry.wentland at amd.com
Tue Mar 16 18:12:08 UTC 2021

Correction, we have 7 candidates for 4 positions.

I seem to have overlooked Walter Harms's nomination email. My sincerest 
apologies. His personal affiliation, statement of contribution, and 
personal statement are below.

The full slate of candidates can be found at 

## Walter Harms
__Current Affiliation:__ Scientist @ Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz

__Statement of Contribution:__

I am involved into the open source since studying physics several
years ago. I am also certified trainer for programmers.
I contributed in the last years to projects like linux kernel,
man pages, etc. Since a few years i have commit rights for X11 and
did some work on libX11 and libXt.

__Personal Statement:__

Since i started to become a trainer i have a predilection for documentation.
Xorg has a lot good documentation but today is it less. NTL what is
important is the application. I would like to see more training
material and more X11 applications especially for remote access.
But i was never involved in the xorg organisation. So i see myself more
as an apprentice. We will see if i can help.

Harry Wentland,
on behalf of the X.Org elections committee

On 2021-03-15 2:47 p.m., Harry Wentland wrote:
> To all X.Org Foundation Members:
> The election for the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors will begin on 
> 22 March 2021. We have 6 candidates who are running for 4 seats. They 
> are (in alphabetical order):
>      Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez
>      Manasi Navare
>      Lyude Paul
>      Rodrigo Siqueira
>      Lucas Stach
>      Daniel Vetter
> Attached below are the Personal Statements each candidate submitted for 
> your consideration along with their Statements of Contribution that they 
> submitted with the membership application. Please review each of the 
> candidates' statements to help you decide whom to vote for during the 
> upcoming election.
> If you have questions of the candidates, you should feel free to ask 
> them here on the mailing list.
> The election committee will provide detailed instructions on how the 
> voting system will work when the voting period begins.
> ** Election Schedule **
> Nomination period Start: Mon 22nd February
> Nomination period End: Sun 7th March
> Publication of Candidates & start of Candidate QA: Mon 15th March
> Deadline of X.Org membership application or renewal: Thu 18th March
> Election Planned Start: Mon 22nd March anywhere on earth
> Election Planned End: Sun 4th April anywhere on earth
> ** Election Committee **
> * Eric Anholt
> * Mark Filion
> * Keith Packard
> * Harry Wentland
> Thanks,
> Harry Wentland,
> on behalf of the X.Org elections committee
> ** Nominees **
> ## Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez
> __Current Affiliation:__ Igalia
> __Personal Statement:__
> I have been contributing to Mesa and piglit for 7 years improving
> open-source drivers for both OpenGL and Vulkan.
> During my time on the board, I have become the XDC organization
> coordinator and the XDC CFP committee chair, due to my experience
> organizing the XDC 2018 in A Coruña, Spain.
> Thanks to these experiences, I have been deeply involved in the XDC
> organization process, where I have helped make a great and welcoming
> conference every year.
> If I am elected, I plan to continue leading both the XDC organization
> process and the XDC CFP committee.
> ## Manasi Navare
> __Current Affiliation:__ Intel
> __Statement of contribution:__
> I am a lead contributor to Intel’s Open source graphics kernel driver 
> i915 as well as to the Linux Kernel DRM subsystem. One of my most widely 
> used contributions is the Display Port Compliance code in i915, DRM as 
> well as in Xserver and IGT to make the entire graphics stack Display 
> Port compliant and reward the end users with black screen free displays. 
>   I have also enabled features like Display stream compression across 
> DRM and i915 as per VESA’s DSC specification for Display Port. Most 
> recently I have been working with both the DRM and i915 community as 
> well as the AMD developers to implement and enable adaptive sync feature 
> for variable refresh rate on display drivers for enhanced gaming 
> experience. I also have commit rights to several upstream projects like 
> drm-intel, drm-misc and Intel GPU Tools.
> I have served on X.org board of directors for last 2 years organizing 
> XDC conferences, being on Code of Conduct committee for X.org and 
> Freedesktop and taking over the treasurer responsibility since September 
> 2020.
> __Personal Statement:__
> I have been a Linux Open Source contributor for last 7 years since I 
> joined Intel's Open source technology center. My major contributions are 
> in enabling display interfaces and develop display features in upcoming 
> display specifications in i915 and Linux DRM subsystem. I have presented 
> several talks at Linux Graphics conferences like Embedded Linux 
> Conference, XDC and FOSDEM on several graphics display features like 
> Display Port compliance and Display Stream Compression, Tiled display 
> support, Adaptive Sync or Variable Refresh rate kernel support for 
> gaming and I have been already actively involved in IRC discussions with 
> DRM and i915 maintainers to constantly provide any solution on display 
> port questions and work on improving the kernel documentation and code 
> quality.
> I have served on the X.org board of directors since 2019 helping in XDC 
> 2019 and XDC 2020 organization and for ensuring the Code of Conduct on 
> the X.org community and during XDC events. I have previously mentored 
> for the KMS project in Outreachy 2018 winter program as well as 
> administered the Google summer of code 2019 program and will continue to 
> do so whenever I get an opportunity. I joined the Code of Conduct 
> Freedesktop committee as well to ensure it is followed on all the 
> Freedesktop projects and open source channels. I have recently stepped 
> up to take over the treasurer responsibility as part of the X.org board 
> and working with all our sponsors to get the invoicing for the X.org 
> events.
> If I get elected I would like to continue being a treasurer managing the 
> XDC sponsorship and invoicing responsibilities as well as continue 
> serving on the Code of conduct committee for X.org and Freedesktop. In 
> addition to this I would like to help out on XDC event website 
> organization and promoting various X.org events as well as reviewing 
> submissions on the X.org conferences.
> ## Lyude Paul
> __Current Affiliation:__ Red Hat
> __Personal Statement:__
> Hi! My name is Lyude Paul, and I'm currently employed at Red Hat as a 
> Software
> Engineer. I'm also currently on the X.org Board of Directors as X.org's
> Secretary, and am also a member of the CoC team. I've also been a member of
> X.org for multiple years now and have contributed to a plethora of various
> projects in the X.org/freedesktop.org/linux kernel space such as: 
> nouveau, i915,
> amdgpu, the wayland protocol, igt-gpu-tools, libinput, and more.
> During my tenure on the board I've accomplished a couple of cool things. 
> For
> example, I restarted X.org's relationship with VESA in order to give X.org
> members access to various VESA specifications they may not have access to
> otherwise without a prior VESA membership. I also worked to help enable 
> X.org to
> provide funding for professional CoC training for any X.org/freedesktop.org
> project that requests it. I've quite enjoyed being able to serve this 
> community,
> and will continue to do so if re-elected to the board of directors.
> ## Rodrigo Siqueira
> __Current Affiliation:__ AMD
> __Personal Statement:__
> My name is Rodrigo Siqueira (a.k.a Siqueira). I contribute most of the time
> to display core from AMD, and occasionally I contribute to VKMS. Xorg
> played an essential role in my life since it allowed me to start my
> career as a kernel developer under the DRM subsystem. I want to join the
> board to give back a little more to the community by helping solve daily
> organization challenges. Additionally, I want to contribute to XDC and
> perhaps to the Xorg website. If I get elected, I'll try my best to learn
> and find solutions that provide a good trade-off for this organization.
> ## Lucas Stach
> __Current Affiliation:__ Pengutronix
> __Personal Statement:__
> In 2012 the X.Org foundation enabled me to take part in XDC by covering
> my travel costs, which accelerated my professional career into open-
> source graphics. In the last few years I've been able to visit many
> conferences, both as attendee and speaker, but none of them master the
> balancing act of being both very high-profile, with in-depth technical
> discussions, and at the same time having an extremely low barrier of
> entry quite like XDC. I believe that this reflects very well on the
> whole X.Org community, as well as the X.Org foundation, which makes
> this possible due to its clear mission to foster this kind of open
> collaboration. When elected I would like to make sure that the
> foundation stays focused on this path and continues to be the critical
> resource it is today in bringing together our community.
> ## Daniel Vetter
> __Current Affiliation:__ Intel
> __Personal Statement:__
> I've been hacking on graphics drivers for a few years now, mostly
> stuck on the kernel side of things. More recently I've also started to
> work on community issues, trying to make it easier to contribute to
> upstream, improve processes all around and reduces barriers to get
> drivers merged and new people integrated into our community.
> In my previous term I've successfully handed over my secretary duties
> to Lyude. I've served on the papers committee for XDC, and I lead the
> sponsor drive, securing a record 12 company's support last year,
> despite Covid and all that. I'd like to continue this work and making
> sure we have a great conference to meet and exchange ideas, open and
> accessible to everyone.

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