[Mesa-dev] RISC-V GPU ISA Extension Effort

Atif Zafar atif at pixilica.com
Thu Oct 14 15:04:46 UTC 2021


I represent the RISC-V GPU effort at the RISC-V Foundation and would like to engage with the MESA team to see if anyone may be interested in helping with this effort. We are working to define an ISA extension and currently working on a gap analysis. I would encourage you to attend our biweekly meetings on Zoom and join the RISC-V Foundation (its free for individuals) if interested. We would welcome a MESA driver for a RISC-V GPU ISA. I have CC'd our chair Abel Bernabeu on this as well.

Warm regards,

Atif Zafar
Vice Chair
RISC-V Graphics.
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