[Mesa-dev] outstanding patches for 21.2

Dylan Baker dylan at pnwbakers.com
Wed Sep 15 17:08:32 UTC 2021

Hi everyone, there's a few patch now outstanding for the 21.2 branch,
and I'd like to get some help from the relavent develoeprs on either
backporting them, or droping them. I've commented them as relavent

2021-08-10 FIXES  a79ac1bee1 freedreno: Use correct key for binning pass shader

2021-08-11 CC     89e452883a pan/bi: Use FABSNEG pseudo ops for modifier prop
 - Alyssa : I think you'd said you'd be okay dropping the nomination of
   this patch for 21.2?

2021-08-11 CC     ac636f5adb pan/bi: Use FCLAMP pseudo op for clamp prop
 - Alyssa : but you wanted this one?

2021-08-17 FIXES  48b1b159ff llvmpipe: take intersection with bbox for non-legacy points
2021-08-20 CC     4a51366144 panfrost: Evaluate blend shaders per-sample
2021-08-23 CC     5c4b54ce96 pan/mdg: Handle swapped 565 and 1010102 unorm
2021-08-23 CC     e245468eb4 panfrost: Port v5 blend shader issue to blitter
2021-08-24 CC     16b4916432 panfrost: Take a ctx when submitting/destroying
2021-08-25 CC     2e464e69b9 intel/isl: Fix halign/valign of uncompressed views
2021-08-26 CC     e0533ebf16 intel/compiler: INT DIV function does not support source modifiers
2021-08-31 FIXES  291d0795a3 llvmpipe/fs: fix multisample depth/stencil fs writes.
2021-09-01 FIXES  6373dd814a ir3/a6xx,freedreno: account for resinfo return size dependency on IBO_0_FMT
2021-09-03 CC     f241bd3749 aco: don't coalesce constant copies into non-power-of-two sizes

2021-09-03 CC     268158a758 aco/optimize_postRA: Use iterators instead of operator[] of std::array.
 - There's been some pretty significant changes to the code between main
   and 21.2, it's not clear to me that we can use iterators on 21.2, but
   maybe someone else wants to lok at it?

2021-09-13 FIXES  eb7d2ef070 zink: initialize zink_descriptor_layout_key::use_count on create
 - This adds a completely new function to 21.2

2021-09-13 FIXES  a810e58051 zink: use bind_stages for pipeline barrier generation
 - This adds a completely new file to 21.2

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