[Mesa-dev] Merge blocked

Jose Fonseca jfonseca at vmware.com
Tue Sep 21 11:48:57 UTC 2021

Why doesn't Gilab allow one to merge manually?

See https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/-/merge_requests/12940:

  *   Marge-bot failed to merge the PR due to 2 flaky tests, completely unrelated to the commits in question.

  *   I manually retried the failed tests, and they all passed, but still Gitlab refused to allow to merge: it said I needed to rebase.

  *   I rebased, but still Gitlab refused to merge: now it expects the pipelines to be run again!

  *   I've reassigned to marge-bot. But who knows if history won't repeat.

It seems a waste of developer time and computer resources.

Can't Gitlab be configured to reflect the fact we are all sensible adults here, and allow one to manually merge through the UI?

Is it really necessary to go to git command line to get a PR merged!?  (I was forced to do so 2-3 times now, but it's a hassle.)  Or run pipelines over and over until one eventually succeeds?

Why is something as easy as merging a PR is made so hard and wasteful!?

Sorry for the rant, but I didn't notice anybody else complain.  Am I the only bothered here?  Or is there a better way here I don't know of?

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