git and Marge troubles this week

Mike Blumenkrantz michael.blumenkrantz at
Tue Jan 11 20:34:10 UTC 2022

We might want to consider pushing out the branch point a week anyway to
help people get CTS in order?

On Fri, Jan 7, 2022 at 1:08 PM Ian Romanick <idr at> wrote:

> Blarg. That all sounds awful.  I think (hope!) I speak for everyone when
> I say that we all appreciate your and daniels' efforts to keep this big
> piece of machinery working.
> If the problems persist much longer, should we consider pushing out the
> 22.0 branch point?
> On 1/6/22 9:36 PM, Emma Anholt wrote:
> > As you've probably noticed, there have been issues with git access
> > this week.  The fd.o sysadmins are desperately trying to stay on
> > vacation because they do deserve a break, but have still been working
> > on the problem and a couple of solutions haven't worked out yet.
> > Hopefully we'll have some news soon.
> >
> > Due to these ongoing git timeouts, our CI runners have been getting
> > bogged down with stalled jobs and causing a lot of spurious failures
> > where the pipeline doesn't get all its jobs assigned to runners before
> > Marge gives up.  Today, I asked daniels to bump Marge's pipeline
> > timeout to 4 hours (up from 1).  To get MRs flowing at a similar rate
> > despite the longer total pipeline times, we also enabled batch mode as
> > described at
> .
> >
> > It means there are now theoretical cases as described in the README
> > where Marge might merge a set of code that leaves main broken.
> > However, those cases are pretty obscure, and I expect that failure
> > rate to be much lower than the existing "you can merge flaky code"
> > failure rate and worth the risk.
> >
> > Hopefully this gets us all productive again.
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