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(Hopefully this goes through and not to spam like last time I tried to respond...)

No, neither of these would currently work with UWP.

The primary reason is that neither Khronos API has extensions to initialize the winsys on top of the UWP core window infrastructure. In theory, you could initialize Dozen for offscreen rendering and then explicitly marshal the contents out - that would probably work actually. There's 2 more gotchas there though:

  1.  The ICD loaders (OpenGL32.dll, Vulkan-1.dll) are not available in the UWP environment. You could explicitly use the non-ICD version of GL (i.e. Mesa's OpenGL32.dll from the libgl-gdi target), include the open-source Vulkan ICD loader, or use the ICD version of either (OpenGLOn12.dll/libgallium_wgl.dll for GL - I plan to delete the former at some point and just use the latter at some point; vulkan_dzn.dll for VK).
  2.  There's not currently extensions for D3D12 interop either spec'd or implemented.

There's one more problem for GL that I don't think is problematic for VK, which is that it uses APIs that are banned from the UWP environment, specifically around inserting window hooks for Win32 framebuffer lifetime management. So you'd probably have to build a custom version that has all of that stuff stripped out to get it to be shippable in a UWP.

We (Microsoft) don't really have plans to add this kind of stuff, at least not in the near future, but I'd be open to accepting contributions that enable this.


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Hi, I was wandering if these two layers would work with UWP on Xbox Series Console or if not will there be plans to add support?

Many Thanks
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