Mesa3D crash reporting

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Thu Apr 6 08:13:36 UTC 2023

This is on Windows + WSL?  Or native Windows?

Either way, to record OpenGL calls you should look into  .  No source code modification necessary.

It should record all calls up to (and including) the call that triggered the crash.   But if llvmpipe works better, I recommend recording the calls with it so developers have the full trace past the crash.

Once you have that, you should be able to provide the trace in an bug report so D3D12 driver developers can look into it.


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Hi everyone,
   we integrated Mesa3D to our software (CAD application) and we have pretty often crashes with the D3D12 driver. Only LLVM pipe driver seems to be stable enough. It is virtually impossible to extract OpenGL calls manually as we are using external library which wraps OpenGL calls and we don't have access to its source code. Is it possible to somehow instruct Mesa3D to record all the OpenGL calls with the input to those calls (including the buffers, shaders, etc.)? The best would be if Mesa3D can output directly a c++ code with the OpenGL calls which can be started up to the point of the crash.

We are using Mesa3D 22.3.3 but also the latest 23.0.1 crashes in the same file with nullptr access.

Lubomir Kovac

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