2023 X.Org Foundation Membership deadline for voting in the election

Laurent Pinchart laurent.pinchart at ideasonboard.com
Mon Apr 17 12:45:02 UTC 2023

Hi Ricardo,

On Mon, Mar 13, 2023 at 04:22:54PM +0100, Ricardo Garcia wrote:
> This is a reminder that the deadline for new memberships and renewals
> finishes in a couple of weeks. Original email follows.
> Thanks for your attention.

I don't know if I'm the only one affected by this issue, but I've just
received today two months of e-mails from x.org, including all the
reminders aboud membership renewal and election nomination period. This
isn't the first time this happens, and the last time I was told there
was no automated process to quick the mail queues when errors happen,
making mails pile up forever on x.org's side until someone handles it
manually. This is something you really want to automate, or at least

> On Wed, 2023-02-15 at 16:58 +0100, Ricardo Garcia wrote:
> > The 2023 X.Org Foundation elections are rapidly approaching. We will be
> > forwarding the election schedule and nominating process to the
> > membership shortly.
> > 
> > Please note that only current members can vote in the upcoming election,
> > and that the deadline for new memberships or renewals to vote in the
> > upcoming election is 26 March 2023 at 23:59 UTC.
> > 
> > If you are interested in joining the X.Org Foundation or in renewing
> > your membership, please visit the membership system site at:
> > https://members.x.org/
> > 
> > Ricardo Garcia, on behalf of the X.Org elections committee


Laurent Pinchart

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