[ANNOUNCE] mesa 22.3.4

Eric Engestrom eric at engestrom.ch
Thu Jan 26 17:43:34 UTC 2023

Hello everyone,

The bugfix release 22.3.4 is now available.

If you find any issues, please report them here:

The next bugfix release is due in two weeks, on February 8th.



Alejandro Piñeiro (1):
      vulkan/wsi: check if image info was already freed

Alyssa Rosenzweig (5):
      pan/bi: Fix incorrect compilation of fsat(reg.yx)
      panfrost: Enable NV_primitive_restart on Valhall
      panfrost: Fix logic ops on Bifrost
      panfrost: Fix clears with conditional rendering
      mesa: Set info.separate_shader for ARB programs

Bas Nieuwenhuizen (1):
      aco: Pass correct number of coords to Vega 1D LOD instruction.

Danylo Piliaiev (1):
      tu/kgsl: do not use kgsl_command_object::offset

Dave Airlie (5):
      lavapipe: fix descriptor set layout reference counting in layout merge
      lavapipe: fix merged layout ref counting
      llvmpipe: unref images correctly in the fragment shader path
      vk_cmd_queue: add a callback to free push descriptors set khr
      lavapipe: fix one more descriptor set reference issue

Emma Anholt (5):
      docs/perfetto: Fix the name of the i915 render stages data sources.
      zink: Add missing Flat decorations on some inputs.
      zink: Fix validation failure for maxLod < minLod.
      zink: Fix up mismatches of memory model vs addressing model.
      zink: Re-emit the SpvBuiltInSampleMask access chain each load.

Eric Engestrom (6):
      docs/relnotes: add sha256sum for 22.3.3
      .pick_status.json: Update to 9f51340b99a39be80bf1bc6d4be15a87161c7a6b
      .pick_status.json: Mark e527f686caaf688f0a185e2641fc96413dd502be as denominated
      gen_release_notes: include links in relnotes.rst when generating the new release note
      docs: add release notes for 22.3.4
      VERSION: bump for 22.3.4

Erik Faye-Lund (2):
      zink: fix depth-clip disable cap
      radeonsi: respect smoothing_enabled

Francisco Jerez (2):
      intel/fs/gfx12: Ensure that prior reads have executed before barrier with acquire semantics.
      intel/fs: Fix src and dst types of LOAD_PAYLOAD ACP entries during copy propagation.

Friedrich Vock (1):
      radv/rt: Divide by the correct workgroup size

Gert Wollny (2):
      r600/sfn: Fix readport check
      virgl: drop the separable flag for cases that can't be handled

Italo Nicola (1):
      panfrost: fix off-by-one when exporting format modifiers

Jason Ekstrand (1):
      gallium,util: Pull u_indices and u_primconvert back into gallium

Jonathan Gray (1):
      egl/dri2: avoid undefined unlocks

Julia Tatz (3):
      zink: zink_heap isn't 1-to-1 with memoryTypeIndex
      zink: trival renames heap_idx -> memoryTypeIndex
      zink: correct sparse bo mem_type_idx placement

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      intel/compiler: Drop redundant 32-bit expansion for shared float atomics

Lionel Landwerlin (4):
      nir/divergence: add missing RT intrinsinc handling
      nir/lower_io: fix bounds checking for 64bit_bounded_global
      intel/fs: avoid cmod optimization on instruction with different write_mask
      vulkan/wsi/wayland: improve same gpu detection

Marcin Ślusarz (1):
      intel/compiler/mesh: handle const data in task & mesh programs

Marek Olšák (4):
      glthread: fix an upload buffer leak
      util: fix util_is_vbo_upload_ratio_too_large
      mesa: allow GL_UNSIGNED_INT64_ARB as vertex format for ARB_bindless_texture
      glthread: handle GL_*_ARRAY in glEnable/Disable

Maíra Canal (1):
      v3dv: remove unused clamp_to_transparent_black_border property

Mike Blumenkrantz (7):
      zink: store drm format as internal_format for imported resources
      zink: handle modifier nplanes queries correctly for planar formats
      zink: preserve present resources during async presentation
      zink: delete need_blend_constants
      zink: don't use ds3 blend states without color attachments
      zink: use actual swapchain object for surface comparison
      zink: fix VK_DYNAMIC_STATE_LINE_WIDTH usage

Paulo Zanoni (4):
      anv: don't leave undefined values in exec->syncobj_values
      anv: check the return value of anv_execbuf_add_bo_bitset()
      hasvk: don't leave undefined values in exec->syncobj_values
      hasvk: check the return value of anv_execbuf_add_bo_bitset()

Pierre-Eric Pelloux-Prayer (4):
      vbo: remove bogus assert
      vbo: lower VBO_SAVE_BUFFER_SIZE to avoid large VRAM usage
      glthread: fix glArrayElement handling
      radeonsi/gfx11: fix ge_cntl programming

Rhys Perry (1):
      radv/gfx11: increase radeon_check_space for occlusion query begin

Rob Clark (1):
      freedreno: Fix tracking of enabled SSBOs

Rose Hudson (1):
      radeonsi: report 0 block size for Polaris HEVC encoding

Samuel Pitoiset (5):
      radv: fix missing implementation of creating images from swapchains
      radv: fix setting MAX_MIP for BC views
      radv: fix buffer to image copies with BC views on the graphics queue
      radv: fix creating BC image views when the base layer is > 0
      radv: fix ignoring graphics shader stages that don't need to be imported

Simon Ser (1):
      zink: fix PIPE_RESOURCE_PARAM_NPLANES with format modifier

Tapani Pälli (3):
      anv: add restrictions for 3DSTATE_RASTER::AntiAliasingEnable
      hasvk: add restrictions for 3DSTATE_RASTER::AntiAliasingEnable
      iris: add restrictions for 3DSTATE_RASTER::AntiAliasingEnable

t0b3 (1):
      nir/nir_opt_move: fix ALWAYS_INLINE compiler error

git tag: mesa-22.3.4

SHA256: 37a1ddaf03f41919ee3c89c97cff41e87de96e00e9d3247959cc8279d8294593  mesa-22.3.4.tar.xz
SHA512: 6af340153244d3e95d0e155a45d6db134335654d62590797ae0ef6ba44c2ccfe91ebf95f70ff82c67cee108ac35536767b1f6848d6d1129f52eb9e8414ee321d  mesa-22.3.4.tar.xz
PGP:  https://mesa.freedesktop.org/archive/mesa-22.3.4.tar.xz.sig

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