Lavapipe performance question during interactive drawing

George Karpathios gkarpa1 at
Fri May 5 11:29:44 UTC 2023

Hi list,

I'm using Lavapipe for Vulkan software rendering support in a modeling
application. I notice a large performance hit (with any Mesa version) in
the following scenario: The user clicks & drags the mouse in order to
create a simple shape (e.g. plane, cube, sphere) dynamically and the result
is being rendered (basic gray shading) in real-time alongside the movement
of the mouse. Lavapipe seems to be struggling a bit to keep up with this
action as the frame time goes up to over 1 second. On the other hand, on a
more "static" scene I can get great fps (30-60) while panning/rotating a
scene, after Mike Blumenkrantz's recent improvements (many thanks for those

I've uploaded a screenshot of the VS profiler showing the hot path at  and I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on
this. Thanks once more for your time.

Best regards,
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