Re-use of Intel driver genxml files in other project

Thomas Erbesdobler t.erbesdobler at
Mon Oct 23 22:44:37 UTC 2023

Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on a very simple OpenCL runtime for Intel GPUs, 
which I would like to make available as open source project (and maybe 
also distribute it). To generate the ring-commands (the command stream 
which controls the GPU, i.e. loads kernels and data, spawns worker 
threads, etc.) I used the genX.xml-files of the MESA project. They are 
located at src/intel/genxml in the source tree (i.e.

Like MESA itself I am using these genX.xml-files to generate C(++) 
header files. Most code in that part of MESA's sources is covered by a 
MIT license, but I did not find a particular license for the 
genX.xml-files (however the generated headers are MIT-licensed, too). Am 
I allowed to distribute these genX.xml-files in my project, and if yes, 
under which terms?

I would probably license my OpenCL runtime under the MIT license 
(SPDX-version), too.


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