[Mesa-users] glFBDev

Arvid Picciani aep at exys.org
Thu Jun 10 20:45:16 PDT 2010

>   $ EGL_LOG_LEVEL=debug eglinfo

libEGL debug: dlopen(/usr/local/lib/egl/egl_kms_swrast.so)
libEGL debug: EGL user error 0x3001 (other) in eglInitialize(no usable

libEGL debug: EGL user error 0x3001 (other) in eglInitialize

eglinfo: eglInitialize failed

> and show me the output?  Also, what modules/drivers are there in your
> ${libdir}/egl?

api_GL.so  egl_dri2.so  egl_glx.so  egl_kms_swrast.so  egl_x11_swrast.so

machine is: 
x86 linux 
00:02.1 [..] Intel  945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML   (8086:27a6)
DRI is working according to Xgl.

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