[Mesa-users] EGL without driver.

Sajith T S sajith at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 00:54:36 PST 2010

(Cc-ing the list this time.)

Senthilnathan Maadasamy <senthilnathan.maadasamy at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
>      This is really a beginner question.  I am trying to run a OpenGL ES 2.0
> sample on Mesa 9.0 using software rendering.  I don't have any EGL driver
> installed on my machine and it fails at eglInitialize().  Is there a way to
> run this sample without installing any EGL driver?

Current release of Mesa is 7.9...

Assuming you are running a recent-ish desktop Linux distribution with
xorg and everything, you should be able to use egl_x11_swrast.so at a
minimum.  You certainly need an EGL driver since most EGL functions
are finally delegated to the driver.

This page might help: http://mesa3d.org/egl.html. It doesn't mention
the "non-classical" drivers, but has enough information to get you

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